Best Online slots UK 2020

Playing online slots within online casinos is what it is all about. However, being able to find the online casinos that provide to you the best offers to go in conjunction of your offers, can be quite tricky to find. That is what we are here for! We have put together the best online slots for you to play, in a guide style article to help you locate the best slots games to try out and get those large big money wins you are craving!

Online Slots At Casimple

All the online slot sites that we have available for our players to access at this time from our suggested reviews, will include the various game types i.e. classical slots, video slots, 3D slots etc. If the casino sites suggest a heavier focus towards a particular type of slot game, we will mention that too of course. So, you the player can have the best chance of making a decision that suits you and your casino games style strategy.

We all after all have different goals that we want to address in the process of making our games choices within the casino industry. Therefore make sure to check out the specification that we cater to and follow through for our online slots testing. In addition to reading through our actual slot game recommendations too.

European Roulette

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When you play online slot games, it is not just about the games themselves, so many factors can come into making your choices. Slot games today, have many various themes that come into the mix, in addition to the game special features which can make the significant difference of being a great game, to a standard slot machine game.

It is vital to know the difference in slot games available and how to spot a great game, from a reasonably mellow and unexciting game. There is no time to waste and with Casimple’s expertise, you wont be getting lost any time soon from our top industry reliable information.

What Are Online Slots?

Online slots are the rekindling presence of the old style ‘classical slots’ that existed within the land based casinos a few decades ago. They still currently are available within the mortar and brick casinos however now, they are very much heavily orientated for development in technology and what they have to offer within the online casino realm.

They are highly convenient to players as they now do not need to play fixed in one location but rather can play on the go and perhaps have even more access to whatever was originally available within typical casinos!

With the advancement in technology and integrations of portable gaming software, players can now dictate how they play and when they play. Meaning, gaming really is suited to every player and their everyday lifestyle. Not forgetting to mention the significant amount of gaming options there are available 20 years later, down the line from original slot machines.

Statistic shows that in a typical casino, players will have to share one slot machine per 10 people, meaning you definitely cannot get into your gaming groove with those kind of stats! With online slots, you really are the boss of yourself and you will never have to share your own slot machine with anyone – its available 24/7 should you want and need it.

How to Play And Get Started On Online Slots

To play online slots, you will first and foremost need to have an active account as a player within the online slot site of your choice. The process is rather simple and we have designated an instruction guide of how to do so, and begin your journey swiftly and easily.

Select and online slot from our online casino slots

Using our selection of online slot casino sites, you will be able to select a good casino outlet to make sure that you have access to all the online slot games that you could possibly ever want. What we suggest in the process of selecting is, to ensure that you read our reviews on an in depth level, to ensure you are selecting a site that provides to you all the games that orientate and suit your gaming preferences.


Register to the casino which made the most matches to your specifications and online slot gaming preferences. Don’t forget that no-deposit bonus promotions are a big desirable factor in slot gaming and this could be your perfect chance to secure some free money bonuses along the way!

Click join up and make sure to fill out all your credential details that the casino will be asking from you to authorise your account as a verified and active player. This will usually entail as a form of ID that you will need to link into your account when you join up.

Payment preferences and bonus promotions

Linking up your payment preferences is important if you want to trigger any bonuses that you may be eligible for and of course, utilise them towards your online slots gaming!

Make sure to check the sites deposit bonus (if there are free spins and cash funds) and no deposit bonus options to maximise your gaming outputs and experience. In addition to this, read the associated terms and conditions that will elaborate on all the wagering requirements that interlink with your bonus promotion.

New players will usually be the only players that are eligible for bonuses, however there may also be ongoing bonuses too if you have long ago redeemed and completed your welcome bonus packages etc.


Once all the registration is done and out of the way, you will be able to play and try all the slot games – the newest slots and old classics – that you like, to aid in your chance of winning some real money winnings. Do not forget that free play is your friend, when you have never tried out slots before, so take that into account before you dive in head first!

Know Your Symbols And Betting Structure

Besides using free play as an option towards your gaming on slots, make sure that you know the basic rules available within games. The symbols available within different themes can be the difference between you leaving with 2 figure or 4 figure winning amounts!

