Best Casino Bonuses UK

When playing on online casinos, we all appreciate the possibility of getting some new bonus cash funds to spice up the mix of our gameplay experience. However when it comes to the online casino market nowadays, we are finding an increasing amount of free real money offers being thrown about here and there to attract new players, especially by brand new casinos.

Find all the latest casino bonuses and the best casino offers to register with and begin your online casino journey! At Casimple, we have listed a series of comparison reviews to guide you and help you pick the best match for yourself.

Your Online Casino Bonus Guide

So, we thought that by compiling reviews for all budding new players out there, on all the best casino bonuses that are genuine and worth your time to play with.

New customers are usually the people that are eligible for most online casino bonuses, however a mixture of casinos online also provide ongoing casino bonus opportunities too for people to make use of and enjoy. Therefore, everyone is a winner and has a chance of reaping some rewards from their online gaming gambling!

Casino bonuses assist in creating loyalty and increased interest within the casinos themselves, however there isn’t just one type of casino bonus in the mix, you will see later on within this piece, all the goodies that you can receive just by signing up with one of the best casino offers that we have suggested for you!

Checking the small print before you play

Despite being surrounding by the multiple magical casino offer opportunities, we do recommend to all our followers that they in fact check the small print that comes with each offer separately. The reason that we suggest this, is because there are many terms that can inflict i.e. wagering requirements and therefore all new players need to gamble responsibly to ensure that they are playing in the most sustainable and safest way possible.

Assessing risk is what all new customers need to do, before taking any gamble and therefore taking up casino bonuses comes into that field too. The wagering requirements can actually be avoided by playing at a no wagering casino.

What makes a Good casino bonus?

There are numerous factors to look at when deciding whether a casino welcome bonus is worth you time. The first thing to decide is what is exactly that you’re looking for?

If you’re the kind of player who just wants as much free bonuses the casino is willing to throw at you, this always sounds good on paper, until you do your due dilligence and realise the wagering requirements are much higher than you anticipated and it will take you a while to be able to turn your free bonus into real money.

A deposit bonus is a great way to try a casino in a way that you get rewarded based on the amount you deposit. This could be in the format of a matched deposit offer, free spins or even both. The match deposit bonus could be worth 100% of your first deposit amount, all the way up to a 400% first deposit bonus.

Some online casinos will even go to lengths to providing a casino deposit bonus which is spread over the course of your initial first deposits. This type of casino bonus could look like:

1st Deposit Bonus – 100% match bonus up to £100

2nd Deposit Bonus – 100% match bonus up to £100

3rd Deposit Bonus – 50% match bonus up to £100

Slot bonuses like free spins are another type of prestigious UK casino bonuses which can go a long way when used correctly. Nowadays, online casinos don’t refer to these as ‘free spins’, so look out for casinos providing their players with ‘extra spins’ or ‘bonus spins’ on registration.

Casino sign up offers like these are normally the hardest to turn into real money, which is worth keeping in mind. However, this isn’t always the case – as sites like Play OJO offer their players a slots bonus with the chance to receive up to 50 ‘wager-free spins’. Any money you win from this casino bonus is yours to withdraw.

If a slot bonus is the best casino bonus type for you, ensure you check which slots the bonus is valid on. You might not have a specific slot in mind to use your free spins on but some casinos will only let you use them on certain games, such as Book of Dead or Starburst. We try to recommend casino bonuses which allow you to use the bonus funds with as much freedom as possible.

A lot of the time an online casino is only interested in getting your through the door and once you’ve claimed the welcome bonus, they have very little else to offer you. Some casinos out there will reward you for your loyalty, in the form of regular casino promotions or reload bonuses for you to get stuck into.

Reload bonuses can be anything from free spins, no deposit offers and even a deposit bonus. It all depends on which site you’re playing at and what casino bonuses they happen to be offering at the time of checking.

What are the best casino bonuses available?

There are many casino offers available for players to seize and use to their gaming advantage. They usually split into two sections of a first deposit bonus or a welcome bonus package. This is where players need to register and deposit into the casino to trigger their available casino offer. Usually the promotions come in the form of bonus funds or with complimentary free spins/bonus spins.

