SkillOnNet Launch PlayUZU

playuzu + skillonnet

The world renowned casino software SkillOnNet is set to take the Spanish gaming market by storm, with their launch of PlayUZU.

SkillOnNet, a well respected whitelabel in the casino services market has decided to offer further casino services to the Spanish gaming market, through the development of the PlayUZU.

Many will already be familiar with other successful launches by SkillOnNet, such as, which has won many awards for the casino facilities it provides to the gambling market. SkillOnNet, used their success from platforms such as PlayOJO, to drive them forward to new open water and challenges. The same gaming environment will be present in PlayUZU as was present within the PlayOJO casino site; for that reason their success is set to expand further across the globe. SkillOnNet are confident they will take Spain by storm with what they will deliver.

SkillOnNet is known for its no wagering policy within its casinos on certain promotions that they engage with, in addition to the generous bonus packages which are paid immediately without any withdrawal limits (which many casinos often include). Players that sign up to the Spanish equivalent, will no doubt  find additional incentives that will allow for the gaming experience to be even more exciting and pleasurable.

From all operators within the business, SkillOnNet is considered as one the most softwares that has considerate and transparent values within its management of its casinos. Fairplay and trust is of high value to them, so spanish consumers will have nothing to worry about in the near future and completion of PlayUZU.

The marketing manager of PlayUZU, Helen Rico, commented how their maneuvers forward were encouraged by ‘the success gained from UK and Sweden’. PlayOJO was received with ‘open arms’ and for that reason they plan to honour and duplicate all their successes from previous projects. What also was noticed was how players grow frustrated with the promotion and marketing campaigns of casinos. The dishonesty from the promotional campaigns was something that put off players or stopped them from returning. This is where SkillOnNet, saw that to distinguish themselves from the rest, something needed to be done to the promotional system of casinos and came up with an answer for that, to establish trust between the casino and consumer. This strategy will be therefore used within Spain too.

PlayUZU promises its consumers, to be a brand of ‘transparency, personality and to be something completely different to excite players across the country of Spain’.

PlayUZU’s mission is to be a casino that brings honest propositions to its consumer, allowing them to be in control of their funds and receive their winning payouts on demand-immediately. This formula and attitude is expected to be applied in all of SkillOnNet’s endeavours.

SkillOnNet’s large gaming portfolio will be available on demand within the new PlayUZU website, in addition to top end software provider titles from Microgaming, Playtech, Red Tiger, NetEnt, Yggdrasil and Play n’Go.

This launch will definitely be a large milestone for SkillOnNet, who have already conquered the UK and Swedish markets. After applying for the Spanish gambling license and receiving it very smoothly, PlayUZU is estimated to hit the top of the online casino charts within the next commencing months. Word still awaits for the exact date to launch for consumers, yet SkillOnNet’s most loyal of gamers anxiously await the release of this new site, anticipating all the new promotional leads that will set up the bonus package strategies of the casino. Without a doubt, this new release will in Spain will be one of the most exciting stories yet to unfold.


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