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Best Megaways Slots and Casinos

Megaways Slots are a slot machine game series by the Big Time Gaming that has ultimately changed the reputation of online slots within the gambling community. What you will find is that other games within the series such as Bonanza, Extra Chilli, and Genie Jackpots have surged in popularity and hype thanks to what the gaming series has to offer to its players.

This page will bring a full understanding and spectrum of this fast forward-thinking online slots series within the gaming industry. Get to know all the features of the games that you can expect, including the bonus features, gaming setup, and much, much more!

Top Megaways Casinos UK

Many find themselves interested in playing Megaways Slots, yet never know of the right place to start off with. We all know that selecting the right casino is everything, especially when you want to incorporate some great bonuses into your gameplay. Our casino experts bring together all the latest Megaways slots updates from industry insider knowledge- hot off the market. For that reason, we know exactly what the best gaming experiences for casinos that offer Megaways titles are out there.

The online casinos that we have selected have the best security practices available for your benefit and safe gaming practices. The strictest of protocols are integrated into the casinos, with strong licensing backgrounds from prestigious Malta and UK Gambling Commissions. For this reason, all the most updated checks for Fairplay and security are very much up to date in all our selections.

To play Megaways slots and begin starting an exciting adventure, you must first begin by selecting a worthy candidate for your efforts, from the options that we have listed in the table above. Make sure to read thoroughly through the reviews, details, etc. that have been listed via categories and headings within the texts. Find the most exciting gaming opportunities, with the latest promotions to aid your gaming to the best possible status it can be!

Getting Started – What are Megaways Slots?

Megaways Slots is a game series brought to life by the top pioneers of the gaming industry – Big Time Gaming. You will find that all slot games from the series provide the player with a special twist in the momentum of the gameplay. Each game differs from one another, in terms of slot genre and bonus features offered, yet despite all this, you are guaranteed a great experience from any game selection you pick nonetheless.

The success and reputation of of both Big Time Gaming and their Megaways slots platform comes from the unique format of the reels. When you play Megaways, the reels operate on a 6-reel format, with additional reels that operate horizontally. The outcome of the reel is constantly dynamic and for that reason, each outcome of the game is not too repetitive and rather different.

The reel set up is a new way for allowing many more ways to win-beyond the usual and average video slot set up. The number of ways to win from the game series is 117,649 ways to win, which goes above and beyond the usual 25 ways to win the pay line set up. The unlimited multipliers that are also featured within the game, is another reason as to why this game is so loved, as usually most slot games today will have a limit on the number of bonus features integrated within the game.

How does the Megaways Feature Work?

Megaways works by introducing features beyond the traditional video slots that are currently out there within the market. In the Megaways series, the outcome of every spin is unpredictable meaning the pay lines and ways to win can go up to 117649- a complete opposite value to the traditional setups of today's majority of video slots.

The number of Megaways titles in the game system is ultimately calculated from the end of each game spin and usually, the results will be placed on show at the top of the reels. The final calculation and result can be obtained by multiplying the number of symbols in each of the reels within the game.

An example of how the multiplication system works is by multiplying the number of symbols presented in each reel i.e. from 1 to 6 the result will be 6x6x4x4x3x7= 14400. The winning combination is always calculated from the start of the reel and continues from left to right.

How Do I Win on Megaways slots?

To win Megaways games, you will need to adjust to how different this slot series is to any other slot game in the industry. Within this game series, you will only need to get identical winning combinations from left to right on the reels, rather than landing them on specific pay lines. All the symbols need to do is connect from left to right, simultaneously after the other-it is as simple as that!

How Do We Pick the Best Megaways Slot Casinos?

The best Megaways Slot casino sites are selected by ensuring that we stick to our quality criteria of casinos very strictly. Aspects such as bonus variety, security, and safety, mobile casino compatibility and payment method variation are very important to us when we come to make a choice for the table selection.

Ensuring that each and every one of the casinos showcases the options stated above, guarantees the quality that we know future players deserve and are on the lookout for. Mobile casino compatibility is highly important for our selections amongst the others as it showcases the software capability of the casino itself. Having the option to play on your mobile is the latest technology and if an online casino does not cater to that, it does, in fact, suggest that it is behind in terms of the quality of gaming that the Megaways casino provides.

Payment options in large numbers to cater to international locations is just as important, as players will be playing from different regions-therefore it is important that the casino can provide facilities to cater to each respectively.

