Best Lottery To Play: Which Lottery Has the Best Odds of Winning?

Which Type of Lottery Has the Best Odds of Winning?

We bet that there hasn't been on a point within your gambling career where you have not fantasised and thought of the possibility of winning the lottery. Everyone and anyone will admit to having a longing of beating the odds and going home with some life-changing money in the process!

It's estimated that as many as 60% of UK gamblers participate in the lottery regularly, meaning it definitely has a majority of the nation in excitement and hope that they are of the lucky chosen few.

There are many different types of lottery game that you can enter in. Some jackpots range from the top prize of £100k all the way up to a whopping top prize of £100 million, meaning there are many options and it is the case of which one has the best lottery odds and which one is the right one for you as a player, right?

The thought that comes into many lottery players' minds is the idea of the chances of improving your lottery odds of winning. This question gets asked that many times – how to increase the odds of winning lottery jackpots – that we thought to seize the opportunity and elaborate on all features that are known and unknown when it comes to the lottery itself.

We have broken down all the lottery game options that you have, alongside the easiest options that give you the best odds of winning – if you only just knew! So, if you want to see that the odds may actually be in your favour, read more to find out!

Euro millions

So, this lottery is one of the most popular lottery games around the world that appears on the TV with millions of players. Within the UK, this draw takes place twice a week, every reoccurring Tuesday and Friday, meaning the lottery odds for this jackpot and winning any prize in total is actually 1 in 13! So that should be quite comforting and reassuring, to know that your efforts of attaining something are not that far off. However, the big jackpot of dreams is rather a completely different story.

It is said that Euro Millions jackpot reports the odds of winning as 1 in 139 million! To put that in a picture, that is extraordinarily slim – not exactly the best lottery odds – and of course, you will need to be very, very lucky to actually bag a win of that magnitude of course.

Top prizes of this lottery game have been reported at £190 million, earning it the title of the biggest lottery jackpot that you can actually win in the UK and giving you the best chance of winning crazy amounts of money.

The small chances of winning this lottery are due to the spread of participants. Players play all across Europe and most prizes only give players an 80p profit in the process of buying your ticket. Yet, while this is the hardest that you can type of lottery, dreams are always meant to be big, right?


The Thunderball is another one of the big lottery games in the UK. Odds of winning wise, this is smaller than the Euro Millions of course, due to limitation on geography. The odds currently stand at 1 in 8 million, with odds of any prize currently at 1 in 13 again. This is played more often within the week and for that reason, players are limited to a 500k win possibility. With tickets starting at just £1, it is a great investment for a possible off chance in winning, right?

You will never need to split the winning jackpot with other players, therefore this contributes to its large popularity in the process of selection. With smaller odds and a higher chance of winning, this seems like the no-brainer for a selection. All the money you win too is yours to keep.

The Health Lottery

The Health Lottery is another one of the favourite types of lottery to play and one of the best to play in terms of having the best odds. This works on a more local basis, however. This lottery operates via local authority areas and therefore is spread widely across the UK. The overall aim of this is to raise funds for health-related issues and projects, so for the conscious gambler, this is definitely the best chance to chip in and help great causes to select and help.

Operating across 5 days within the week, you will find that the chances of winning some sort of prize are much greater when you play than the other lottery variants we have mentioned. This lottery gives players a 1 in 108 chances of winning some kind of prize every draw! The big jackpot, however, is at a 1 in 2 million chance of winning when you play, which is not so bad considering some of the bigger lotteries double that in odds!

The biggest prize money amount that you can expect to win when you play is at a respectable £100k, however, this amount is entirely dependent on the many people that are playing and contributing, in terms of jackpot winnings up for grabs. Prizes that people can win on this include the latest electronics, brand new cars and exotic holidays too, making this a great pick me up with lower odds to try out.

Postcode Lottery

This lottery has easily become the nation’s favourite as of late. It doesn’t operate like other lotteries that require random numbers via an RNG, postcodes are it’s just a matter of how many times your postcode is entered within the draw – that increases its susceptibility of your postcode being picked. By entering the monthly or weekly Postcode Lottery subscription you can find yourself paying £10, for a 1 in 160 odds of some kind of prize winnings. This not only provides money in the lucky player's pockets, but 32% of each ticket will go towards charitable organisations that can benefit communities and scientific research.

Prize draws occur daily meaning you can actually receive anything from £1000 to £30K. Bigger draws occur on Saturdays. It is said of course the more people live in a household and actually participate, will share the same postcode and therefore increase their chances of winning. £3 million in total is estimated to be spread across the lucky winners, meaning there is much money to be had and made throughout the month!

Local Lotteries to Participate in

Don’t forget that there are many lotteries that occur on a local basis. These are usually set up via local charities and youth centres/sports clubs. The cause is often to raise money for just causes that require attention and support. For that reason, local lotteries are not ones known to give large amounts away, it's more the idea of gaining from participation to the support charitable organisations. Lotteries that often go about supporting health and social issues receive much support locally and are deemed a great success for that reason.

Betting on Different Lotteries Worldwide

The lottery that takes place worldwide is of course, harder to win due to increased participation geographically. Many different lotteries with jackpots can take place across well-known casinos that spread their reach across continents, meaning the pooled winning amount exceeds that of local lotteries for example. Example of international lotteries that local UK participants can join include the Irish Lotto, German Lotto, Polish Lotto, American MegaMillions and Powerball. The Irish lotto, in particular, is a favourite in the UK. Do you want bigger jackpot potential? You got these to choose from!

In conclusion

To conclude, it is obvious that the largest and best jackpots that you have to select from include the Euro millions, which gives players the possible chance of securing up to and exceeding £100 million in the process. The Euro millions and the Thunderball provide players with an easy chance of winning any prize up for grabs, usually being a 1 in 13 chance, which is great odds on the whole. However, the prizes can be as little as just 80p profit on the ticket you have bought, so sometimes it is not that exciting of a win at all…

The smallest jackpot with the top odds from our list – The Health lottery – is supported anyway due to its whole theme of aiding concerning health issues around the UK via health charities. These charities often generate quite a bit of income from ticket sales to go towards charities. Yet the jackpot prize stands only at a maximum of £100K. Players do have something to be happy about however, you will never need to share your jackpot with any pooled players-your winnings are yours alone to keep and do as you please with!

If national or local lotteries are not for you, why not try the jackpots available through most online slots casinos shown within This way you can actively participate within games to trigger a progressive jackpot or any small wins in between!


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