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Double Bubble slots have become very, very popular as of late, within the gambling community. But we know that you know that, or why else would you actually be here?

This game comes from the legends of bingo gaming, Gamesys. Gamesys has made a great name for itself when it comes to gambling games and bonuses for the niche of casino sites. That is why, as a player who wants to play Double Bubble, you will need to make sure that you play at the best bingo sites with Double Bubble slots.

You want to make sure you are ahead of the race, rather than looking and playing the Double Bubble game online with minimal goodies to support your game habits.

The best thing about playing the Double Bubble slot, is that you will be able to have a really good time playing it. The rules are very simple, with minimal complexities in the process of your gameplay. So, play Double Bubble slot free play, to just make sure that you fully comprehend the game rules, then off you go for some serious fun!

Within this guide, you will come to find all the possible Double Bubble sites that you will ever need and want to know. Our guide will provide your first-class access to all the latest Double Bubble bingo sites and casino sites.

You will be able to have your own personal pick of the best bonuses, gaming selections, and casino initiatives. How do you ask? Well, we have constructed a series of reviews that will elaborate on every detail and characteristic of the casinos, leaving no corner left untold.

With our information, you will be able to make a well-informed decision, on the best sites for you and your gaming ambitions. It is by no means brain science, but rather very straight forward and down to the point. Our transparent insights will make you wish that you had access to our information that little bit sooner.

Yet, you are here, so read down below for all the latest Double Bubble slot machine information!

Double Bubble Slots Sites Online UK

Double Bubble slots UK is the perfect slot game to immerse yourself into. The Double Bubble Gamesys title, suits all bankrolls, meaning your everyday average player, to high rollers are welcome. The reason for this is due to the variable betting limits introduced within the game, that make it suitable for stakes up to £500. Pair this up with a promising match deposit bonus with free spins, and you can find yourself having a really exciting gaming experience.

We thought you may want to know a little bit more about the Double Bubble slot title, so here goes. This Gamesys slot was released within the year 2014. So far since its release, it has paid 1.8 million in winnings to players. In addition to this, the slots Return to Player percentage is above the average threshold for slot games.

With a 96.02% RTP, this low to medium volatility game has very high potential. We all like a slot game that pays often. Yes, when a slot has a low to medium variance, the payouts will not be as large-but a win is a win at the end of the day right? So, we really do give Double Bubble the green light, if you are feeling that you need a new game to take your intrigue!

The games setup takes after a typical video slot, making it a 5-reel set up, alongside a usual 20 pay line characteristic. There is only one bonus game that you can take advantage of when you play, which could be quite disappointing to players that like playing games with 3 and more bonus features integrated i.e. Cleopatra. Nevertheless, the game is quite simple, so the use of one bonus feature definitely makes sense. As the game should flow nicely overall, and should never feel forced at any point.

Many simple games in the past have always hit the top most played games within casinos i.e. Starburst slots. The reason being is, it is a perfect introductory slot for new players that are still getting used to the entire concept of slot machines. For players with more experience, on the other hand, it can be refreshing to play simplistic games, that do not need you thinking too hard-especially if you are using your own real money, rather than any casino promotional bonuses.

What do we think about Double Bubble?

The Double Bubble slot is a very simple game to get the hang of-without a doubt. The game is a great option for new players that are trying to get the hang of acing their casino gambling career in the early stages of their conception. There is no doubt about it, that the Double Bubble slot game is aesthetically pleasing, in the way that it presents itself.

The design is very vibrant and the bubble line in between the reels works very creatively together, along with the pink and pastel symbols of the game. When you play, you may actually feel that the game makes you reminiscent of the good old days, when slot machines were classical and very simplistic too!

The bubble bonus is what we are on next. There is a chance that you can trigger the non-progressive jackpot, even though it is not progressive, the amount of money that you can win is positively huge. Every winning combination, reel spin, and bonus playoff will have your heart palpitating with eagerness, hoping that you will have a lucky day and a huge winning sum alongside your gaming experience.

The bubble scatters are a really clever integration into your experience. When you make a winning combination or land on a trigger, symbols in your reel will pop and make a commotion. Many bingo sites with double bubble slot games, will also provide free spins via a no deposit incentive – this would be the perfect time to combine the bonus features between the two!