Secure and safe gaming is a must without saying. Online casinos must ensure that the casino facilitates a safe and trustworthy environment so that players are never at risk with their personal information and banking details for example. Therefore full encryption checks are fully addressed and help us come to make our decision in the process.

Last of all, bonuses. It goes without question that, should players want to have a good experience when playing on Big Time Gaming's Megaways sites, a good catering to bonus opportunities should be given to the player. By providing a list of multiple casino options, we hope that the decision would be much easier, being able to review the bonus opportunities available, before committing your gaming experience to one just yet.

Can I Play Megaways Slots via a Free Demo?

All slot game lovers love having the opportunity and chance of playing slot games for free before risking any of their cash. Knowing the game rules and run through, is just as important as making bets to win because without understanding the game structure, you can never expect to actually make any progress with the game itself, can you?

Megaways casino sites that cater to the game, will all offer an opportunity to play Megaways slots free play for each game that is presented in the series. This is a great option to have, so players can gauge what they think of the game before placing any bets. All games give this opportunity to the players, from the older variants to the more recently new releases!

Are there New Megaways Slots?

There are many new Megaways slots that get released from Big Time Gaming consistently. Big Time Gaming always wants to round up the latest technologies in titles that can assure success and popularity within the gambling community. For that reason, players can be assured of the new additions that may come each and every month or so for a new slot series to be released.

Blueprint Gaming is a local UK regional software that has grown massively in popularity and relevance within the gambling market. Most titles in the Megaways series are actually released by Blueprint Gaming (via collaborations); among their success is Buffalo Rising, Genie Jackpots, and Slots O' Gold.

Along with Big Time Gaming, many software developers that have joined in all the commotion by creating new Megaways slots titles have encouraged new energy and hacks to expand the game's potential in today's gaming industry and market. For that reason, players on the lookout for their next big gaming options can keep their attention to the Megaways series, as more game options get released very often and monthly! Make sure to refer to the casino lists that we have given within this guide, as you will have a place to settle and play all the game titles of Megaways, to your heart's content!

What other software developers have created Megaways Slots?

Other software titles that players can be on the lookout for when playing Megaways include Blueprint Gaming who have made many exceptional titles along the way for the Megaways slots list. Games to look out for by the many software providers that have joined include the titles: Curse of the Werewolf, Slot Vegas, 1 Million Megaways, Western Gold, The Dog House, Big Bucks Bandits, and many, many more!

Megaways Slot Payout Rates (RTP)

RTP is a term that most slot gamers will be inclined to understand and play with correctly. What you will find is that every game (not just the Megaways slots titles) will share an RTP value for the benefit of the incoming new players.

Mega ways slots are known for giving new players really high RTP values to work with when playing the game on online casinos sites. Not all game titles (over 60 in total) will provide you the player with exceptionally high RTP values, as most will come as varied and mixed and cover a broad spectrum. Most high RTP values come in at beyond the 95% average mark, meaning players can bask in the confidence of knowing they have a better chance of a return overall when committing to a Mega slots title.

The slots with the highest RTP would be a great way to start your gaming adventure. The following slots will give your gaming that extra edge and gaming advantage are:

  • White Rabit Megaways with an RTP of 97.24%
  • Aztec Gold Megaways with and RTP od 96.99%
  • Slots o'Gold Megaways with an RTP of 96.96%
  • Queen of Riches Megaways with 96.90%
  • Primal Megaways with 96.76%.

Other Megaways slots with high RTP values would include the well known and hyped up Genie Jackpots. It is always a confidence booster to know the games you select and love to play, will give you the high RTP that insets confidence to your playing style. Not many game series can do this consistently, yet a majority of the Megaways slot titles, do this without fail. Of course, the slot volatility and variance will differ quite a bit from slot to slot, meaning the payout frequency and amount will not be in the same pattern from each slot to another, yet this is all apart of the game experience and style overall and new players should embrace it.

Join the Megaways Revolution!

By committing to the game features of Megaways slots, you will find that the game revolution is a unique and rare experience that is not often found within other game series options on the market.

Reasons as to why new players should take up the reels and join the Megaways slot revolution is due to many features, including the incredible number of ways to win that are incorporated within the gaming structure itself. The following reasons are explained in a little more detail down below, which should clarify and reason further with yourself as to why the Megaways Slots is the best option possible now for you and your gaming.