Meanwhile, players get the best of both worlds. However, there is also the no deposit casino bonus which gives players free money without the need of a deposit. You many find real money and/or free spins involved within this offer too.

Loyalty bonuses are another bonus that rewards to existing customers for their committed relationship with the casino itself. Therefore as a new customer, you will need to stay and remain playing with the casino you chose long after your welcome bonus is used, to redeem this casino offer.

No Deposit Casinos Bonus

So, this casino offer can be provided to new customers who wish to join a casino but first want to trial the facilities and style of casino games and slots that they have to offer.

What new players will find, is that these offers generally tend to be smaller in amounts, yet you will not be required to place a minimum deposit to qualify. For this casino sign-up bonus, all you will need to do is register and you are immediately good to go!

Casinos no deposit offers provide new players with free spins, usually ranging from 10-25, to play with on a selected amount of games (specified within the terms), or players can also find that they may receive a small cash bonus fund to play with (usually from £5-£20) if the casino is feeling generous enough of course!

Players have nothing to lose by opening an account up that offers these as their latest casino offer however, we do recommend that players look into the terms and conditions associated as there can be wagering requirements needed to be obliged if you wish to withdraw the money you have won. Not all casinos do this, but there is no harm in checking and keeping yourself covered in the process!

Free Spins Casino Bonus

Free spins are known to be accessed via many different possible routes. Players can in fact play free spins, by receiving it as a separate bonus, or in conjunction with another bonus. They also can be given to existing and ongoing players as apart of a loyalty scheme that occurs weekly or monthly for example.

New players will find that free spins go really well within slot sites as they can really accompany your game strategy and will essential give you free real money rounds!

Depending on the sites and casino promotions that your receive them from, this will gauge how many slots you can play them with (if you are limited to a selection of slot games) or if they also have a limit and cap on the amount you can win from them. Therefore it is always wise to check the terms and conditions associated with whatever free spins bonus options you take and play with. Do not assume that they are all the same and 9/10 they are not.

You may find that free spins come at extremely high levels in the large bonuses such as ‘100 bonus free spins’ and maybe even more. However the larger the free spin offers, the more likely that they are connected to wagering requirements that are over the average low-medium level that players are actually comfortable with playing with.

Players should always remain calm and gamble responsibly, by ensuring that they have addressed all the aspects of the free spins bonuses first.

We have noticed that players who receive bonuses from a loyalty scheme or a no deposit free money bonus, will find that there are less strings attached as there usually is with larger welcome bonuses packages. The free money no deposit offers can have no wagering requirements associated or if any they are little, as do the VIP/loyalty scheme bonuses.

First Deposit Match Casino Offer

This offer requires new players to register with a casino and place a deposit within the casino wallet of their online profile. Usually, what will be found is that the amount you receive from the casino itself, will depend entirely on what you initially deposit as you first sign up deposit. The match bonus is a percentage that will immediately be added onto your amount. The best match bonus offers range from 100% and above meaning you could get double your initial deposit and more.

It’s up to you as a player to decide what amounts suits your gambling goals and ambitions, in addition to your wallet and bankroll means of course!

Some casinos also give players the match deposit offer in a series of clusters. This would mean that players can prolong the bonus goodness for a longer period of time within their relationship with a casino.

The match percentages usually would start from 100% match offers, to steadily declining their overall offered percentages i.e. 75%, 50% etc. This is a process to encourage more players to keep visiting and of course keep playing and giving their custom to the online casino itself. However, please note that usually the large match bonus offers may have extremely high wagering requirements associated and therefore its wise to always double check the small print and other concerning factors such as the minimum deposits to qualify for the casino offer.

General Deposit Bonuses

These bonuses are where players will receive a one-off sign up bonuses from their first deposit into the UK casino itself. These bonuses are entirely based of the minimum deposit required to qualify, meaning you will need to read what you owe as a minimum to be able to trigger the bonus offered from that casino.

The deposit bonus can be a mixture of money cash offers and free spins or stand-alone money offers to include int your gaming routine.

