Cheque casinos 2020

Cheque casinos are for the traditional casino players out there. You will find that not all casinos will offer this payment option to new players as is more outdated, however, this option has been around for decades and for players that are not keen on change in the way they handle finances, a good variety of cheque casinos should be around to accommodate for that.

Best Online Casinos That Accept Cheques 2020

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Currently, there is a more common use of this method towards withdrawal methods and taking out the sums of winnings that you have made, the other way round-not so much! The fact that this option is so rare within the gambling community, as a player you will need guidance on finding the best cheque casino sites to suit your needs. You have fortunately come to the right place as our Casimple industrial experts have tested and allocated the best options for you to progress forward on your experience.

Take your best pick from the options that we have put for you within this guide. Make sure to read thoroughly on the characteristics and opportunities that each online cheque casino will provide to you and your budding casino experience.

Cheque Casinos Overview

Many of the longer playing casino gamers at online casinos will remember and probably resonate with the idea and option of using cheques as their funding option to their casino account. Cheque casinos are simply documents instructed from your bank account, to pay your desired amount to the third party, which of course is the casino and hence who you will address the cheque to int the process of drafting your payment.

The person who drafts the cheque i.e. player or casino is always referred to as the drawer and will draft the concept on funds based on the goals of the casino games in terms of needed resources, or the actual winnings attained from the casino gaming session participated within. As mentioned above,  cheque casinos are not so easy to come by as there are many options that take its place within modern-day payment options. E-wallets, Debit cards, and Pay by Phone options have become the next go-to when it comes to casino payment options. These are the more common options that you can expect to find and use to claim casino bonuses and deposit real money casino deposits for online gambling sessions!

All the best depositing and withdrawal cheque casinos (more withdrawals will be available) are found within our casino sites list above. By using the filtering system, you can prioritise which options you are looking for more keenly and therefore make a tighter selection of the choice you wish to move forward with.

Making A Deposit With A Cheque Casino Payment Method

When making a deposit and wishing to select the cheque option, it is pretty much a very simple process and very similar to selecting other payments in the process too. All you will need to do is select the cheque option at the payment methods selection process of an online casino player wallet.  There will be set mailing instructions that you will have to follow; given to you by the casino itself, to ensure that you are going about making the deposit in the right way. The cheque itself will need to be sent via a bank or processing centre that will direct it directly to the bank’s payment preferences.

The processing time will differ depending on the time of day, a week etc. meaning you should address and speak to casino customer support to arrange the predicted dates that you should be able to transfer the cash via cheque. Due to differentiating time allowances that take place for each cheque and bank involved it is always good to provide rough dates of referral to the casino, so your account will be pending authorisation for the deposit you seek to make. Of course, being that there may be a welcome bonus that you are waiting for, always ask the customer service of the casino, on dates that the promotion may end, to give you plenty of time to work around it, should you wish to pay directly via cheque. It is always good to know and be prepared!

Making Cheque Withdrawals At An Online Casino

As we mentioned above, withdrawals are commonly the most popular option when it comes to selecting a cheque option to secure your winnings.  It acts as an easier way for casinos to manage the payments going out to players and the process is very simple, provided that you give all your details accurately and with precision.

If you wish to ask for a cheque in the process of your UK gambling journey at a casino, all you need to do is request it on your cashier page of the casino wallet on your profile. You will need to provide all the most up to date information such as contact details, banking details, address, etc. The cheque will be sent out to you via mail and that is why it is very important that all the most updated delivery information is given by you the player. Alongside this, a tracking number will be provided so you can find out the journey and the right estimation times upon delivery can be managed by yourself. It is always worth asking if any fees will be applied to your cheque upon request of the withdrawal, usually, casinos will not apply any, however, you never know and it is always best to ask to ensure you are fully prepped and understand your obligations in the process.

Cheque Online Casinos Payment Speeds

The payment speeds of a cheque casino is often a huge slow and disappointing, and many players complain of the length of time it takes to receive your winnings in comparison to other methods that are widely available for use. The whole process that entails with posting, tracking, receiving and then cashing in cheques adds time to the moment you will be able to have the cash in your pocket or deposited to your online casino’s account. Some accounts of using this method have indeed exceeded an entire month! Meaning, if you are in a hurry, it may not be best to opt for this option when making a deposit or withdrawing your winnings. But as they say, all things happen in good time.

How Do Cheques Actually Work?

Cheques are known as a banking instrument operated through the power of paper. With the correct credentials and signatures, you can operate and manage your bank account, to allow the movement of funds to progress in and out of it. The cheque that is being addressed by the bank holder, is referred to as the drawer. The body or organisation that the cheque is being addressed to is then known as the payee and will, of course, receive the payment upon authorisation and bank clearance.

Every cheque that gets filled in, will need to address the specific needs of the drawer and payee. Meaning the date and time is necessary, in addition to the name of the body or individual payee entity. The amount to be paid must be addressed in numerical and print formats, with the most crucial aspect addressed alongside- the signature.

The signature represents authorisation and of course, when going through bank clearance, the banking automation process will scan the signature and refer back to the accuracy and similarity of previously signed documents to go through the bank. Recognition technology is superior and very advanced to ensure that both parties are protected against fraud possibilities etc, meaning the system is rarely flawed.

Customer Support Using Cheque Casinos

Any user of the cheque casino method can seek further advice and help to secure the transaction by simply contacting their local bank customer service helpline. They should direct you through the process and ensure that everything is as swift as possible.

When you use cheques as your method of payment, it will always go through your bank account, meaning any issues that arise in the process, they will essentially need to deal with it and help you counteract any obstacles along the way.

Security and Safety at Cheque Casinos

Cheque casinos despite being operated via banks, are not always the safest method of payment to interact with online casinos. The reason being is that these cheques can be signed and constructed by anyone via mail or email, meaning you cannot guarantee their origins, like a bank transfer, would, or E-wallets for example. Stolen cheques and lost cheques are the biggest issues that can arise and there is not much that can be done about it for the current present. That’s why it is always advised players opt for other options if they want to be in safer transaction environments.

If you happen to be a victim of a lost cheque, it is best to immediately notify your bank account and ask for further vigilance of your accounts in the process. Banking operators will be able to control the situation better if you alert them of a compromised cheque.

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By referring to our casino’s guide, you are pretty much in the right place to ensure that you have the best access to the biggest promotions, games, and overall perfect website navigability.

If the elaborated payment processes are not to your taste and you are seeking a faster transaction time, our payment methods provide many fast paying casinos of an E-wallet nature, such as Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal. However, other more secure options that do not necessarily operate at faster times (when you have time to spare) such as wire transfer casinos, will provide the security clearance you need before being able to authorise a transaction. Therefore putting you and your payment information in the safest possible situation.