17 Best New Casino Games to Try

best new casino games in 2020


2020 is the year for the latest new slots! Many games get released monthly from all the newest and latest casino software providers of the gaming market. Yet, this always brings around the question-which ones should you actually go for, being that there is so much choice to choose from? Well, we of course have the answer for you. We have collated the best games of the now, meaning you can put aside all the game choices that are bombarding you and go with our recommendations. Continue reading for all the latest game choices to add to your go-to list for this month and year.

A quick summary of games that you can expect from us include Mega Moolah Absolutely Mad, a sequel to the 2006 release that made headlines, Hellcatraz, Street Fighter 2, 4Squad, John Hunter and the Book of Tut, Agent Destiny and many, many more!

1. Street Fighter 2 Slot Machine

The first game in our list, you will find that this game comes after a very successful first part. The game holds sentiment to players who thoroughly enjoyed the Street Fighter series of cartoons released in the 90’s and for that reason we are sure, the same allegiance will set out to play this game.

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior slot the latest from NetEnt

This game is by the prestigious NetEnt, and brings to light many special features, named after certain parts of the series. Features of the game include the battle mode, beat-the-boss round, cluster pays and avalanche mode. With all of this comes and RTP that alternates depending entirely on the character you play with in the game. This feature is very unique and gives more power to the player. We believe this will be thoroughly hyped about in the months to come for the loyal Street Fighter Fans! If however, you decide to pick the popular character of Ryu, this will give you an RTP of 96.02% and the lowest RTP character within the game.

2. John Hunter and the Book of Tut

Egyptian themed slots are all the rave when it comes to a software games developer, picking a theme to base their slots around. Some may think that this theme is really saturated and not so much of a hype anymore, yet this game will prove you wrong. If you have reached a boring spot within your gaming of the Book of Ra and Book of Dead, definitely hit up this title. You will soon come to find that the charming John, the treasure hunter, will bring some initiative to your gaming life!

John Hunter and the book of tut

With this frequently paying themed slot, you will come to find Pragmatic Play, really did do the Egyptian theme justice. Expect that you could have 5000 times your stake win at any moment within the game. What is there to actually complain about?

3. 4Squad

Many of our favourite superhero themed slots have slowly started to fade out, after the successful titles like Batman and Superman for example, there is not much space to share the limelight. However, this game will give you the break you need. With its colourful superheroes and a seven reel structured slot, there is a cascading reels feature, just like you would find in a Megaways title, to help you make multiple winning combinations at once!

four squad logo

Each superhero comes with its own set of superpowers and for that reason, you can enjoy activating them through the bonus rounds of this game. Super heros are back in guys!

4. Mega Moolah Absolutely Mad

Mega Moolah generally needs no introduction, with its extremely successful and still successful runs! You will find that this title has nothing to do with the prequels original theme and therefore brings something very new to the table. It is a brand new casino game essentially. Yet like the first part, this game does have a low RTP value, although not as low as the original version. With 92.02%, you think perhaps you should try out some other games with a higher statistical advantage yet, one thing we did not happen to mention is the progressive jackpot in this too!

mega moolah absolootly mad

The themes in terms of bonus features are not as extensive as one would hope, but for the chance of a seven figure cash prize-why not?

5. Hellcatraz

This game reminds you of the retro old school game graphics, that are pixelated and over simplified. It is definitely a walk down memory lane, to say the least. Bring the world of Minecraft meets Mario and you have the game style of Hellcatraz. You will find despite the graphic devolution from the standard that we have today, this game can keep you entertained for hours. It takes you to the happy place of your gaming years and maybe it's the sentiment of that, that keeps the game ever so relevant today.

hellcatraz slot

The storyline of the game is probably the best that you will play for the slot releases of today. You will be based within the most famous prison in the world, Alcatraz and from theri you will need to get rich before you get caught and manage to safely escape.

6. Agent Destiny

For all the comic lovers out there, this title will make perfect gaming for yourself. This slot game is like it literally was taken directly from a comic book.

agent destiny slot cover

With its classic video slot set up, and 20 paylines, it should not take long to adjust to. At a 96.26% RTP, this game is above the average return to player and therefore you should make it very welcome in your new games list for 2020-that we are completely sure of!

7. Subbuteo

Calling all sport fans! This game is perfect for football fanatics out there-why? Because it is based on the classical table game that many swap around on a typical lads games night out. This game certainly does not need any introduction to players in the 35 years and above age group, the name should bring back some memories and sentiments…

subbuteo slot game

This game is not just ‘what you see is what you get’, it has multiple mini games that are a part of the game theme and therefore multiple hours spent on this thing should be expected.

8. Queen’s Day Tilt

This game has a large resemblance to Alice in Wonderland, maybe its the use of hearts within the theme? Nevertheless, the theme of this game is very simple and effective. You will find that despite such a simple layout, the maximum win is something you expect in the more complex slot titles. This game has a maximum won at 500,000 coins.

queens day tilt slot

The entire theme of the game is where you the knight will try and prove your loyalty to your queen, by fighting until the last breath and strength you have. A little over the top, we know, yet this game is far more evolved than other typical classical slots, that often base their themes around the Vegas classics. You get a bit more for your money and have access to bonus features (over three of them) to accompany your gaming. This again is pretty rare and you will find that it does you far more than any other classical slot game. There are free spin features that you can trigger too, within the special features of this game, so hold on tight and play away!