Players can find that within the deposit bonuses genre, there also can be something names as the reload bonus. This works the same way as the first deposit bonus offers do, however players will be entitled to enter deposit more cash to receive further bonus cash offers to assist their game play.

The reload offer can extend from two to three sets of extra bonus funds to play with and this will usually be elaborated on for the player, within the terms and conditions of the casino played with itself.

Loyalty Casino Bonus

The loyalty bonus that players can have access to, usually involve regular players that have surpassed their first initial welcome bonuses and wish to remain loyal and continue playing within the casino.

Players will get regular casino bonus pick me ups a certain intervals (under discretion of the casino itself), where they can use them to progress within their journey at the casino.

To know more of the system that these regular casino bonus offers get addressed to players, you will need to read further into the reviews that we have collated for you in the casino offers tables. This will elaborate on the weekly/regular payments loyal players can and will receive. Casino sites like to keep loyal and VIP players entertained as these are the committed and dedicated players that consistently play and put in financially into the casino.

There are also cash back offers available for players that regularly play within the casinos and therefore you should definitely look out for them in our compiled reviews. The will usually compensate a percentage of your losses as a good will gesture to allow you to remain an ongoing player to the site.

Friend Referral Bonuses

Many platforms are often on the look out for new casino players and will reward existing players for referring their friends. Friend referral bonuses are a great way of socialising with your friends and receiving casino bonuses for doing so.

There is no specific referral bonus to look out for but you can expect free spins, a deposit bonus, no deposit offers or even money back when your referral deposits.

Any Other Offers And Casino Deals You May Not Know About?

Payment method offers

Online casinos have started to construct a reward system that goes beyond the usual offers set up. Now new customers can get more for their money by registering and signing up to the site with a certain payment method!

Usually the payment method focus is E-wallets and virtual electronic payments, as casinos know that players favour these and usually its an easy promotion to target many new customers.

It also can drive players who perhaps have maxed out credit cards etc, to use other sources to attain funds and keep playing. Therefore, definitely read the individual reviews available within our guide, as each casino will individually be addressed via promotion possibilities and payment method promotions (if any).

Sticky Bonus

Last but not least, there is another form of bonus named the sticky bonus. This one in particular allows players to play with the bonus itself and place it within the new customers casino account, however when it comes to claiming and withdrawing winnings then after, the initial sticky bonus will be removed and taken from your account.

Terms And Conditions Of Your Bonuses

As we have mentioned in the series of sections above, all casino offers and bonus deals, do come at a price and nothing really is ever received free to play with. For that reason we highly suggest our players to get into habit of reading through the wagering requirements of each of the offers they take at casino sites.

If bonus deals feel too good to be true and extremely generous i.e. a high roller kind of bonus with excessive amounts to their bonus package, then most likely the deal itself is one of high wagering requirements and therefore can be problematic if you try to redeem your winnings before withdrawal.

We all know that wagering multipliers are used so online casinos can profit in the process of giving you your deals and therefore your should always keep that in mind before you go off on a casino spending spree!

The terms and conditions are in our reviews alongside the best casino bonus deals, however that being said, they will also be found within the casino sites themselves, directly beneath the promotion headers or buttons to register with the sites themselves-so remain mindful of the complete situation!

Expiry Dates And Time Limits

Bonus time allowances are very common within any bonus deals, therefore checking the expiry of online casino bonuses before you redeem it, always seems like a good way to go for sure. Casinos give new customers a set date to redeem their bonuses, play with them and ultimately oblige the wagering requirements to be able to withdraw their winnings.

New customers who do not take notice of the bonus expiry dates, can find that it will be really disheartening to actually play and realise that they have just 3 days for example to redeem large wagering requirements on a very large bonus they have taken out.

Obviously the high rollers who are used to wagering large amounts may find it achievable, but new customers will for sure find that handling such large multipliers and the the small amount of time to deal with it, largely demanding and hard to achieve/sustain.

However, smaller time limits are not always a bad thing. If you redeem a bonus that is of smaller amounts, you will find that it can be manageable to meet wagering multipliers in that little amount of time for example. Therefore we would definitely recommend mind-mapping opportunities and assessing the risk associated with bonus deals on small time limits.

