Online Roulette Games

Online roulette is one of the most timeless classics of the whole casino gaming industry that you can play online. Not many will say any different, as Roulette has been around for a long time within the casino culture, and internationally at that! Before you go off in search of the best selections within our roulette sites guide and mindlessly click on the casino with the highest deposit, we thought it best to give you an overview on everything roulette related, especially for new players to the scene who are just ready to dip their toe into the amazing roulette world, or even playing on an online casino. This will definitely ease you gently into getting to grasps with that pesky roulette wheel!

Read through all our suggestions and tips, get information on casino bonuses for UK players that work nicely with this game and have a gander through the general summary on roulette casinos.

How To Play your favourite roulette games online

Roulette is an ageless classic and not many people have not experienced the rush of just before the roulette ball lands on your number, thats for sure. However, did you know that when you play roulette online, there are many different variants that you can have access to? Roulette has taken slight different routes in different countries, meaning you can very much find many styles in roulette and there is a great chance that one may suit you a lot more than another one for example.

The most popular variants that you can look into, include the American Roulette, European Roulette and the French Roulette. The differences between these games will vary depending on the casino you choose, first and foremost. House edge is a huge factor that professional players will always take into account, especially when there are different variations of roulette they can play. However, there are other, more simpler variations too. Simple betting techniques vary, from one game to another and can change each bet if you want them to, in addition to the number placement within the roulette wheels. In the American version that you can play online, there is an additional single number within the wheel, which supposedly makes this game slightly harder, with a larger increment percentage in the house edge. Maybe a game for more proficient casino roulette players?

European Roulette

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How do I play Roulette?

Any newcomer will always ask this question. Our simplest recommendation, is to in fact play more roulette with no risk. How do I do that, You ask? Well at Casimple, we direct you to try out the free play versions of roulette that you can find online in all authentic and legitimate established online casinos. They always give you large insight into roulette rules, strategies and how to get your head around the basic betting rules that you will need to know to play. Again, do not forget they will differ slightly from each roulette type, however, we decided to put together a little guide on how to play, which is of course made in more detail within our guides pages!

How to place bets in Roulette

Betting in roulette is not difficult at all to get your head around. You will find that there are types of bets that are considered easier than the others and therefore, players can ease their way into the process. All you will need to do is make sure to practice them first within a free play demo version or even with one of the casinos with a no deposit bonus perhaps.

Roulette consists of inside and outside bets, meaning players will need to get their heads round each type of betting system and decide which works best for them. the will also need to understand the odds projected for the type of bets they take up in the process too.

Inside betting

Inside bets in Roulette are basically picking whichever number the ball will land on or which pattern. You can pick directly next to each other, in a straight line or even a square. You pick either one, two, three, four or even a line of numbers. The odds on these bets are lower than outside bets, but the rewards are much greater.

  • Inside betting variants include the Straight bet, which is where a player will place their chips directly on the number they desire to bet on. this pays out 35-1.
  • Split bets are when a player wishes to take up betting on two sets of numbers, that are adjacent to one another in the roulette wheel. This would involve you placing your chips directly on the edge between them. This pays out 17-1.
  • A Street Bet involves betting on a row of numbers (usually consisting of 3 numbers), meaning you will place chips directly on the outer corner of the rows in question. This pays 11-1.
  • Square betting involves 4 numbers that are specific to your choice and you bet by placing the chips in the shape of a square-hence why it is called a square bet! This has odds of 8-1.
  • Trio betting is the involvement of a 0 or 00 in your bet, alongside two other numbers to make a common like of betting. This pays 11-1.
  • Basket Betting is the final inside bet that is commonly used and in this style, the player will place a bet in similar style to the trio, however the first 3 numbers in sequence will be in use. This pays 6-1.

Outside betting

The style of betting in outside betting, includes a very simple and generic stake variety. These are essentially picking large groups or clusters of numbers based entirely on their position or whatever colour they’re designated to on the roulette wheel. They are found outside of the number selection area. With these types of bet you’ll typically win more often but a much lower amount than on inside bets.  Players will often find these easier to get their heads around if they are new to roulette table gaming.

  • Red/Black betting involves a straight bet of if the roulette wheel will land on the colour you have chosen! Do not forget that the 0 is not within this betting type! This has a 1-1 Pay out.
  • Odd and Even bets are again similar to the colour type betting, yet a step above. Players will need to pick if the wheel will stop on even or odd numbers. This also has a 1-1 bet.
  • High or Low betting is exhilarating, as you will need to pick which kind of range of numbers the wheel will stop in-from 1 to 18, or 19 to 36! Again, this is 1-1 on payouts.
  • Dozens betting involves the separation of numbers on the roulette tables. You will the bet, if one the numbers you select in a dozen is picked when the wheel stops, you are a winner. This one has a slightly higher payout than the last two, with the odds being 2-1.
  • Column betting includes the inside bet of chips you place on a row of numbers. The columns that are situated within the outside will allow you to apply the same principles. The same odds as dozens here, with a 2-1 payout.

