Casino Wagering Requirements Explained

Wagering Requirements Explained

Wagering requirements are the compulsory terms that tie you to bonuses on an online casino. Many often find wagering requirements hard to get their head around, be it when you are able to withdraw them, or how to mathematically work out the value of your bonus in relation to your wagering multiplier. Grasping the concept of what a wagering requirement is very important regardless.

We decided that creating a guide to completely dissolve any uncertainties you may have about wagering requirements, to be very essential and important for today's gambling community. So many new people join online casinos everyday, so having this guide to lean back on should prove very useful along the way! All our tips and secrets, shared exclusively with you. Read more to find out.

The Basics: What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements have one purpose; to provide profit to casinos, regardless of the bonuses of ‘free real money bonuses’. Of course, we know that the term free is not really true, because you have to keep wagering your bonuses until you meet the wagering multiplier that is demanded within the terms and conditions.

Wagering requirements are the amount of times the player needs to play with the bonus, before any withdrawal of the winnings can be even considered. A wagering requirement can be redeemed usually across multiple gaming methods within an online casino. Obviously, it will differ from casino to casino, yet generally, you can redeem it across slot games (the most popular) bingo games, and other table game selections.

Often it is not just the wagering requirement that will play with a player’s ability to withdraw their winnings. You will need to make sure that you are requesting at least above the minimum withdrawal limit and nothing beyond the maximum withdrawal limitation too. As withdrawals and wagering multipliers are very much tied together, you will need to make sure that everything is good to go, before you request for a withdrawal from a casino. If you happen to be way off your wagering requirements, some casinos take great offence to this and will incur penalties to you and your winnings-sometimes they can be taken off you all together, as it is no small thing to go against the wagering terms that you agreed upon.

All the games will ultimately contribute differently in terms of percentages, to the wagering requirements. So, make sure that you are aware of the games and their contribution percentages. Their values will be mentioned within the terms and conditions of the casino you opt for. We couldn't give you an exact value, as all casinos differ from each other unfortunately. Usually however, table games like poker and roulette, will contribute less towards your wagering requirement, unlike slot games that often contribute at 90% or higher to your wagering multiplier.

How do you work out your wagering requirement when taking out a bonus?

This is the mathematical part of the procedure, when understanding your wagering multipliers. Yes, it is boring-but you have to know it, to ensure that you go far when playing at your pick of a casino site. Most casinos will always advertise a range of wagering requirements, so you should immediately see the value, and know whether it is worth your time or not.

So, in terms of working out the actual wagering terms when taking out a bonus, you will need to imagine a scenario with us…. Imagine a casino is offering you a £100 bonus to play with, if you happen to just deposit £40. The wagering requirement is seen as relatively low (you will understand why later on) at 5x. So how does it work? Well, you will need to multiply the cash bonus given to you by the wagering requirement itself. Some casinos will ask you in the terms, to include your own cash deposit within the wagering requirement, where others will not. If you multiply the amount suggested (based on just the bonus amount), you will have a wagering requirement of £300.

Therefore, you will need to play for a total of £300 worth of stakes. This can seem pretty easy, when you look at it initially. Yet, you cannot guarantee that you will win everytime to sustain all the winnings that you have made in the process of gamling. It is all by chance after all.

Why is it necessary to have wagering requirements?

Believe it or not, profit is not the only reason as to why casinos like to include them within their site. Other reasons include a fight against fraudulent and illegal criminal activity. Players could just come in and launder their money very easily, if it was not for the wagering requirements. It certainly would be a way of getting your cash cleaned, without raising any suspicion.

Due to the laws surrounding bonuses and wagering requirements, players can feel totally safe when playing at online casinos as by law, all the terms must be expanded on thoroughly for the benefit of the player. You will not be kept in the dark from anything; everything is pretty ethical and protected. There is a customer service in all legitimate casinos too, meaning you will be able to ask further questions if you are unsure and need more support on the matter. It wouldn't be wise to just deposit if you are not happy or understanding of the casino requirements.

What type of wagering requirement levels are there?

You probably did not know that wagering requirements come in all kinds of levels. There are three types of bands, or levels you could say. Wagering multipliers begin from a low band, which expands from 3 times, all the way to 30. Anything between 30 to 60, would be considered as medium and beyond that is a multiplier that is known as high to play with. These are often associated with match bonuses or high roller bonuses that come with a great amount of cash for players to play with. Yet, there is even something called a no wagering casino too. These bad boys are ones that let you go in and out from a casino, with no strings attached!