Play double bubble slot games across plenty of new slots sites and at a range of different casinos. You will see that many sites will provide you an altering experience, based on the promotional offers that they provide. We found upon our testing and site searches, many featured Double Bubble as the top favourite of the moment, meaning you really should take our word on this. If you do not believe us, then opting to just browse through our recommendations in our list of casinos, will prove you wrong. We are that confident about it.

What kind of slot is the Double Bubble slot machine?

Double bubble is your generic multiline/large number of pay lines slot game, with a twist. This game gives you many chances to make some serious money. Multiple paylines give you the opportunity to hit many winning combinations at once. Yes, when you play Double bubble, there is not over a thousand ways to win, because this is no Megaway slot, yet this game is the kind you can settle into and relax too, after a very long day. The theme and concept are super cute too, it is not one that you could find the heart to ditch and substitute for anything else. We know it is not exactly based on any movies or TV shows but that is what makes it so original and worth the attention.

The classical element to the game is what collates the attention that it deserves we may add! There are so many slots these days that get released and come with many things happening at once. What happened to slot titles that come with minimal fuss?

With the continuous competition out there, software providers think that they need to make things more complex and jam-packed with bonus features for days. Yet, Gamesys saw potential in the simplest of gaming concepts-knowing that it would be appreciated by the right audience, and so it is. With a jackpot potential of 20,000 coins, you cannot say that this game failed to appeal to the gambling masses. Because it is certainly a healthy bonus, for a slot that is very simplistic. Just remember though, if you want to win the big 20,000, you will need to invest more than the minimum stake of £0.01, as that will only give you a £200 winning jackpot all together. So dig deep in your pockets, when you decide to play Double Bubble. Winnings are entirely dependent on the stake you chose to go for.

How to play Double Bubble

To play Double Bubble, You will need to make sure that you get familiar with the Double Bubble free play. The reason being is, whenever you try a new game, you never want to risk your cash carelessly. Knowing the flow of the game, such as times to spin and place bets, is very important. It will not only make you feel more comfortable and confident, but the game will also feel familiar when you play. You need to feel ready to go from the moment you place your first stake.

When you launch the slot to play for real money, you should take notice of all the buttons that are available within the game. Things to take particular notice to, include the ‘Bet One', ‘Bet Max', and ‘Spin' button. Of course, there is the Automatic spin option too, which is ideal for players that have the hang of the game and feel comfortable.

While you are building your familiarity, do make sure to manually place your stakes at each time, because the automatic bets will run simultaneously, based on your set bet preferences. If you want to try different bets each time, then you have to enter them in each and every time.  You can set, however, the number of spins you want for the game to automatically run. It can be anywhere from 10 to 1000 automatically set spins!

The Double Bubble symbols

Every slot game's character and genre will be helped along by the game symbols used within the game. Of course, when you play slot games, the use of high to low-value symbols will differ as they cannot be exactly the same. Yet, the differences between these features from each game to game, is what makes your experience exciting and unique each time.

When you Play Double Bubble, there are a total of 12 symbols in total that you should make yourself aware of and used to. The most important/high-value symbols include the wild symbol and the game logo symbol.

To make a winning combination, you need to match at least 3 symbols on a pay line to create a winning possibility. The high-value symbols, however, such as the scatter and the wild, will create chaos in your reels (a good kind of chaos), meaning you can have a higher chance of making money from these!

The lower value symbols within the game include fruit symbols such as cherries, watermelons, and grapes. These will trigger the lowest value wins if you manage to make a winning combination from them. In addition to this, the payout regardless of the kind of winning combination that you make, it will be all the same payouts in the end. Should you wish to make more when you play on slot sites with Double Bubble, make sure that you keep playing until the bonus features appear on your reel!

The plum and orange symbols provide you the opportunity to make a higher combination win however, they come at a higher rank than the watermelon, cherries, and grapes. If you manage to make a winning combination with four or five plums/oranges, you can make 10 times your original stake. It works in similar ways to a multiplier but not through one symbol trigger.