Jackpots and Maximum Wins

Megaways slots by Big Time Gaming cover a large range of betting options for the player, meaning all different forms of betting levels can sit back and enjoy the gameplay. It is not often that a game series like the Megaways series would provide such large catering options for players to move forward with. The reason being is that Megaways actually ranges its betting limits from £0.10, all the way to £100, making each bet suited to you and your particular needs. You will not need to break the bank to enjoy gamble gaming when this slot series comes to mind.

The Megaways slots do not actually have an operating jackpot integrated within the game. However, some slots within the Blueprint Gaming series, actually cater to this option and connect the gamers to the Jackpot King Network series, which is a larger progressive jackpot that does not break the bank to join-minimal stakes are needed in the process. Other jackpots that may be worth trying, include the Slots o'Gold and the Mighty Griffin. These jackpots offer one-off lucky prize wins of 6 figure value, if you trigger the jackpot.

Although it is not as large as a progressive jackpot network, this local jackpot can still fill up your wallet handsomely and 117,649 ways to win is something you'll only find on Megaways games. All you need to do is land 5 symbols of the brand logo and you will immediately trigger life-changing money instantly!

Bonus Games and Special Features

Megaways as mentioned above, are known for their large range of game features and bonus options that are added within your gaming experience. The introduction to features such as mystery symbols, random reel options, etc. really does contribute to the chance of landing big wins on an online casino.

The unlimited win multipliers give players the random chance of triggering a bonus round within the gameplay. This will bring to light additional features such as the random reel modifier, which ultimately changes up your reel and the symbols within. Of course, this option to the base game is not a one rule meets all, meaning, you cannot expect it in each and every one of the Megaways slots. Yet, each new release to the Megaways slots series promises more competition to previous features, which would make it all very refreshing, for each time you play a new title. Each slot brings new bonus features that differ from the next available option and therefore improve your gaming experience even further. We can guarantee you will have no complaints in the process of your gaming!

Cascading Reels

The Cascading Reels feature is one favourite of most players that opt for gaming on a Megaways Slots title. This feature gives players the chance to scoop up extra prizes, via the cascading symbols on the reels. Did you know, that the cascading symbols option was briefly introduced by Big Time Gaming as a trial into the Slot Bonanza game in 2016? Due to its success, it was then decided to maintain this feature as a prominent game quality in future titles! Where would the game actually be if it wasn't without the integration of this feature after all?

When you play with this feature, you will find that each winning combination that is involved with the cascade, disappears and the adjacent symbols will drop to replace the older sequences. All the winning combinations will be calculated used the left to right rule and immediately added to your existing jackpot-winning balance.

Your winning potential with this feature is not limited and will keep going just as long as the feature is activated within your gameplay. Once the winning lines disappear on the reels, the feature will discontinue from working.

Win Multiplier

The win multiplier is very popular with the slots lovers of this game. This feature is what fuelled such high popularity in the early days of its release-the stories within the gambling community for this feature, really were epic!

The unlimited win multiplier is integrated within most of the Mwgaways slot series today-but not all of them. The way you can get to play this option is by activating the free spins special feature when 3 or more scatter symbols land within your reels simultaneously. The multiplier will increase in value, starting from 1x and incrementally increasing for every winning combination. Combined within this feature, the Cascading reels should also come into play, alongside free spins bonus rounds which will increase your multiplier to its maximum potential! Therefore, for the big wins to keep landing in your reels, hope for the feature to continue rolling for the biggest wins possible!


What is the best Megaways slot?

The Megaways slots are a series of games that incorporate innovation of game technology and features, to the highest standard new players could want within the slot gaming market. This game has far more possibilities, with its 117,649 ways to win pay lines. The structure of the game makes it happen to be way more advanced than today's usual video slot varieties that are available on the gaming market. Megaways is unique for its offering of bonus features within its games, such as adding extra bonus rounds, free spins features, and unlimited multipliers. The RTP for most games are exceptionally high too, meaning you can really have a great chance of getting back what you wagered and then some, in the process of your gameplay.

Which Megaways slot pays out the most?

The best Megaways payout options are the ones that provide players with high RTP values. The games which offer the highest RTP in the series include the titles White Rabbit with a payout of 97.24%, the Aztec Gold at 96.99%, and the Slots o'Gold at 96.96% overall. These 3 titles are a great place to start for new players that want to begin the strongest confidence of success.

What is the biggest Megaways payout?