Called betting

This kind of betting is not available in all the roulette casino games variants. You will only find this available to play with in the French and European roulette. Therefore they also get called french bets too.

  • Neighbour bets, are when you are betting on a variable amount of numbers that are situated on either side of the single zero number. The payout is 35-1 for whatever number comes in.
  • The Zero Game bet is where a player will bet on the single number 0 and the three numbers on both sides of the roulette wheel. 35-1 is your payout here.
  • Orphan Betting is where you announce the bet you like, of a number from a single sequence. Therefore chip placement will need to be placed via an adjacent setting. Again, 35-1 if any of the numbers in the orphan bet comes up.

Highest Rated Roulette Games For UK Players 2020

With new iterations of roulette coming out all the time, the best online casinos always innovate and design totally new forms of roulette for more fun and weird twists on the usual payout methods. A few of the top rated ones we found that you can play are:

Mini roulette. This is a fun, fast and very dynamic version of the popular roulette game. Featuring just the number 1 through 12 and one zero on the wheel, this is like a mini, faster poaced version of normal European or French roulette. This variation is absolutely great to waste some time on your phone when you’re bored and seeking a bit of a thrill, not requiring the mental capacity of the normal roulette wheel. One to just kick back and chill on.

Multi-Wheel Roulette. This one is the complete opposite of mini roulette, requiring your utmost concentration and one of the die hard roulette fanatic. Although it’s quite attention heavy, it’s also absolutely brilliant and a stroke of genius! The gist is that you place your single bet… and it’s played out on multiple wheels! With this, the amount your risking is multiplied, but so is the reward. So if you;re betting £10 on black and there’s 5 wheels, you’re risking £50. But if the bet comes in, you get 5x the payout. Budgeting wisely is what makes this game pretty incredible.

One strategy for multi wheel roulette is to split whatever you’d normally stake on one number into 5 and use that, so you;re staking the same amount but your odds of winning are increased.

How to Pick a Roulette Site To Play On

Now you now the different types of roulette and the different bets you can place, the next step is to look at a site to play roulette on. This is simply the case of picking the casino with the best bonuses on and throwing your chips down on random numbers. You have  afew steps you should take to make sure you’re playing in a safe environment and that the roulette casino site is fair:

  • Firstly, pick a list of casinos online that offer roulette games. You may prefer live roulette games which is streamed with a live croupier and live chat options, or a faster paced roulette without these. Which ever one you fancy, make sure the casino has that option.
  • Once you’ve got your list of roulette sites, the next step is to check to make sure the casino is secure and licenced. The licences they have should be at the bottom of the page, and should definitely include the UKGC or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This is the licencing body for the UK and checks to make sure the casino is a legitimate operation. Fun Fact: Getting a licence from the UKGC is one of the hardest to get in the world, and as such this is a good sign. The more licences they have the better. For security purposes, check to make sure the casino has an SSL encryption, signified by the padlock next to the address bar at the top of the screen. This makes sure your personal details that you give to the site are encrypted from hackers and are always safe. If the online casino doesn;t have either of these, you’d be wise to not play!
  • Next, have a look at the casino bonuses and see if any are redeemable on the Roulette games. For the bonus type, you’re going to be looking more for deposit bonuses, live casino specific bonuses and no deposit free cash to play with. These will allow you to play for free. If the casino has non of these, then check to see if they have a free roulette available for you to play to get the hang of the game and practice some strategies without any funds.
  • Also have a look at what other games besides roulette they have. You may one day feel the urge to play some slots or slingo, so having a great range of games to play on will help just in case you fancy some variety or a change from watching the roulette wheel spin!
  • Finally, sign up and get playing! You may lose your first few bets as you get the hang of things, but you’ll most likely quickly get into the swing of things and start to find your stride – hand hopefully some big wins!

All of the sites we list on this page have been through our strict standards and meet the above criteria for picking a roulette site – from checking to see that the site has an up to date licence and everything is above board, to telling you exactly what bonus you can find at each and we’ve even given you a rating for each, so you can immediately tell the wheat from the chaff. So if you want to save yourself some time and want to play on some of the best online casinos around, just click on one of the casinos on this page.

Play Roulette Perfectly Online

To play roulette – whether it’s European Roulette or American, you will need to use real money on the online casino for betting gaming. However to get your roulette gaming in the best form, we suggest getting your strategy in line to support your gaming! Trialing roulette for free on free play demo versions of the roulette games, will give you the opportunity to grant yourself the experience that your online gaming needs!

Another way of playing roulette to the best of your abilities, is by finding the variant that works perfectly for you and getting on that kind of roulette table. As all games have different features and different hacks that engage with your inner true roulette player even more.

