Tracy Casino Opens Doors For Outside Function

Star Casino reopens outside


Amid all pandemic chaos, a casino in Tracy took to the outdoors to operate with the correct social distancing procedures for function. Many indoor operations have taken to closure to prevent any further spreading of the virus. Yet due to the economic issues that surround closure, the casino needed to prevent disruption to survive hereafter the pandemic settles down.

Many staff from the Star casino are relieved to still be holding their jobs and positions within the casino, as many businesses in surrounding areas have not been so lucky.

The casino did try to open not long after the pandemic unleashed its damage, yet were ordered to close down soon after, by the Governor's orders of the region. The closure was said to happen within a moment of hours as it was not compatible with the governmental advice and procedure of practice for safety.

Without much cash flow to hold the casino for many months, it really was a no brainer for a decision to continue operation. Operating outdoors received the blessing of the county and state, meaning not only will the business survive, people will still have access to entertainment amidst all the chaos of lockdown that follows.

To manage the opening of the Star casino in Tracy, health checks such as temperature measurements are being taken at the door for all employees and customers. In addition to this, numbers of people that can play around table games have been reduced by half; going from 8 people to 4. All gaming stations are being cleaned immediately after use from customers and a different table dealer for example.

Yet residents in the surrounding area disagree with the idea of the casino being opened before actual schools are. Many say education takes priority over casino gaming and it is not as important to worry about, to get it back up and running. Yet for everyday the casino would have stayed closed, it guarantees another day of struggle, by the employees that need his job to survive.

People all have bills to pay and making money is necessary to survive. Yes it may be true that education is first, yet if government regulations can be met within the casino, why should it not be reopened again in the process, to support its employees?

Lussier, an employee of the casino, said that she had been in the casino industry for more than 30 years, it would be hard for her to find another job to replace the casino work she does. For her this job has been essential to paying her bills and surviving through all of life's challenges and looking elsewhere to work is not an option at all.

The casino officials are working with the county and state to ensure that all official establishments who opt to work via outside gaming, are doing so with safe measures and procedures. Close management will allow for any risks to be detected and the appropriate action to take place to counteract any risks that may be present.


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