Best Casino Software Providers for 2020

There are many online casino software companies that give power output to your favourite casino sites. The question is, what do each of the gambling software companies have to offer to you and your online gaming experience? Starting with this guide that we have put together for you, all the latest and most hyped casino software and casino operators will be collated and reviewed for their effectiveness for you. We will make sure by the end of you reading this, you will be clued up on all the best casino online gaming software company options!

Top Casino Software Developers

Software providers first popped up online during the 1990's, from one of the favourites called Microgaming. This online gaming brand, were responsible for all the pop up slot machines that you see today within land based casinos, so believe us when we tell you, that these guys are good! However today, the numbers of casino software providers has very much increased more than two fold-we have many to choose from. All the latest casino sites and new casino sites incorporate them into their everyday platform and gaming technology to ensure that their new players will have a great time and become ongoing and committed players.

We have compiled some insights on the top contenders of the industry. Meaning you can decide for yourself, which software appeals to yourself in the process of reading them up within our casino software providers guide.


One of the founders in online casino software, you will find Playtech is probably one your favourite casino software choices and you didn’t even know it. With an impressive gaming portfolio to its name and an all rounder for producing classical casino games, online slot games and live casino dealer games, you have definitely come across them one or more times when you play online casino games. They were the first casino software developers that introduced the special bonus features within their slot games.


As mentioned previously in the introduction, software studio Microgaming are actually the oldest of the software selections that you will see mentioned within out guides. They are known for the first slot game outputs within the casino industry and until today remain one of the largest game catalogues within the casino industry. Not forgetting to mention that they base many of their titles of movie culture and therefore many resonate with this casino software as their top pick, due to the variety of options that are available.


NetEnt or Net Entertainment are known today for their gaming finesse and output. Their typical forte is live game production and slot gaming. The best online and possibly around within the industry, their casino games is highly seamless and not only this, they continue to entice and shock players with the great graphic quality available to play on.

Evolution Gaming

Possibly the best live casino gaming technology around, you will see the Evolution Gaming logo in most of your favourite live casino games. The best casino sites out there will use this casino games provider for many of their games!


IGT are known for the unique slot gaming visions. Most of the successful slot game titles we see today are from IGT. Their portfolio features popular games that branch out into many topics and themes, meaning they have gaming content available for all kinds of players with different gaming wants and needs. Big titles that you may recognise is the top game of this decade, Cleopatra. This game was said to attract over 15,000 new players everyday and still until today remains one of the most popular titles within a slot gaming catalogue within online casinos.

Next Generation

This casino games software provider, doesn’t have a large scale of games to offer within online casinos, however it does have to offer immaculate quality over quantity-which is definitely what matters. They are also known for loving collaborations with large software companies, meaning if you are one to love a twist of your gaming standards-check out what they’re up to and stay updated with us. We always have the latest details to fill you in.


Nektan is known for their development of smooth and mobile compatible platforms. You would be surprised to find that many of your favourite online casino sites are actually powered by Nektan software. They also do have a series of gaming slots for their fans, however we would say in comparison of the other larger slot game developers within online casinos, Nektan falls slightly in its execution of the games in question.

Gamesys Group

This software developer is responsible for creating the first gaming apps that powered through social media. It was the first real money gaming application of its kind and therefore put Gamesys on the map, regardless for its smaller gaming portfolio in comparison to the other gaming developers out there.

The Benefits of Online Casino Software Gaming

So, due to the progression of online casinos and their software providers, players have more choice than ever to be the player they would like to be. There is so much room to grow and learn. Did you know that the free play version was only developed within the last decade-any time before that and players didn’t have that privilege! Imagine how different your online gaming would be without that feature incorporated within your routine? Obviously, the casino software and its growth to thank for that, as it wasn’t widely available before and has only recently become a must and a prominence within gamblers and punters lives!

There are many features that we casinos gamers do not recognise. Aspects such as the everyday customer service and its multiple connection pathways is something again to give thanks for, to the software providers. They now are a vital aspect for our progression and growth, not to mention small technical difficulties which can happen for many varying reasons i.e. a new player first joining the casino platform for example. It goes far beyond the systems and graphics that players expect for normality. Everything your casino experience is – is due to the software provider that operates your favourite and best casino options-take our word for it!

The Different Types Of Gaming Providers

As we are sure you are aware that online casinos have been developing quite quickly with many new innovations pooping up rapidly within the games we play and interact with online. From the introduction to casino games within 1994 to present day, our technology has evolved and so has our gaming preferences.

Players used to get their daily fixes by going to typical brick and mortar casinos, now they are actually getting more out of their casino experiences by registering and joining establishments online. Live casino is a hack that many cant evade, it allows you to play real time casinos-yet from the comfort of your home. The further developments that these gaming technology providers progress with, the better your gaming will get. Right now in this very moment, we would call it the peak of innovation and therefore it is the best time for people to take up online casino gaming!

