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IGT Slots

IGT is a gaming giant of the iGaming industry. For 40 years, this games provider has developed its trade of games massively to become one of the top leading pioneers of the moment. Their goal has always been to provide games to the best quality, with highly established user experience possible. We are sure you are curious as to how IGT actually operates and manages to make such successful IGT slots titles in the process-correct? Well, we have the lowdown and all the details for this operator's edge within this industry at the moment. We will overview all the shiny spinning reels within their games portfolio of success, alongside the dynamic and pace they set for the rest of the industry at present!

IGT slots do have games that specialise in mobile casino gaming for online casinos, in addition to the top desktop titles too. There are many titles to pick from in their huge gaming portfolio! Make sure to take note of all the top games that we recommend, in addition to the special features that they may have.

The Best IGT Slots In The Game

Always when showcasing the success of a game provider such as IGT gaming, it is a great idea to list a concise and comprehensive list of the best-ranked games (in our opinion) for our readers to give ago of and try out for themselves. We are sure the titles that you are about to read will seem very familiar and you may have played them before, due to being so popular. All the slots will be described for their characteristics and what slot theme they actually provide to you and your gaming.

So our top 5 titles are as follows:


This game is one that most new players and experienced players will know of. Why? Because it is a game that you will always often find on the front home pages of online casinos. Online casinos like to use Cleopatra as their featured game for the month, or apart of their promotional offers that they have for newly registered players.

The game itself is based on ancient Egypt, where your goal is to gain treasure and wealth-which is very typical for ancient Egyptian games, right? The game setting is set in a 5 reels by 3 rows, with 20 pay lines and ways to win. The maximum jackpot attained for this is pretty high considering this is not a jackpot (there is a jackpot version of this, however), at 250,000 which is certainly very high for a maximum jackpot of a slot.

Wheel of Fortune on Tour

This game has many series to its title. IGT saw success in the first installment of the Wheel of Fortune and for that reason developed more titles to carry out similar success. This game, in particular, takes you across different landmarks in the USA; combining travel with luxury and culture. The storyline certainly is not as extravagant as the previous title Cleopatra, however, games that help you learn as you play i.e. geographical and cultural knowledge are fun too!

Golden Goddess

A game of legends and magical creatures, this game is based on Greek mythology, meaning expects to find pegasus the greek legend in your reels. Magical slots such as these really do make your gaming interesting. Did we forget to add that there are free spins added into the mix of your gaming? That alongside the multipliers that appear in sequence according to your reels, can really give you some extra edge when you play! We all like a slot game that gives us the time and bonus features that we deserve!

Pixies of the Forest

A game that captures fairytales, myths, and mystical forests, this game give you exclusive access to a world not entered by man before! You will find much enjoyment from the multiple bonuses features integrated within this game. With an RTP of 94.90% and 99 pay lines, you can get 3 pay lines per every coin you bet, meaning you can hit a max bet much easier in the process of your online gaming. If you manage to land the purple pixie in your reels, you will automatically land 1000 coins to your winning jackpot. This game is much more technical and each character will have certain effects on your reels-make sure you play that demo version!

Siberian Storm

Siberian Storm brings together a winter-themed slot, that hosts the beautiful Siberian tigers as the main character of your reels. This slot is classed as an unconventional slot, meaning the slots do not follow a standard 5 by 3 reel set up for example. Each row is made up of different reels and therefore you may enjoy the different side to this slot theme.

With so much going on, you have up to 720 ways to win, meaning you will most likely have your hands full in comparison to the other slots that we have stated in this compiled list. In this game alone, if you manage to be lucky enough to get the free spin symbol on your reel, 240 free spins could be yours to play with. The great thing about this game is the auto spin means you can set it automatically and let it be away with itself! Not many games offer as many free spins as this one, so it really puts it as a must play from us!

Da Vinci Diamonds

We left the best until last! This game has definitely hit up a storm within the gambling community. The themes of art and mystical gemstones are what to expect from this title. Set in the renaissance period, you will find many paintings designed by famous artists of this period and yes, the Mona Lisa does make an appearance!

Da Vinci Diamonds does feature a nice bonus round that allows players to gain multipliers on their winning combinations and have free spins on top of the whole experience! It is definitely something we all can imagine all players to really enjoy! Unlike other games, free spins never really go beyond the 15-20 mark, however, the free spins in this game can be retriggered up to 300 times Making it an intense game, to say the least…

From viewing our compiled list, you can see how we put Cleopatra at the top and first to be mentioned. The reason is, this game is so popular and every day it gains new fans and a religious following. The statistics say that Cleopatra is one of the largest games of the moment, attracting up to 15,000 new players sign up every single day!

IGT really does make excellent games, ones that have a great storyline to go with the game itself, and build suspense and momentum when players play. Also, the bonus features that are made within the game are beyond what the other competitors offer, Many stops at the 15-20 free spins mark for bonus rounds to be triggered, but IGT does not. IGT have showcased their attention to detail and resonate to the players want of more! 300 free spins and more can be expected from titles like Da Vinci Diamonds online slots, in addition to 200+ from Siberian Storm. It is safe to say your evenings sorted with just one of this titles-never mind all of them!