9. Strolling Staxx

For all players that enjoy fruit slots, this is one step above your classical slot selections, in terms of graphics and basic slot physiology you could say. This is the latest modern fruit slot to be released by NetEnt and has a RTP of 95.95%. Making this a very fruitful (excuse the pun) slot with lots of potential if you play your cards right.

strolling staxx slot

The graphics make it very interesting to look at and with its fruity bonus features, we guarantee that you will not put it down any time soon. Call it a fruit hunch that this game will keep you entertained for a while.

10. Excalibur’s Choice

From the legends of Arthur and all things medieval, we bring to you the latest of Barcrest slots to your hand. This game is new in release, yet everything about it is very noughties in game quality and vibe. The game initially looks slightly outdated and very ‘Vegas’ to play in terms of pixels and overall slot symbol artwork. Regardless this is what Barcrest actually aimed for. They wanted an old archaic vibe to suit that of myths and legends.

excaliburs choice slot

You could say it has a resemblance to the much loved slot Avalon, so if that slot was your fix for a while, it would definitely be great to check this one out too.

11. Luminous Life

This slot was a favourite of ours when we tried it because of the water themed backdrop that was incorporated within the reel you play on too. The reason why we loved it so much is because of the simplicity of it. It really highlights the symbols you play with, that much more!

luminious life slot

This game is all about the enchanting fish that live in the depths of the water. Therefore a perfect slot for all those that love the aquatic life and all the mysteries that unfold from it.

12. Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising brings a theme to your slot gaming that we all love-Megaways! Since their early release in the past 5 years, megaway titles have only evolved for the better and become far more interesting each time. The special feature that all players love in particular with megaways, is the amount of ways to win that you can have. With 117,649 ways to win, you can say that this game could be your favourite for a while.

buffalo rising megaways

Running with a North American theme, all the forests and animals are its main symbols. Although a simple genre to play on, look out for the cascading reels, special bonus features and unlimited free spins in the game that you can trigger constantly. If you happen to be lucky in your reels and gameplay, you can have a very good run indeed. The forests of North America never got so interesting!

13. Vikings

Playing this slot never got us more excited. Based on the successful ongoing TV series, this slot features our favourite character Ragnar, as the backdrop, alongside the shield maiden legend Lagartha. NetEnt did well to recreate the TV show into a slot game, as the loyal fans of this TV show go far and wide across the seven seas.

vikings slot game

This game presents 243 ways to win, with a RTP of 96.03%, meaning it puts this game above average for winning payout potential. The biggest win you can expect is capped at 1,000,000 coins, making this a highly entertaining and rewarding slot at the same time. Being a viking means to pillage and find as much treasure and wealth as possible-so do that by making the best of this game for your wallet…

14. Berryburst

Berryburst brings about similar themes as the Starburst slot by NetEnt. However, instead of galactic symbols from space, you will be playing with a backdrop of pink mania. The theme of the game is very simple just like its predecessor Starburst. However, in terms of wins, this game exceeds what starburst can ever give you. At 120,000 winning potential, it certainly is a large jump from 50,000 coins, right?

berryburst slot

The payout on this is higher too, you can expect an RTP of 96.23%, meaning this certainly makes a great replacement if you are wanting something to move onto after the starburst slot. Many of the allegiance for NetEnt's Starburst checked out this game and much preferred it, calling it the ‘hippy option’ to replace the classical Starburst. Take out word for it, once you play this game, you will brag about how much better it is than the classical Starburst. This game will catch on in the charts, mark out words. We are always right about these things, that is for sure!

Our Top Recommendations

Despite all the introductions to the new slots of the season, it never hurts to take a trip down memory lane, to some of the best releases that our time has been introduced to. Below are our top picks of slots that have been out a while, but loved and will be continuously played nevertheless.

Gonzo’s Quest

If you are as much a fan as us, for following the slot trends, you will know how much this game was featured in all the top game selections of the best slot sites online – and still very much is! The theme is based on a treasure hunter who travels through the Peruvain forests and temples. Released by NetEnt, this should install further confidence to try this game, if you have not already.

gonzos quest slot

With the much loved Avalanche feature, your reels will bring you many multipliers and free spins your way that may make a difference to your wallet.

Hall of Gods

Another slot by the mighty NetEnt software provider, this game introduces all the famous gods from the Norse legends of old. With very detailed and artistic symbols, this game is beautiful to look at and great to play with too!

hall of gods slot

You will find that the game has 3 progressive jackpots integrated within its main gaming features, meaning now you have three times as much chance to win the winning jackpot from one spin of your reel. The largest ever recorded jackpot granted to a player from this game, was well over £5 million! Need we say any more?

Thunderstruck II

The final pick we would like to mention, involves the slot based on the legend of Thor. this game does in fact show similarity to our previous pick Hall of Gods, however this has just one god of legends as the main focus.


Many call this slot one of the greatest played slots of all time and became an immediate hit upon its release. With a maximum winning prize of over 2,400,000, you could say that the game deserves all the attention it can get, as it is rare for slots these days to offer as much prize money to players.


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