There are many casino platform styles available, the most popular within the market as of today, is the instant play and downloadable play. They both give players an intimate insight to the gameplay experience in gambling gaming, yet the styles of gaming differ slightly and don’t provide a one fit rule for players interested within the industry today.

Downloaded software casinos or instant play?

As we mentioned above, your gameplay can be fruitful and varied, depending on the style of gaming that you like. The download casinos are for players that like to download the core software to stream from their desktops (usually) and allow the player to completely immerse within the online casinos experience.We will remind you that this move, although quite eventful and enjoyable, will require immense memory space within your computer desktop or device and a strong internet connection. That we would say is the biggest downfall and therefore a reason why players get put off from selecting this option for their gameplay.

Instant play is completely the opposite for the player. You will be enabled to play instantly from within your web browser. Meaning players will not need to deal with the hassle of downloads of internet connection and prolonged waiting for the casino software to complete its download.

Download casino software or casino apps?

Casinos on the internet now often have both options, so they do not limit any of their players journeys, however instant play is currently the main trend and largest option for players and it is estimated that it will continue that way. This is due to the large increase of preference to the online casino gaming from mobile devices. Players are enables to play on the go and it is possible to reduce waiting times from browsing even more, with the quick download of the casino application from an application store in compatibility to the phone device. There isn’t much need for casino software downloads for payers who wish to play from their mobile device-which is around 80% of players today!

Mobile Casino Compatibility

So within the casino industry, it is actually a fact that mobile casino gaming has very much taken over the typical online desktop browsing derivatives. Casino online software has progressed greatly within its innovation towards technology. The HTML5 integration within everyday casino gaming, is the reason players can go away and effectively gamble as they go.

HTML5 integration not only allows for mobile device compatibility, it also makes your everyday gaming smooth and seamless – without any lagging or disruptions. This gaming can only be kept for so long however, when players take the initiative to keep on top of the software updates that are prevalent within the top outputs i.e. android, iPhone and Window devices. If you want your gaming to be smooth, make sure you keep on top of all your latest updates from your mobiles application store, such as the Appstore and Google Playstore for example.

You will find that the latest games that you can play will all feature high definition gaming, thanks to the online casino software that your casino is powered by. Next time you are thinking to have a full blast gaming session, make sure to stick to some of the casino sites powered by the software developers that we have mentioned above-your gaming will highly thank us for it!

Safe Gambling Gaming Measures

The best casino software has measures in place to ensure that their current and future players will always be safe, whenever they take up a casino adventure. This is achieved and maintained through regular checks that undergo within online casinos and their sites. The checks that take place, include the RNG audits (Random Number Generator), which is a mathematical algorithm within casinos and their casino games. It ensures that the numbers derived and that run within the casino games are completely random, with no pattern of tendency to deem it rigged and unfair. These tests are highly important and for that reason repeated at random times frequently, to always ensure that the players and community of the casino software are safe within their gameplay options.

The casino software providers also work in joint cooperation with the licensing bodies of the casino industry, meaning if you see a UK Gambling Commissions logo here and there, do not be surprised! They are bodies that work by law together to ensure that their future and current casino gamers and gamblers are as safe as possible!

Alongside the RNG checks, encryption is also monitored for effectiveness to ensure that players are very much able to keep involving payments within their favourite casinos and play! Every new casino software must co-operate with the casino industry licensing bodies, to ensure that they attract players and their confidence. It has become a MUST within todays gambling gaming industry! These checks are all highly important and they are what makes up a safe casino environment for players all around.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gambling software provider within online casino platforms?

This answer is completely dependable on the kind of gameplay that you want to associate yourself with. Some casino software providers are great for bonus related gaming, while others are diverse in game special features. Your job is to read the software branding specification, side by side and decide which one offers up to you the best qualities to the progression of your gaming.

What is a gambling software?

Gambling online casino software, is the operation that runs all the casino games played within an online casino. You will find that there are many games providers that operate in one online casino, it is never usually just one. However there are platforms that operate under one software site entirely i.e. Gamesys and Microgaming sites.

Make sure you check out our software pages for more information on the top providers of online gaming. We have comparison tables and guides to help you make the most forward decision possible !

Who makes the greatest casino games?

There are many that we would pair at the frontline of gaming, however what we would recommend is definitely check out Microgaming and Evolution Gaming first. These are the online gaming providers that have some of the largest games portfolios, meaning many players will have a higher likelihood of finding multiple games that they resonate to and actually like! Microgaming has a highly impressive all round games catalogue, however Evolution Gamings online gambling games are more focused around live casino and the classical table games that many people like for online gambling.