Wild Symbols: Everything You Need To Know

Wild Symbols Explained

Wild symbols are one of the many bonus features that appear within your slot gaming at online casinos. Bonus features are the bread and butter to an enjoyable casino experience as they make your gameplay vary and have a different momentum every single time. They also give you more chances to really maximise your winning potential as the mechanisms that work within your slot games can induce aspects such as multipliers, scatters and free spins too!

Most of the popular software providers, all incorporate bonus features like Wild symbols, to really provide a great experience for the players. Wild symbols amongst other symbol features really mix and spice up your game. You could be playing for a great amount of time, with the same repetition and momentum and then comes along a bonus symbol to completely change the game setting and your luck within the game! When you have slot bonus features like Wild symbols, you will come to realise that you have a better chance of walking away with a healthy amount of winnings. Of course, it is not a definite thing, as all games are operated at a random setting, meaning you will need to hope and count that bonus symbols turn up at some point, as they are complete game changers!

Within this guide, we will explain to you in detail, everything that you need to know about wild symbols. Wild symbols really do give you that extra nudge when you play so it is important that you know the extent of their capabilities. Read up everything we have to say, and watch your gameplay change drastically the next time they are introduced within your reel! Yes, they really are that freaking good for your entire gaming overlook and style!

What are Wild Symbols?

Wild symbols are the high value symbols that you play with within your slot reel. Most games will always make the wild feature the game logo, so it is distinguishable from the rest of the symbols within your reel. They will always have their own use and function depending on the game you wish to play, however usually they will be used to help you create winning combinations from the existing sequence of symbols that you have within your rows.

A great way to give representation of how a wild symbol operates within your video slot, is if you imagine you have a bunch of generic low value symbols that take the form of safari animal characters. The wild symbol would come along (represented by the game logo), and completely change and substitute to make the highest winning combination. Rather than have a typical 3 to 5 matching low value symbols, the wild symbol ups your matching combinations with added worth and value. You could call this the symbol that substitutes the symbols within your reel, but we suppose the term wild hits the nail on the head for what it is labelling and referring too. The wild symbol achieves beyond what you can imagine and spices your game up!

Their Appearance and The Different Variations

So, their appearance can vary depending on the game that you are playing. There are no strict rules about how they should actually appear, yet they usually will always be bold so you can distinguish them from the other high symbols within the slot machine. The most popular option is as we have mentioned previously, the logo of the game is the most unique option or a symbol which actually represents the game theme eg. a luminous star for the Starburst slot game series.

Yes, there are different kinds of wild symbols!

Wild symbols come in many shapes and forms, meaning you can play certain games and the style of the game and how the wild symbols behave, will differ from one another. The biggest similarity between wild symbols is that they all appear at random and never can be predicted, in terms of when they actually will appear within your reel.

Expanding wilds

This form of wild is one of the most popular forms and if we are honest, probably the most favorited wild symbol in most slot machine games. The expanding wild will always occupy and take over your entire reel, and manipulate the sequence of symbols that you have in that very present moment. Sometimes, depending on the game itself, you will find that the wild will expand across multiple reels and even introduce new reels to the game.

expanding wilds

Megaways slots do this all the time and really allow you to utilise large winning combinations too! So players usually hope that they are lucky enough to find an expanding wild at some point within their gameplay.

Stacked wilds

Stacked wilds are similar to expanding wilds, however they build on top of one another and eventually take up your whole reel! This is often loved by slot machine players as they will be able to really get that big payout they desire, as usually the stacked wilds will make winning combinations amongst themselves and being high value symbols, that always turns out to be a really good thing.

Sticky wilds

Sticky wilds are the clingy symbols that never want to leave your reel. They will hang around and cause more mischief and chaos along the way. You will be able to get double and even triple the original worth of your stake, especially due to the fact you can reuse the wild alongside other combinations as you play. This mode of gameplay is often referred to as the repetitive win mode or win-on-win mode, where players can really push their winning potential to limits beyond what usual 3 to 5 low value combinations can ever give them.

sticky wilds

Another thing to note about sticky wilds, is the fact you will never know how long they will stay and when they will actually go. It is completely unknown and you will just have to make the best of it, until they depart! Sticky wilds often work in conjunction with free spins too, so you can really get multiple bonus features going at the same time too.

Moving wilds

Moving wilds are exactly what it says on the box. You will come to find that they can move and alternate themselves to really nab the best winning combination that is offered to you at the exact moment. Although there are not many moving wilds in the most popular games at casinos, this kind of wild has featured within slot machine titles such as Jack and the Beanstalk and Pinocchio. They are definitely exciting to play with and of course, completely unexpected.

Diagonal and Vertical wilds

Coming to the last wild symbol of the series we have mentioned, this wild limits its appearance across certain number sequences within your reel. So, you will know where your wilds should appear when you play your game-of course it will be a case of when? Nevertheless, these wilds will always appear on reel 2 and 4 and always vertically position themselves ‘downwards’ from reel 3. This is where the name of the wild originates from.

diagonal wilds

If you manage to get a combination of both diagonal and vertical wilds at the same time, these will actually work together in getting you double the win amount that you could have originally received from one winning combination. Of course, these are very exciting and usually it is very rare from both sets of wilds to appear together. Yet, you never really know when to be prepared, they just turn up! That is why we love wild symbols so much, and they really do make and break our entire gaming experience. We are sure you would agree too, right?

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