Wild symbols give the player an opportunity to make a crazy amount of winning combinations all at once. They usually appear serendipitously and can make your reel appear far more interesting in the matter of seconds. Therefore, we highly suggest players to take future note…

Scatters and multipliers also do your reel and winning amounts a world of good, because they liven up your reals to advocate winning combinations yet not only this, they can also give your winning potential a run for its money. You can go from 10 times to a 100 times multiplier for your winning combinations. Therefore we definitely think that it is all the more reason to pick slots right?

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpots are all the talk within the slots realm. Players always enjoy what they have to offer, because of the crazy potential of becoming a millionaire winner overnight! These games operate by time triggers, with a jackpot that increases in increments for every player that enters the game. Essentially a fraction of their bets will go towards the entire jackpot. What you will find is the jackpot is trigger at random chance by an entering player that plays at any given moment.

Usually, the jackpot can stay relative towards one casino, or it can network across multiple casino networks regionally and even internationally. The larger the network, the more the jackpot potential will increase, as there are more players readily putting bets into the game and contributing to the overall jackpot.

Making a Slots Selection

We understand that picking the right slot for you is immensely difficult, being that you are so spoiled for choice with all the best titles from a great option of the biggest software providers. Therefore we thought it best to give you a small insight on some favourite games of ours to try out (on free play first of course), to give yourself a head start!

Rainbow Riches Megaways Slots

This is a Barcrest slot that rose to fame from its release in 2013. Still 7 years down the line and this game is very much of large talk within the gambling community. With a 96% RTP rate, putting it above average and multi winning variances, this game definitely hits all the right specifications for a new slot player. Not forgetting to mention the original game theme and bonus scatter symbols that feature-you are definitely in for a wild treat!

Starburst Slots

Another new player favourite, this game was created by the well known software producers NetEnt. Their games never disappoint in terms of graphics and the excellence brought to light by them. This slot is based in intergalactic space, meaning players can look forward to colourful symbols with enticing bonus features in the game. At a RTP of 96.1%, you cant really go wrong when you pick this as your new playing choice. Its has a really simple layout that consists of a typical 5 reel layout, meaning new players and hardcore slot enthusiasts can enjoy this game!

Cleopatra Slots

A game that takes you back into ancient Egyptian times, history and slot gaming never found a better combination, with this IGT production. Players from all playing levels can enjoy the 20 pay line and 5 reel slot system There are bonus features available for players to utilise into winnings, however the latest jackpot release is one that got everyones reels spinning-its a must for anyone who likes to play the original. This time the jackpot at stake is much, much larger and it could be your lucky day..

Mobile Casino Accessibility

For new players that like to play on the go, most slot variants made by the largest software producers today will all have mobile casino compatibility. The reason for this, is that playing on the go really is the future of casinos. Instant play is what players prefer nowadays. To not be tied down to anything; being able to play whenever and wherever they like-that is perfect gameplay experience.

Mobile casino accessibility depends entirely if a casinos platform and software contains the main stream HTML5 casino technology integrated. Most casinos now do not exist without it as they have realised the large market and potential this software brings. In addition to this, Casinos now have started to cater their slots and platform within a in-house app that can be accessed without any web browsing. This is the most largest innovative movement within slot gaming to come to the industry and big established names like Bet365 and 888casino now offer intimate and unique bonuses for players that want to play slot gaming within their app function.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I win on slots?

We would definitely suggest to any new player first starting out, the best way of increasing their likelihood of winning, is by using free play options available when you sign up, and the use of casino bonuses in conjunction of your slot gaming. This will increase your cash flow and bankroll significantly. Also keeping in mind that the bonus cash funds are entirely low risk (due to not being yours) you are free to play without any over thinking!

Where can I find the top slot bonuses for my slot gaming?

If you refer yourself to our slots sites page, you will find extensive reviews that can help you decide what the right bonuses are for you and your budding slots journey. There are many to select from, including no deposit and no wagering requirements bonuses (which is a particular favourite) in addition to the large match bonuses that make you go from average bank roll to high roller! There is a bit available for every kind of player around!

What are the highest RTP slots in the industry to play?

The highest RTP slots include titles like Uncharted Seas at 98.6%, Blood Suckers at 98%, Immortals at 96.9% and Thunderstruck II at 96.7%. Obviously, there are many more however, these are some of our favourites!