The biggest Megaways payout within the game series is through the jackpot feature across certain slot titles. This can land players p to a worthy 250,000 if players happen to be lucky and be in the right place at the right time!

How many Megaways slots exist?

Currently, there are 70 titles available and counting, for new players to have access to. Megaways is continuously growing to bring to players new slots titles every couple of months.

Which is the best Megaways slots casino?

The best Megaways casinos and new casino sites include Yako Casino, Dream Vegas Casino, Fun Casino, and No Bonus Casino. These will feature pretty much all the Megaways Slots titles for you to have as a new player, in addition to great bonuses and incentives to spur your gaming on in the right way needed to secure the best gaming experience possible in the long run of things. All the casinos mentioned are fully secure, being that they are licensed and backed up by the Malta and UK Gambling Commissions.

Can I win more on Megaways slots?

The answer, in short, is yes! All the Megaways Slots series gives players 117,649 ways to win due to the unique slot reel set up that the game design has provided. The game also enables rare unique features that can extend your gaming and really drive your reels crazy with exciting happenings! With the cool free spins, unlimited multipliers, cascading reels, and bonus symbols to look forward to, you will be thanking us later, when you bring yourself to play the games at hand.

Should I pick up a Megaways slots bonus?

Many casinos that we have listed within our guide, will provide you unique online casino bonuses that will work for hand in hand with the Megaways Slots games. From the candidates we have specially selected, you will find that the bonuses are very generous and will allow your gaming to really flourish at the potential that it should be. There is nothing better than combining a slot game as successful as Big Time Gaming's Megaways series, with a bonus package that hits all the right angles to push your gaming in the right direction. Should you wish to browse before you commit to any, reading our reviews and guides are the best things you can do, to assert confidence and control in your final Megaways casino choices to host the games.

How are the free spins feature activated in the Megaways Slots games?

The feature is activated by your reels being presented with 3 or more scatter symbols at once. This will immediately trigger a free spins feature that will continue, just as long as your winning combinations continue too. There is no limit to how many times you can play with the feature, just as long as the scatter symbols keep showing up.

What is the best slot game to try out?

For new players new to the Megaways games, we would highly suggest trying out the famous and popular titles Bonanza, Genie Jackpots, and Irish Riches. These are all available via the online casinos that we have listed in our lists above (via the table). Always make sure to try out the Megaways slot free play, to understand the game rules fully, before committing to risks with your cash. Having the Megaways free play really does lessen the possible damage to your gaming, as you will not be going into the game blind and have a good idea as to how the game rules apply within the slots.

Can I play Megaways Free?

If you find a casino offering free bonus, you can absolutely try out Megaways games for free. Normally free spins offers aren't reserved for these type of games, with so many ways to win – online casinos will often limit the games you can use free spins on to some of the more standard online slots.

Top Megaways Slots casinos

Recently launched casino
Great selection of games

£300 + Free Spins

New players only. Wagerng occurs from real balance first. 50X wagering the bonus. Contribution may vary per game. Available on selected games only. The wagering requirement is calculated on bonus bets only. Bonus is valid for 30 days from issue. Max conversion: 3 times the bonus amount. Excluded Skrill deposits. Full Terms apply. #ad.


Runs on proprietary software
Good range of banking options
24/7 live chat available

£10 Free No Deposit Bonus

18+. New players only. Up to £10 bonus credit available via Feature Game. Expires 7 days after registration. Max withdrawal from bonus winnings £50. 40x wagering requirement. T&Cs apply, BeGambleAware.org. #ad.


24/7 live chat available
Superb mobile casino

£10 No Deposit Bonus

18+. New players only. 20x wagering requirement. Expires after 7 days. Max withdrawal from bonus winnings £200.


Loyalty promotions available
Wide selection of payment methods
Helpful support

500 Bonus Spins

18+. New players only. One welcome package per player. Max bonus bet £5, Min deposit £20, 1st deposit: get 100 bonus spins, 2nd Deposit: get 75 bonus spins, 3rd deposit: get 125 bonus spins, 4th deposit: get 50 bonus spins, 5th deposit: get 150 bonus spins. All spins are on slot game Book of Dead only. Bonus funds must be used within 30 days and bonus spins within 7 days. Spins winnings credited as bonus. Bonus funds separate to Cash funds, and are subject to 35x wagering and withdrawal requirements. Terms Apply. BeGambleAware.org.