Best 400% Casino Bonus

Finding the best offers for you and your online gaming can be very difficult to find-so how about some 400% casino bonuses UK offers to get you started and headed along your way? Many, people do not generally believe in casino bonuses as large as these and therefore will often not look into it, when the offer and opportunity arise, yet take our word for it-they do exist!


What we have managed to put together, through casino industrial experience, knowledge, and a little of our magic is a guide with all the latest best competitors to source out the greatest deposit bonus finds for yourself. With our strict procedure of selection, under a specification, we have been able to find the perfect accompaniment to you and your online gaming experience. Welcome bonus opportunities like these do not get better than this, so read further to find out everything that you have been missing out on.

What Is A 400% Bonus?

A 400% bonus is essentially a form of a welcome bonus that players can receive by joining up with a casino and registering a fully working casino profile – with the minimum deposit required also deposited in the process. You will find that you can end up with 5 times more than what you originally deposited as your new players’ first deposit at a new casino or old casino. These bonuses are very much admired and anticipated by casino players, due to the variety of the bonus content and quality. You can find that sometimes you will be eligible for free spins clusters within the offer too, by simply depositing or entering a special bonus code during registration. It is a completely great way of ensuring that your gameplay is different and exciting from the moment that you sign up to join!

The offers do come with certain terms and conditions attached that you will need to abide by, in addition to wagering requirements that need to be obliged to ensure that you can happily withdraw your winnings. More on this topic will be elaborated on, further on within our guide.

How To Start Playing With Your First Deposit Bonus

To start playing with your online casino you will need to make a new players account that will allow you to make a first deposit to trigger the bonus access. Follow through on the steps we have listed below and that should cover all the angles that you will need to go through, to give you a 400% casino offer!

Sign up and create you account

After you have searched through the casino site choices that we have listed for you within our reviews and tables, it will come to making the final choice of which site works best for you and your online casino goals. Make sure to read through all the features of the casino and the terms and conditions associated too.

Fill out the registration form

The form that you will be given to fill out for your online casino profile, will include a varied amount of credentials that you will need to include, such as contact details, like email and mobile number, in addition to a form of identification, so the online casino with the casino offers can identify you and check for any existing profiles within their online casino database. Usually, it can take a little time to verify you as a new player, however, in most cases, it can be pretty much instantly!

Deposit the minimum deposit required

You will need to set up a payment transaction to your casino wallet to allow for the 400 deposit bonus to be triggered. To do that you will need to ensure that you are depositing the minimum amount required, which is usually from £10 to £20 depending on the casino. Some online casinos do offer minimum deposits as low as £5 or even less! Once you are comfortable with the payment method option, initiate the transaction with some of the best and speediest fast payment options like an E-wallet like PayPal or a Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Don’t forget to play!

The final step of the entire process, which is the most anticipated leading up from the sign-up process, is to play of course! Access the casino’s large array of new slot games and traditional casino games through their large gaming portfolios and have fun doing it in the process!

How Can You Withdraw Your Winnings?

Withdrawing your winnings will require you to meet the wagering requirements of the online casinos. This usually can be extremely high, as we mentioned above earlier on within the guide. Casinos use wagering requirements to profit, despite giving players large amounts of real money to play with for free.

Without redeeming the wagering requirement for your associated bonus, you will find that you are not able to progress and withdraw any winnings that you made from playing within the casino’s gaming facilities. Wagering requirements can be anywhere from low (usually 4 to 30 times) all the way to very high wagering multipliers like 65 to 100 times! The aim of selecting bonuses is to try and find a wagering requirement as low as possible, because the higher they go, the longer it will take for you to meet them, especially with the bonus time limits that are against you also.

Make sure to refer to our no wagering bonuses page, to find out more about bonuses that do not have any strings attached to them, from the moment you trigger and play them, the winnings are yours to keep! Good luck from us here at!