Bethard Leaving the UK Market in July

Bethard leaving the UK market

The betting operators known as Bethard have sadly announced the plans to leave the UK gambling market within the early days of July.  Reasons for the departure are due to the stricter regulations that are presented within the UK regulation protocols. The restrictive operation was a large factor in this huge decision.

The news first appeared within the gambling community, when Bethard began to email their loyal customers individually via email, to update their players on the changes that will be occurring to their casino facilities within the next upcoming month. The news of course broke quite hard within the gambling community, as the many players have been loyal to Bethard for many years. The gambling community will find it hard to part with such a large part of the UK gambling society.

The change will be put into action from July 6th, meaning that puts us at a tight timing to get those last few rounds in before we can no longer play on Bethard. According to the email sent out to members of the casino site, players can continue wagering up until the date of closure to the UK market. However, players that have cash within their casino wallet, will have up to August 10th to be able to request a withdrawal. Any time after this, will not be accepted and thus deem all your funds void of retrieval.

Bethard has been in the UK market for over 2 years, however, due to being based in Malta, they have been active for a considerable amount of time there. Yet since their launch within the UK markets, Bethard did encounter many issues with their licensing validity and activity. Using their brand ambassador Zlatan Ibrahimovic did halt their progression and prevent a swift and simple execution for brand marketing purposes. The reason being is, most football policies, do not allow football players to be gambling ambassadors and promote gaming habits alongside their professional career.

There is no clear reason, however, as to the intentions and reasoning for wanting to leave the UKGC gambling market. However, the constant battles amidst all the gambling bodies such as ASA and GRH (Gambling Related Harm), have been disputing Bethard’s relevance and contribution to the casino gambling community. All the dispute and legality/ advertising issues made Bethard’s reputation hinder and fall in the perspective of future and ongoing players. Therefore, this decision to leave the UK market could be to preserve their reputation and current relations that they have managed to attain in the process of building their brand.

Bethard is not the only casino bodies to have fled the UK market. Other bodies such as Royal Panda, 188Bet, InterCasinos, MaxEnt, Vera&John etc. all mirrored Bethard’s decision, however, reasoning cannot be known or be compared as a similar reason to Bethard.

Bethard will continue to run the casinos that exist across the Danish, Spanish, Irish and Swedish borders. Due to having licensing that is compatible with all these locations. Therefore, Bethard will still remain active and provide casinos online a service to those that game within these locations.


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