Did you know that you can get your wager back through the activation of a three symbol combination of the pink or blue bars? A three symbol combination gives you your wager back, whereas a four or five symbol combination will give you a 50 coin win or a 500 coin win for the larger combination. This equates to 25 times your stake.

How do you win when playing on slots sites with Double Bubble?

To win, you will need to make sure you identify the budgets that you will play with. Of course, the more you spend, the greater the possibility of winning some great wins. Yet, that will all depend on you and how much you are willing to invest in your bankroll.  When you play, it is common knowledge that if you place a max bet, you have a higher chance of winning, as you have bet on all the number of ways to win and the possibilities that come with the pay lines within the slot game.  Payouts are always based on the size of the coins that you play with, that is common knowledge.

For all the symbols that show themselves within the bubbles, after your reel has finished spinning, will be put into a win area for a second chance along with something we call the bubble line. This combination provides another winning chance and therefore if you do, say hello to a win that is multiplied by the number of times you wagered previously.

The Double Bubble wild symbol is the logo of the game. Use this as a way of getting your winning combinations, as it substitutes itself for a symbol that will equate the largest winning combination for the symbol that it is positioned near.  If you get a five symbol win from the wild symbol, then that immediately triggers the maximum win from the game.

The best thing yet about slot sites with Double Bubble, is the fact there is a bonus game that can be revealed when you play! The bonus round only appears if you manage to trigger three bonus symbols within your reel as you play. The purpose of the game is to ensure that you really get the most out of your gaming experience when you play Double Bubble slot games.

The bonus round on the Double Bubble slots is a winning combination through reels 1,3 and 5. If you manage to get this actively working, then you pop the bubbles for a chance of winning a secret prize (a cash amount).

Double Bubble slots return to player-RTP

So as we briefly mentioned above, the RTP of this game is 96.02%, putting this game at the ‘above average' end for slot games. This slot also has a low-medium variance, meaning you will be able to expect frequent wins of a medium amount. Of course, the winning potential is not in the hundreds of thousands, its modest and still super!

Double Bubble slot demo free play

The Double Bubble demo free play is something that will be available across all the bingo sites with Double Bubble slot games. The reason being is, it is important for players to be able to trial the games before they even think of investing real money and risking their cash in the process. All legitimate slot sites with Double Bubble, have to give you this option.

Lucky enough for you, all the sites that we have recommended have fully been checked to ensure that you get the service that you deserve in the process of gambling. So you can definitely be sure that you will have access to the demo free play variant of the Double Bubble slot game.

Double Bubble Mobile Compatibility

It goes without saying that Double Bubble is fully compatible with your mobile phone streaming. All mobile phones with iOS and Android software systems will be able to stream and play over web browsing, from their mobile phones, just as long as they engage with a strong internet connection in the process.

Currently, as of yet, there are no mobile gaming apps available, meaning players will need to ensure that they opt to play on a legitimate casino sites to ensure the gaming quality is completely up to scratch as to how the gaming quality should be. There is a risk that if you happen to play on any slot sites with Double Bubble that are not legitimate, your gaming experience would then suffer in turn.

There is not difference in quality between playing desktop versions instead of the mobile versions, both options provide unique and exciting gamblign opportunities. It is the HTML5 technology that is important, to support you and your gambling experiences flexibly and suitable for your everyday life.

Our Verdict

The Double Bubble slots are games that you cannot miss out on. We always look out for games that pique our interest as players and we can guarantee that this game will do exactly that! Knowing that you are playing a game with an above average RTP, means that you will be able to really have a better chance of making some of your wagers come back with even more winnings.

The game symbols are fun and interesting, with similarity to a classical slot game, meaning for all the classical slot enthusiasts, this may be the game that converts you to a video slot format, as essentially it is a step forward and more evolved-but not too evolved, that you will not like its style of gaming anymore!

Despite being released 6 years ago, this game is very relevant still and players from everywhere flock to try it out for themselves. It is afterall one of the most popular games that Gamesys have released so far. Should you wish to want to try it for yourself, do check out the series of sites that we have listed in our suggestions. Our particular favourites so far include, Jackpot Joy, Virgin Games and Star spins.

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