How to Register and Set Up Your Casino Account 

How to sign up to an online casino

So many people these days join casinos and from a new play background, with no knowledge of the necessary procedures needed to set up their accounts in the most correct way possible. Also, due to there being so many new casinos and competitors to select from, it can be really intimidating and off putting, not knowing where the right place is that you will need to go. You will also be able to tell if the procedure is the same or different to other casinos you have been to.

For that reason it is important to read through our guide. Ensuring you are able to get through this important step, with no setbacks at all.

How to choose your perfect gambling platform?

Choosing the right platform for you and your gambling goals is very important, of course. For that reason, we have listed everything that is important for you to consider when you are picking your gaming facility. Each factor is an important contributing factor to the best experience, yet some outlets will not actually provide everything you want, so it is important to make sure important aspects such as security and bonus promotions for example, to be available.


This factor is a make or break when it comes to making sure your gambling experience is of the best standard and quality as possible. Bonuses give you the chance to really play with more funds than you are actually used to or have for that matter, they really do boost your bankroll considerably. Yet one thing that players should look out for and consider, is the wagering requirements that are tied to the bonus you take out.

Some bonuses will have extremely high wagering requirements that you will not be able to achieve and therefore, are a complete waste of time and money on your part.

Before you ever fully agree to any casino terms, make sure to check the amount you will need to wager, before you are able to withdraw your winnings. You usually find that amount by multiplying the wagering multiplier by the bonus cash amount you have taken out from the casino.

All the bonuses that you play with by the way are completely different to one another. There are some that are welcome bonuses, some will be loyalty VIP bonuses, for players that have long used up their first promotion that attracted them to the site.

Therefore, address your ambitions for the said casino, do you want to continue playing even after you use up your deposit bonus? If that is a yes, you will find that a casino with ongoing promotions like a loyalty scheme would be perfect for you and will always give you nice pick me ups along the way!

Gaming Variety

Gaming variety is another top factor that players will always consider. What is the use of having great money bonuses, yet no games to play on with them? That is why bonuses and gaming variety often tie in the level of importance by far.

As a player, you should have access to all the main themes that feature within a casino. From classical table games (roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat etc.) to video slots and live casinos. Most casinos will always have a great slot portfolio, as that tends to be the most popular demand from all players and it should be for you too. Slot games are by far the easiest of games to pick up and better yet, most of them will have a free demo version available to, that you can utilise to help you play better overall.

Safety and Security

Ensuring that your safety is a priority is vital when using online casino platforms. You have every right to make sure that the casino is putting your safety as the priority and all your personal information is kept away from prying eyes. The best casinos will have a 128-bit casino encryption or even better yet, a 256-bit encryption, to look after your best interest. In addition to having the most up to date security systems running the casino itself, having a legal license to regulate the casino and its policies is an even greater priority. If any of the casinos do not have a licence badge on their homepage-do not play there!

You can always make sure to pick a site from our lists, as all are fully tested and checked for all the most up to date practices i.e. 100% safe!

Payment Options

Of course having a wide variety of payment methods are crucial and very important. Your location/currency needs to be accepted by the payment methods that the casino is hosting. It makes sense that the more payment methods there are, the more chance you have of finding that your location is able to gamble and have fun!

Players always want a hassle free deposit and withdrawal that won't take up too much time. That is why the good casinos will always offer E-wallet options that are known to give your payment, usually within a 24 hour period or less. Yet there are many more prominent options to use, such as card payments, cryptocurrency, prepaid cards, bank transfers and many, many more!

Customer Support

Having access to customer support is necessary as sometimes not everything will be in your control and things may go wrong. It is always nice to know that you have accessible methods of contacting the casino team for their aid and help in the matter. Usually a good casino will give you the option of four prominent methods. Hotline calling, where you will be able to contact a casino agent and speak to them directly (at designated hours depending on your location), email enquiries, that you can send a message of your issue and you usually wait 48 hours maximum as a response time, live chat is the most favoured option as you can have a real-time chat conversation with an agent to sort out your problem there and then.

Of course, frequently asked questions are usually always present in every casino as it will provide a sweet and short answer to pre-existing issues that you may be facing. Call it your self-help page if you will.

How do you actually sign up?

To sign up, it is a pretty straight forward step by step procedure. Players will be able to do that by clicking the sign up button and entering certain details of yourself in required fields and questions. Usually, the questions needed will go along the lines of name, address, date of birth, identification method (ID or Passport) and of course your preferred payment option that you can save and allow the casino to remember and allow future transactions to be safe.

There may also be a field where players can enter a bonus promotion code, to ensure that they can receive extra goodies along the way of their playing experience. We to have a bonus codes page, where the latest offers from casinos are included to add to your gambling experience.

Depositing Process

This process is as simple as selecting your payment method of choice from the selections that they give you and preceding with that individual payment process. If you are operating through an E-wallet, you will simply need to enter your email, and a gateway will be available where you can fill out passwords and required amounts etc.

Some methods will require two factor authentication to your email or mobile number, meaning you will need to initiate its verification for your deposit of cash to be accepted and best of all it is a pretty quick and standard procedure.

Immediately after your cash has been accepted, you will be credited the amount to your casino wallet, alongside any bonus additions you may have wanted to trigger by code etc.

Identification When Withdrawing

Providing ID when you opt for a withdrawal of winnings from a casino is pretty much standard, we can tell you that for sure. Most players will always need to prove who they are before a casino can even come close to authorising your payment. This will usually entail you taking a picture or scanning your ID via a copier and immediately emailing it out to the casino. Due to the importance of this method, the withdrawal procedure can delay for up to a day, just as long as the casino knows who you are and verify you are of the correct gambling age.

They do say, players that opt for handing their ID’s over at the beginning will instantly speed up the process of their deposits. Yet only fast paying casinos will actually provide this opportunity to players.

Once you get into the habit of following the steps we have detailed above, you will see that everything becomes more same-old and you will register more quickly each time. Also, you will become more aware through experience, the casinos that are worth your time, over the casinos that are old news.

It is just a case of practicing and getting better with time. Nevertheless, you should never sacrifice any of the qualities we listed above, when selecting a casino to play on.


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