How to Win More Often on Online Roulette Sites

Whilst online roulette games are heavily based on luck and chance, it’s still one of the top casinos games all over the globe. We have numerous guidse you can find on the site that will help you in your roulette playing career, but for now he’re are a few tips:

1. Get to grips with the basic rules of roulette.

You aren’t going to get far without knowing the basic rules, including how and when to bet, how each round works, and special considerations for online roulette only. These rules can be learned very quickly, and you’ll probably get the hang of them within a few rounds.

2. Select a strategy for playing

The next tip is to select an appropriate strategy for playing. There are tonnes out there and they differe depending on what type of roulette you’re playing and whether you’re playing big bets and sniping certain numbers or more broad bets with smaller amounts. Have a look around and find a strategy that fits both your play style and your budget.

3. Practice with free roulette games

The easiest way to learn and refine your strategy… is to actually play! The best way to do this without losing the shirt off of your back is with free roulette games. This can come down to either playing on a trial account and getting to grips with that strategy you’ve been looking at on the free account, or using a casino bonus which gives you free funds to bet with and using that instead. Either way, they’re great methods to help you pratice.

4. Pick up roulette tips along the way

Whether it’s from other punters in the chat rooms or from online forums, along your roulette journey you’re bound to pick up some tips along the way.  Put these to good use and give them a try the next time you;re at the wheel and see if they work out for you!

5. Make sure you understand the odds

This is where roulette comes into it’s own with the fixed odds. Understanding the odds on the different bets you can place is vital, and as you play more you’ll get to know which os the edds is better for you, whether that’s just single numbers or a group bet such a odds or black.

Best Online Roulette Bonuses

Finding the right casino bonuses, is a real way of making sure that your roulette gaming goes from one standard to another. You will find that there are many types of bonuses, yet high rollers who enjoy roulette games really enjoy the large match bonuses that come associated within online casinos. Using any bonuses of any kind will increase your cashflow when playing in an online casino. Meaning your possibilities in your gameplay will be heightened and you can get more out of your gameplay experience.

Within our roulette sites, you will find that we have accompanied the page with the top roulette sites that provide players with different bonuses to suit different players. There are varieties of no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses that can be combined within your everyday classical casino games experiences.

Safe gameplay

When playing on online casinos, it is important for players to know that they are 100% safe in whichever roulette site they address within their gaming pursuits. Within our selection process of roulette platforms we do in depth searches of the sites to ensure that they have licensing bodies to regulate the sites and perform the correct gaming audits. The audits ensure that all gameplay is fair and no rigging of the RNG systems are rigged, In addition to this, other audits are performed to ensure that your online payment methods and sensitive information is protected completely with no risk of third parties and fraudulent activity occurs.

History of Roulette

Roulette games come from the french term for ‘little wheel’ and has been traced back to being played in 1796. The normal game we all love and enjoy today is actually a mix of a few different European games with wheels, including Roly Poly, Hoca, Ace of Hearts and even one called Biribi. As times passed, two variants of the game have emerged to survive the test of time: European and American. The more popular American type game was formed in the New territories of America and was played on makeshift roulette tables, whilst the European has a much more higher class history, being formed with wheels and tables in the grandeur of Monte Carlo. Fast forwarding to modern times, Roulette is a much loved casino game that has evolved into a classic, loved by many and mastered by but a few.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to play online roulette?

Getting started with roulette online is really easy, and you only need a few things! You can get started with just your phone or hand held device (such as a tablet) and an internet connection that has a decent speed – playing with WiFi will be a bit better, because then you aren’t using up your own data. With these two things, you’re going to be able to play roulette for free and get some oractice in. When you want to plauy for real money, you’re going to need a method for depositing funds. This can be any of the accepted methods at the casino and live casino, ranging from debit cards, to phone payments and even ewallets.

How do people win roulette?

Roulette is a game that is heavily reliant on luck, and so many winners on roulette in a casino are simply having a lucky day! There are strategies out there which can help you minimize losses, but the number that the ball lands on is always going to be random and there is no set pattern or algorithm to figuring it out.

How many types of roulette are there?

There are many variants that are available. Each one provides players the chance of exploring different bet opportunities and house edge percentages. The most common choices to play are American Roulette, Euro Roulette and French Roulette. Try them all out on free play variants, to see which one works for you best!

What is the difference between the European and American roulette?

American variants will provide you an extra figure within the wheel of the casino game. They have an extra pocket of double zeros. Whereas European variants have one zero pocket. The order of the numbers also differ in European and American form. The payout rules for the game are exactly the same however in terms of ratios etc.

Is Roulette rigged?

Any casino site with roulette on is extremely well regulated and is audited by a company totally independent from the casino site, ensuring a fair and fun experience when you’re playing roulette. These requirements by the regulatory bodies are extremely strict and must be followed to the letter by the casino, with any casino breaking them facing dire consequences. Of course, it always pays to do your own due dilligence and to check out the casino yourself first hand to make sure you;re playing at a reputable and legitimate one – all of the casinos we list have been hand vetted to make sure they’re fair, trustworthy and secure.