Wagering requirements

Wagering requirements is a term we see very frequently within the casino realm. Therefore we thought it best to overview what they are and how to address it as a budding new customer to a casino.

Wagering requirements are the multipliers that get associated with the casino bonus deals that you take out from a casino. Usually they can range from very low values, to ridiculously excessive and high. The average good wagering requirement is around 30 times. This is usually a manageable value that players new and old can address. However this is generally a low wagering casino bonus and therefore not particularly common in every casino.

High rolling UK casinos, will never usually put low wagering requirements with their offers, as they know players are more likely to achieve it, with the high amounts that they have redeemed. Therefore, it is safe to say that with generous casino bonuses, usually comes high wagering requirements of 60 times and more! Yet, that is our job at the end of the day, to try and find good value casino offers for your wallets and gaming!

How do they usually work?

Players will need to use the wagering multiplier and oblige their gaming to it, to allow for any withdrawals of winnings that they may have managed within the process of gaming.

To authorise your withdrawal payment from a casino, it is really important that you achieve the multiplier or you may find that you will be penalised for it and that can affect your future and current winnings with the casino itself.

To redeem your wager, you will need to multiply whatever bonus you have taken out from a deposit bonus or no deposit free money deal and multiply it by the wagering requirement, to find out how much you will need to wager before being allowed to take out your winnings. An example of how this is actually done can be found down below.

Example: 40 x wagering requirement with a £50 bonus

40 x £50 will equal to £2000, that a player will need to wager their bonus winning amounts too, to be entitled to withdraw what they have won. Therefore, as you can visibly see, this isn’t as easy as it sounds and if you put that amount with a small time limit, it will be almost nearly impossible! A risk assessment of casino bonuses is something we recommend that you look at before you jump head first into bonus deals like this.

Winning caps

Caps are very normal within bonuses, yet not all new customers tend to be aware of them. They are very normal especially with bonus spins that are given in free money bonus offer. Casinos tend to use these caps to prevent players from winning excessive amounts on bonuses that have no wagering requirements associated or to UK players that haven’t deposited to claim their deals.

It is always best for players to know if there are any limits and capping associated with their bonus spins, or on a selected slot games that your bonus spins are limited to. New customers will be highly disheartened and find that they could be wasting their time if they continue to play, long after they have reach their limits!

Frequently Asked Bonus Questions

What are the best deals for players that want to make the most out of their bonus?

Players will find that the best deals are ones that provide larger amounts, sided with a lower wagering requirement. The lower the wagering requirement is the more achievable, the more achievable it is to withdraw your winnings that you have made. Within our tables that we have compiled for players, you will find that the casinos that are clearly addressed as low wagering will be identified and sided against the offers available. So definitely take notes and consider it – including the great sites we feature at Casimple!

How do I know if there are any winning limits in the site I’m playing on?

That can be figured out by taking the time to read up the terms and conditions within the site. You can usually find it linked separately or found near the bonus deal you have trigger. Any caps on your winning requirements will be clearly stated and placed in the UK casino bonus terms.

Are free money no deposit bonus deals worth playing with?

Yes of course! New customers can learn a lot from using these offers. It will allow you to gauge and see if that site is worth your time and offers. In addition to this, you can make some free money without have any strings attached to the casino site itself. You have nothing to loose in the process and therefore it is really worth trying out.

How do I use casino bonuses?

This depends on the signup bonus you’re looking to claim. Some bonuses will only be activated into your account once you’ve made a deposit. No deposit bonuses might require you to enter a promo code before the funds are released into your account.

A deposit bonus will have display the bonus t&cs and give you the option to opt in. If you choose to do so, the bonus funds will be released as soon as your first deposit is made.

How do I withdraw a casino bonus?

Most of the time, a player will need to gamble their casino bonus a certain amount of times before it becomes eligible for withdrawal. This is referred to as wagering requirements and almost every bonus type will come with some sort of bonus stipulations. One of the best casino bonus offers out there which doesn’t, is the wager-free spins.

Once you’ve deposited enough to claim the bonus, you can simply play through the free spins you’ve received and withdraw your winnings at the end of it.