Gaming Providers Push VR Slot Games

Software providers push VR slots


iGaming has made huge leaps and bounds within this past decade, when it comes to the quality and options available within casino gambling platforms. The industry is constantly brewing and games providers are always looking for the next fresh option to contribute to the world of gaming. Being such a competitive market that it is, it is understandable why large gaming producers are in constant search of how to make the next edge on the horizon of the market. Currently, slot games have developed from the usual 5-reel set up, to more complex grids with multiple ways of maximising your winning potential in the process.

The hot new pick of the moment very much is the world of VR gaming. With it currently trending outside the casino market, it makes complete sense to combine efforts of both the video gaming field alongside gamble gaming.

How will it actually work?

We have always wanted the online casino gaming experience to be near the luxury of a casino in real life. Continuously the gaming software providers have managed to push boundaries to bring that experience ever closer and nearer to the real thing. We all know of live casino games and how they put you in a real live moment against a real dealer? Yet, at some point it will never be enough and we will always want more.

So, the whole idea of this is to incorporate an entirely real experience within your gameplay. How can you actually do this? Virtual Reality gaming of course. You will find that the entire experience will be included within your moment with the VR systems. From entering the casino and welcoming the hustle and bustle of the social life within, to the actual entering of coins and bet levels of your chosen slot machines. What could be more real and true to a casino experience than this?

This is the nearing and approaching experience that software providers are aiming and nearing towards in every gaming development that they do. Imagine the ease and simplicity of just popping your VR headset on and you are immediately in a real life tour of the gambling industry. From the best video slot titles on the market, to new unique options that have not even been released yet to consumers that have no access to VR options. It will be like a members only club that a select elite will be entitled to.

The entire casino immersive experience may be a couple of years away from actual access to VR systems, yet it definitely is not considered a dream anymore. In fact, as of now many of the games are actually out there and hosted by a select few casinos out there, meaning if you actually do own a VR, you can have in- from now! However, to have a larger variety you will need to wait as all games are currently in the making, with top slot software providers like NetEnt, Betsoft and Microgaming, promising big things on their VR slots creations.

Slot VR games have not necessarily been a point of access for most players yet, the future is promising different things. We have to amidst our excitement know all the biggest software kings to be in the secret works of this, to encourage our eagerness even further.

What are the current challenges for VR gambling?

The current challenges are to consider way around the prices that come with expensive VR systems. The headsets can surpass the £1000 mark, meaning realistically it will not be an option for everyone. On the other hand, the technology needed to be developed to be compatible with VR systems, will also need to be on the pricier, but many software bodies are more than happy to fund and develop said gaming opportunities even further.

Despite all of this, the fact that VR systems will not be an option to everyone due to the price, kind of contradicts the entire idea of online casinos in the first place. Online casinos were created so that everyone can be a casino player and it does not need to be available to a select few, as it was back in the days of traditional gambling and the ‘members only’ approach.

Other issues that will need to be considered is, how to manage problem gamblers who already struggle to play responsibly. Having access to technology like this, could very well tip them over the edge. Therefore management procedures will need to be put in place to cater to such problems that can occur along the way, once this technology will be available at greater numbers within the market.

Yet many great organisations have been introduced to problem gamblers previously, so one can argue that this is no longer an issue anymore due to the support systems that are very much currently in place to counteract issues like these for the time being.


Virtual Reality systems are no longer a matter of waiting with much pretense-as they are here! The selections of games are still in work yet previous tech bodies like Sony, did create some great starter games that you could have access to, to build your confidence on, before the big gaming titles arrive from our best gaming producers in the industry of gaming.

Great titles that you could check out in the meantime include Half-life, which at the beginning was an eagerly anticipated title by all VR gamers back in the day.

We are highly confident that the introduction of VR slots and table games will only increase VR awareness and popularity in the next coming years and months. Combine this with the live dealer options and you will have a great evening set up for yourself to fully have the casino feel from the comfort of your own home.

As VR headsets become more popular and more in demand throughout the iGaming industry, we estimate that the prices will decrease to become more affordable and accessible. The VR slot and table games at the beginning will be unique and desirable for their rare technology and thus that will justify price rises at the beginning. Yet once the gaming has settled well within the gambling community, prices will most definitely decrease, there is no doubt. This is demonstrated over and over again with other technological introductions in the past.

It can take a year, two and maybe even half a decade. But the wit is worth it we would say..


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