Novomatic Operations Have Restarted Again After Lockdown Eases

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Novomatic reacted very rapidly to the current and ongoing turn of events around the world. All measures implemented were of the best security and safety standards possible, to ensure that they can guarantee a gaming environment for all their customer base and employees of course.

Members of the board all commented on the priority of implementing the best security and safety measures within the work environment. With particular to Ryszard Presch, a senior member of the Novomatic Board, he suggested that “in the past weeks during the chaos from world occurring events, the measures taken place were all comprehensive and catalogues for further reference and evaluation. Everything has been leading up to the day where employees can be welcomed again with a safe and secure working venue’.

All reopening initiatives align themselves with the best of government practices and all regional recommendations taken into consideration immensely. With the current statistics showing that the pandemic is slowly being under management, Novomatic is considering the ‘best policies' to allow for a kickstart in their work dynamics. Of course everything is being approached with the utmost caution and consideration.

The reopening schedule will take place incrementally and slowly with respect to the world's attitudes for work procedures for the now we all face.

The current reopening schedule of commencement for Novomatic was constructed by the casino committee for experts, which immediately aligns with the government's interests and protocol. Everything from the public health perspectives is aligned with Novomatic's interests moving forward. All staff will also be trained to ensure that employees have full understanding and knowledge of how to maintain a safe working environment and welcome guests correctly under the new working standards. Employees will also be educated on how to provide a personal and outside vigorous hygiene practice, with responsibilities for their own space and seating areas, in addition to shared spaces within work and receptions. Such management has been highlighted critical, with courteous attitudes towards interaction between employees and guests also.

The arcades of Novomatic in regions of Spain, Italy and Germany, have all been reopened successfully. The reason being is the practice of the safety measured elaborated on above. Relaxation measures have shown full operation with conscious awareness throughout. Novomatic are fully aware thighs cannot begin like before and must commence with the new initiatives directed by the government. All ongoing health and safety practices have so far been accepted by guests and taken in consideration when moving forward with their custom/gaming on site.

In the UK however, the arcades operated by Admiral and Luxury Leisure Talarius, currently remain closed despite all the latest government advice that allows operators to open with conscious consideration of health and safety measures. However behind closed doors, measures of safeguarding and health and safety are currently being considered to warrant for the opening of arcades safely. The arcades are ready to open as soon as the restrictions ease off further and it is more safer to approach for employees and consumers.

Board member Presch has said that “We are now live again with many of our group-wide gaming operations under the various international brands.” He went on to say “Whereas these brands and the re-opening schedules in the countries may differ, one thing remains the same for all of them: We will ensure that our customers not only are safe but also feel safe and welcome.” It is without a doubt that gambling to a certain few, acts as a release from everyday life and responsibilities, therefore it is fully understandable, that Novomatic want all their gaming locations and work places to be up and running as soon as possible.

A spokesperson for the renowned casino sofware developer stated that their opening schedules will change and are not final. Customers are welcome to check within their site for further information and updates and locations near them, amongst other updates on technological releases i.e. games etc.


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