Swedish Casino Pays The Biggest Mega Moolah Jackpot Yet!

Microgaming released their latest statement yet, with the largest Mega Moolah Jackpot win of the game's history. This win was recorded at a staggering €14,239,532.84 within the Lucky Casino of Sweden.

The Swedish player managed to trigger the jackpot by chance within the early day of 17th August 2020. This is the highest jackpot win to date, beating the previous record of €13.7 million from a UK based player.

Like any other winner from a Microgaming jackpot, the Swedish lucky individual will receive his winnings all in one deposit, as tradition asks of it. Jackpots with an eight figure value are rare and are always anticipated. To get to a huge level of money such as this, the jackpot is based through a progressive network across the world, so all players that put a stake within the game, will contribute to the overall jackpot winning amount at the end.

Other new impressive titles from Microgaming that follow the jackpot characteristics include the Book of Atem, Mega Moolah and African Legends, WowPot, Fortunium Gold and Sisters of Oz. These games have been released in increments throughout the year, meaning their jackpot amounts are yet to reach this large amount overall. Yet with new titles, there is always the anticipation that the titles will bring even further winning potential to the field of progresisve jackpot gaming.

The director of Lucky Casino named Martin Sidenvall, thought it appropriate to comment on the luck and success of one of their own fellow swedish players. This breaks all previous records before for Wins at Lucky casino. In fact Lucky casino has never had a network progressive jackpot win before and this would make it the first of its kind at Lucky Casino.’This historical moment is one that we get to call our own’ and to be able to announce that win is something that Lucky Casino have ‘only ever dreamed of’. It will definitely be looked over for years to come without a doubt.

Microgaming also wanted to comment on the behalf of their brand and game Mega Moolah. The Director of games at Microgaming believed that Mega Moolah is ‘the favorite’ of the family of games they have. He believes it will continue to create more millionaires across the world, it will just be a case of when. Yet nevertheless, this is a tremendous win that marks the biggest of Europe ever in history. This has only but spurred on Microgaming to create further games of more interest to motivate players to really enjoy their time on online casinos like that of Lucky Casino.


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