How to Become a Professional Gambler

Professional Gamblers

Many people often contemplate the amount of luck they would need to have, to be able to secure a livelihood of a gambler. Luck is never often a consecutive thing, it usually comes and goes and for that reason, people tend to believe that they do not have what it takes to make it a full-time occupation. Yes, you could have won some casual bets here and there, and the thought definitely probably came into mind a few times when you have happened to win big.

But what does it actually take to leave your safe occupation, and follow the hands of fate? It is definitely an occupation that makes you live and thrive off maybes and gut feelings and not everyone can do it. The reality is that it's not as glamorous as it's made out to be, and there is much more to it than just going on gut feeling.

What is a full-time gambler?

A full-time gambler is one that bases their entire income off the wins and successes that gambling brings. Some will often focus their attention on sports betting, or a particular sport entirely. Where others prefer more technical games such as roulette, blackjack, and poker. There are many avenues that you can go down and for that reason, this guide will definitely be an eye-opener to you, that is for sure. Gambling is always about finding your edge and pursuing it.

One thing you should understand is the fact that your gambling cannot be based around the fact you made one decent win; meaning from that you now believe you have mastered the art of gambling. Gambling is never a trend or certain, you will never be able to just repeat what you did before to secure a win. It is always purely by chance-but there are some strategic things that will make you perform well overall.

Other skills you will need to pick up is discipline. You will need to know when the right time to say no and not continue playing. Knowing how to manage your bankroll is the biggest lesson that any gambler will learn. Some gamblers out there already are pretty extravagant, and through time it does catch up to them, Don Johnson is the perfect example of how excessive some gamblers can become when they realise they are good. Do not let your confidence get the better of you!

How to choose your game

Coming to a decision of what to actually choose as your go-to game, you will be surprised at how hard it is to pick, out of so many options. There is everything from card games, to table games and general sports betting. No matter what you select, you of course need to know the tricks of the trade and know the rules inside out. Being a professional gambler means that nothing will surprise you, in the sense of how a game will ultimately roll-out and continue.

You need to take the time to read all the strategy guides there are out there, for the game of your choice. Read the tips and tricks from famous gamblers, many of them give some of their secrets away, so make sure you stress every resource possible before you wager your money.

Professional Poker

You will also need to consider how these games may get competitive and it will be a case of you finding a way to make it interesting, without quitting entirely. Discipline is key in gambling. Your entire attitude needs to be realistic and motivated. In the moments you feel reckless, you will need to remember and ask yourself, can you lose what is at stake? Or do you need to make this wager, purely for ego’s sake?

Grow your bankroll and experience

In the beginning, it will purely be about growing your bankroll and making the best out of each small or little win. There is a rule that 10% at least of your winnings, should compromise the funds for your next wagers. This means you will not be risking so much, but you will still be using money that you can afford to lose. You have to know that not all wagers will have an outcome of winnings and you will need to be aware of the risk, in each and every active game that you play and place a stake within.

Another factor you will need to consider is, having the correct resources to make up for any cold streaks made within the game, to try and break out even as much as possible, even when coming out with a net gain is not possible. That is why calculating the percentage of possible wins if your bet goes your way, versus the cash you need to put back in to break even is essential. But again it will need to be in harmony with the fact that you cannot make your bankroll overall be in a negative net loss-definitely something to keep in mind.

Usually, gamblers will grow their bankroll slowly at the beginning, by making little and small wagers gradually. This will sustainably allow your bankroll to grow to the point where you may consider to risk higher amounts of money along the lines of your journey. You need to make sure your bankroll and your everyday finances are separate and they never intermix. Because after all, the money you lose cannot affect your everyday life and the necessities you need to spend with. Managing your resources is key-as we keep mentioning!

Leave your ego and emotions at the door

This may seem obvious, but if you are gambling with your heart and not your head, that will definitely be a reason for some problems in the future. It can be really stressful for your mental health. Professional gamblers will always say how they have managed to create two separate figures and characters when they go about their everyday life. One character is wise and bases their decisions outside of their emotions. This is the ideal mentality for gambling, as you will be able to act wisely, without getting mixed up and confused with the emotions and reactions that follow in gambling. The other character is only shown in the gambler's personal life, and never makes a show within matches. Of course, this level of mental fortitude takes time to build and grow, and is even harder than the gambling part itself, we reckon. But believe us when we tell you, a professional gambler is a master of mastering his own temperaments during gameplay.

If you happen to make it up there with your gambling, you will come to realise how lonely it can actually be in the long term. You will be traveling all over the world, to attend the biggest tournaments in poker, blackjack-whatever you choose to play with. That in itself can affect your mental health, but it will be something that you need to accept. Spending time on the road in solitude to some can be freedom, yet to the social bees out there, it definitely is not easy.

Gambling taxes

If you happen to really be reeling in the cash and you are based in Britain, you have definitely picked the perfect spot to make a living. The reason being is, everything that your cash is yours to keep. Britain does not consider the winnings made from gambling as a trade or salary and therefore, every penny is yours to keep and do with it as you wish!

Final tips

If you are wanting to succeed in this discipline, you are going to need to slowly build up your resilience and patience for the journey ahead. Going pro is not a click of your fingers and that means you will need to be ready to handle whatever fate brings your way.

Slowly and sustainably grow your bankroll, to match the means that you can afford, but also bank a percentage of your winnings towards your bankroll too. This will mean your bankroll will continuously grow in a sustainable manner. Whenever you bet from your bankroll, make sure it's the same percentage every time, as overestimating your winning potential is not a sensible thing to do. Going slow and steady always wins the race. Make it a habit of yours to also record every win and loss, with the amounts put in, to see your gambling habits in print. This way you will have your gambling attitude right there on paper, without having to recollect or assume any different.


Make sure you approach the system of gambling, in the most respectable and decent manner possible. Treat all the dealers with respect, as after all that is their own personal job at the end of the day. In addition to this, if you happen to have a strop or bring aggression to the table, this will ultimately make you lose out on reputation and the brand of yourself that you are trying to build. Due to your behavior, you may not get invited to the next hotlist gambling event of the season, meaning you are costing yourself money that could be made after all.

Make sure to research the gambling community that you are about to enter. The top players of your forte, the competition, and the events that attract the best level of players for where you are at. Making friends along the way would be a plus too, so make sure to consider that, the next time you attend an event.


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