Free wagering casinos: Yes they do exist!

Free wagering casinos do exist! Okay, so there are not as many as we would like in today's gambling community, however as long as there are some, that all that really matters right? No wagering casinos, offer you bonuses without having you tied down to any requirements. You just sign up, claim, play and leave. Of course, logically it does not come as a great surprise that the amounts of the bonuses are not huge, but who turns away anything free anyway? Besides, the idea you will not have any expiry dates to meet for your bonus, or any wagering multipliers to adapt too, can really be relieving, as you can play stress free really.

Most gambling platforms that entertain these bonuses will provide either free spins or a small cash amount. If you are intrigued by these kinds of offers, you need to check out the list of no wagering bonus casinos that our site suggests for players on the lookout for a great bargain!

Some sites may require you to place a deposit into the casino, if you wish to make a withdrawal. This deposit will usually be a minimum deposit of around £10, meaning it is not particularly breaking the bank. It is the casino's way of making sure you will come back to play, and you did not just come and go completely out of their pockets.

What is the best way to make sure you come out on top with wagering requirements?

The best way to ensure that you beat wagering requirements when you play at an online casino, is to make sure that you calculate the wagering requirements in advance-for every single casino. The reason for this is, it will allow you to know what you are in store for before you even commit to anything in the process of gambling. It is always important to have a clear head everytime that you are about to sign up to a casino, meaning prepare and expand on all the information you need to do before depositing anything into the casino.

By doing your research, you will also make sure that the casino you are playing with is 100% reputable. Playing at a legitimate casino is important as it will ensure you are 100% secure and holds your privacy as a priority, when it comes to sharing your information with the casino. But of course, using our site as your sense of direction within the casino world, you can have a peace of mind, knowing we have done all the hard work in terms of research about casinos. With our information, we try to be transparent, so you will know what exactly you are in for, when it comes to playing at a gambling facility. Rest assured, we have your back 100%!

What are the best games that contribute to wagering requirements?

Slot games are without a doubt, the best games to play if you are considering playing games that will contribute the most to your wagering requirements. Selecting the right games is very important, as often your bonus will come with an expiry date. So if you do not happen to meet your wagering requirements within the time limit, you will of course lose everything that you have been spending your time on to meet and oblige. So you need to be efficient withyour time and game selections too.

Usually, table games will only contribute around 10% to your wagering requirements. Slot games on the other hand are completely different. Most casinos will make slot games contribute a full 100% to your wagering requirements-if not 90%, meaning you will be able to achieve your wagering multipliers much more quickly, to withdraw the winnings that you deserve and worked so hard in getting.

We would suggest that you play the slot games as strategically as possible. You can do this by opting for slot games that have a high RTP, in addition to playing low to medium volatility slots. High volatility slots have a high chance of you losing the cash that you play with, as winning potential/ frequency of payments is much less than your average low volatility slot machine. Doing your research before you place a deposit helps a lot, as you will essentially be able to set off speeding when you know everything to expect before you play.

The best slots that have high RTP, with a low to medium variance, include the big achiever Starburst by NetEnt. This slot is a low to medium variance and has an RTP of 96.1%, meaning it tips the scales as above average, in terms of the return to player percentage average. If you are still unsure about the meaning and application behind RTP of slot machines, make sure to check out our guide for that too, to give you a full lowdown of the technicalities behind them!

What can we expect from wagering requirements in the future?

Wagering requirements will always be here to stay, as they are very important to regulate and keep casinos safe and profitable. Let us not forget that they are great, because they make your bankroll sometimes increase by twofold-and even more than that! So, they do have their benefits for sure, without any doubt.

Many casinos are now beginning to approach the idea of a no wagering, no deposit bonus, to entice you to play-in addition to a big deposit bonus too. So essentially you will have nothing to lose when you first take up a no wagering bonus. Like what you see? Then the second part of the promotion is there waiting for you, that will have no relation to the no wagering bonus. They will be two separate entities in your gambling experience.

We would advise, if you cannot get your hands on a now wagering bonus then definitely be on the lookout for casinos that cater to bonuses with a low wagering requirement instead (3x to 30x). This way you will not need to work too hard to withdraw your winnings and it will be very realistic to achieve!


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