The Best IGT Slots Casinos to Play

Most casinos do provide video slots enthusiasts with a great IGT slot portfolio. However, the quality of the sites also is a large factor and can affect your experience. Therefore we decided to include some of the best hosts for IGT slots in the online casino game and market. Our tests and assessments search for the quality of many factors, to ensure that your gaming environment is the best that it can be.

Each casino operator will come with a set of attractive features that can really develop your gaming and style of gaming. Expect to find varying casino bonuses, banking methods, and other alternative software bodies in each and every site that we have included within our lists below. All the perks and advantages of the casino are listed within our in-depth reviews, to help you really make the best gaming experience for yourself. Some casinos share a majority of IGT slot games and therefore would be considered as IGT casinos!

If by this point you find yourself still undecided about playing with IGT slots as your main muse, here are reasons to change your mind otherwise. IGT has a variety of game titles that really do expand beyond what you really expect from just one provider. It essentially is like you are coming across other software components combined as one mind, the diversity is that good! I

IGT also provides many offline opportunities within its gaming options. Did you know that you can play these games offline if you download the appropriate software or game to your device and desktop? That means you can play games on the go or whatever location you choose, making IGT gaming that much more accessible and fun to play! You will never need to sacrifice the quality, however, that is why it is really important to select casino host sites that do the software provider justice and stream the game to its best quality and potential.

New IGT slots to Lookout for

There are many IGT lots to look out for if you are really serious about keeping up to date with this prestigious game provider. IGT releases new slots pretty much every month, with some titles being the prime focus; gaining all the advertising and limelight from IGT, whereas some others are mellow and very usual for IGT creations. The hype tends to precede a slot title that is based on major movie culture releases or new TV shows. That's when IGT needs to honor the inspiration of their slot titles and really push it into the slot games market. So if you wonder why some slots have much more attention and promotion then others, this should really answer your question we should hope.

Some new IGT slot titles to check out in your favorite casinos include titles like White Orchard, Balloonies, Tokidoki Lucky Town, Stinkin Rich and Shamrockers. Each one of these titles is video slots with a structure of 5×3 or 5×4, meaning video slots players will be able to adapt and get used to the setting that presents itself in these slot titles.

A new slot title based on the most popular IGT slots game Pixies of the Forest has been released for a part 2, the reason for this is due to the large success that the first slot title brought. All software providers jump on the opportunity to extend their success of a first game, by bringing a sequel out. It is always how it goes!

Popular Slot Games and Their Highlights

So, in terms of what to look out for when it comes to IGT, IGT presents many game themes that you can sink your teeth into. IGT games are so versatile and different, you really can try a multitude of gaming options and not have to worry about anything feeling to repetititve- that is how good they are!

If you are more of a fan of games that take after your favourite TV shows and movies, lookout for titles like Family Guy, Miss White, or Miss Red, that take after really popular TV shows.  IGT's take on the legendary shows really does make us appreciate them much better. They kept to the theme and made them really authentic to the original shows. Usually, slot machines that take after big movies and shows will either be highly exaggerated or completely undervalued, to make it disappointing to play-but, not IGT!

If you happened to like Cleopatra, make sure to check out the spin of sequels that give you more of what you ask for-jackpots and more storylines to add. Due to the immense popularity, Cleopatra was made into a jackpot version to precede the original slot. The jackpot now is considered one of the largest in the game, with winning prizes most often exceding £5 million! There are other sequels such as Cleopatra II, which is not another progressive jackpot, rather a part two to the original storyline. Nevertheless, we are so down for IGT's most popular slot sequels!

Always Look Forward to the Best Slot Features!

IGT slots as we have elaborated above have some extraordinary features to look forward to when you play. You will find that IGT especially, will always put extra care and attention to detail for the bonus features of each and every game in their gaming portfolio. Most slot providers will often repeat the features in each and every game, yet IGT makes sure to put their own spin on each game and give it something to carry for itself. It is better this way, as players will not enter each game expecting the outcome before it has even begun!

Features that are not used in any other software provider include the unusually shaped reels. We see that Siberian Storm does bring together this concept, with unequal diameters, to make gaming even more interesting! IGT is set to include this in other games, yet this feature will be eased in slowly so that players can still appreciate the unique features of this concept. The Wheel of Fortune also includes this option, with a eight and 10 rows working within the three and 5 rows structure.

What are the Top Paying IGT slots?

So, when it comes to selecting the slot games that can give you the best for your buck, most players always like to select games that benefit their pockets as much as possible so, how do you go about this? Well, it is always suggested to select games with a high RTP, therefore for that reason, IGT will always publish the RTP besides their games, to ensure that players will always know and be prepared for what they are about to play. We all know the rule of a higher RTP means that games will most likely give you more of what you wagered back as you play-yet of course it is never an absolute rule that you can rely on!

In terms of the games with the highest RTP in the IGT slots portfolio, these are the games with the highest RTP's that you should check out:

  • Texas Tea at 97.30%
  • Wheel of Fortune on Tour at 96.60%
  • Pharaoh's Fortune 96.53%
  • Dungeons and Dragons Treasures of Icewind Dale at 96.52%
  • Transformers Battle for Cybertron at 96.47%
  • Natural Powers at 96.47%
  • Hexbreaker 2 at 96.45%
  • Pacific Paradise at 96.43%
  • Triple Diamond at 96.09%
  • Da Vinci Diamonds at 94.93%

Texas Tea is leading the lists at the moment, with an above-average RTP for a video slot, however, there is a 99.30% chance of hitting it big with a possible win. This game really does bring players many opportunities and of course fun! Other titles in our list include Pharaoh's Fortune, which cannot be missed due to its great storyline, RTP, and advantageous special features that are catered to players within this game.

Mobile Slots Quality for Players on the Move

IGT has made it possible for all its players to really enjoy online casino video slots on the go, whenever and wherever you want to actually play. Back in the day desktop gaming was the thing, however, with the developments in technology and HTML5 software, players can happily go mobile and play games from their mobile devices. All you need to do is play IGT from your instant browser on your phone or casino app if your casino has catered to that possibility with an inhouse application to download separately. All the top sites from our list above do cater to in house gaming applications, to make your IGT game experience even more special and efficient.

IGT does cater to their mobile casino gaming possibilities to anyone with iOS, Android, and Windows phones, making the dynamic of your game completely at your command. IGT's motto was, after all, to improve their player's gaming experience; and we believe they have really achieved that with the attention to detail and consciousness about their mobile gaming opportunities!

IGT is slowly developing all their older titles that were once desktop only, into mobile compatible slots. Although this will not happen instantly, players can drive their attention otherwise to the other titles available in the vast 300+ game collection.

With a great selection between classical slots, video slots, and 3D slots, players' options are vast with the best in the industry. You may find that some features of the game are enhanced with the function on mobile. You may be able to be exposed to new graphical features within the gaming interface, that is the perks of selecting IGT as your software provider.  IGT does take pride in adapting to the times. Meaning, as your handset evolves and updates occur orbiting around your handset-so does your IGT gaming. We have said it once and we will say it again, IGT does make a conscious effort to ensure they are with the technical times, to give players what they want and need.

IGT Slots Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to play IGT real money games?

The best place to play IGT games nowadays is, within the best casino sites for the times. Best sites entail the best software output that is compatible with IGT's efforts. We have listed the casinos that we think do IGT justice and ensure players get other goodies and benefits along the way. Make sure to review our list above and take your pick of the best choices there are there.

To find the right IGT game for yourself, make sure you use the filtering system that most of these casinos feature in their sites. You will then be able to select games based on genres and special features-you can thank us later!

Can you find IGT slots on online casinos and land-based casinos?

Yes! IGT does make slots for online casinos access and landbased casinos. The scope and variety available due to IGT are for one purpose-to allow all players from every background, to be able to sit back and enjoy gaming to mold around their life. Go to a land-based casino and see for yourself.

What is the best jackpot slot to check out and play on?

The best jackpot slot that players can sit back and enjoy include the titles Wheel of fortune and Cleopatra. These two games combined can bring together a combined jackpot total of £7million! Of course, jackpots can increase beyond previous measures, so this is the highest record for the moment. Again, the best jackpot will depend on what the player likes in terms of genre and slot type. It will all depend on what you like specifically and enjoy overall.

Top IGT Slots casinos

Recently launched casino
Great selection of games

£300 + Free Spins

New players only. Wagerng occurs from real balance first. 50X wagering the bonus. Contribution may vary per game. Available on selected games only. The wagering requirement is calculated on bonus bets only. Bonus is valid for 30 days from issue. Max conversion: 3 times the bonus amount. Excluded Skrill deposits. Full Terms apply. #ad.


Runs on proprietary software
Good range of banking options
24/7 live chat available

£10 Free No Deposit Bonus

18+. New players only. Up to £10 bonus credit available via Feature Game. Expires 7 days after registration. Max withdrawal from bonus winnings £50. 40x wagering requirement. T&Cs apply, #ad.


24/7 live chat available
Superb mobile casino

£10 No Deposit Bonus

18+. New players only. 20x wagering requirement. Expires after 7 days. Max withdrawal from bonus winnings £200.


Loyalty promotions available
Wide selection of payment methods
Helpful support

500 Bonus Spins

18+. New players only. One welcome package per player. Max bonus bet £5, Min deposit £20, 1st deposit: get 100 bonus spins, 2nd Deposit: get 75 bonus spins, 3rd deposit: get 125 bonus spins, 4th deposit: get 50 bonus spins, 5th deposit: get 150 bonus spins. All spins are on slot game Book of Dead only. Bonus funds must be used within 30 days and bonus spins within 7 days. Spins winnings credited as bonus. Bonus funds separate to Cash funds, and are subject to 35x wagering and withdrawal requirements. Terms Apply.