Using eWallets to Gamble in 2020

Gambling using ewallets

Your money is always important to protect and manage according to what you feel comfortable in doing, that is very much a given. In the gambling industry, developing your own method of depositing and withdrawing, is very important to ensure you can fully enjoy your gambling experience to the maximum potential that is necessary.

Taking advantage of E-wallets to support your gambling adventures is very important. Yes the entire reason to game gamble is to have fun, yet you need to make sure that you are doing it in a correct manner that is safe and protects you in every way possible. That is why e-wallets are a great option moving forward with online casinos. Over the past decade, their popularity has multiplied in such large numbers, due to its efficient operation for gamers in the casino industry! Within this guide we will tell you exactly why this is your next go-to solution for depositing into casinos and withdrawing your magnificent winnings, keep reading on to find out more.

What is an E-wallet?

So, E-wallets are essentially a virtual platform where you can take control of your finances for rapid deposits and movements of your money. It is a really efficient way to store your cash and you will never need to visit a bank again as everything can be managed from the comfort of your mobile phone or any device with an internet connection! The E-wallet accounts work in the same manner as banks yet are not owned by banking systems, meaning you will not be tied down to some of the long measures that are often added to your cash movements from banks. The E-wallets are managed by the Financial Conduct Authority meaning, they are not as capable as bank accounts but they are just as secure, if not better!

The E-wallet Options to Consider

So obviously, when you have that many options to pick from, you will struggle to select just one, with each and every ewallet promising the same thing in the process. We are sure that you have heard of the most popular E-wallet in the world, PayPal. Not only is it used for casino gaming use, but also for everyday utilities and payments that users wish to use it for. Its popularity for businesses too is currently soaring and with the latest credit card additional option, it really has become a game changer.

Other options that are very popular for the casino gaming world include the E-wallets Neteller, Skrill and EcoPayz. These options operate similarly, however some do have different tricks that you can have accompanying your finances, such as a set up debit card attached to your account, or a prepaid card that would operate like Mastercard deposits at a casino. Of course your balance can be seen updated regularly from the interlinking of your account to your mobile phone!

Watch Out for these Bonus Catches on Casinos

E-wallets may be the best option for players to use and feel comfortable with. However, there can be issues with your future casino experience if you happen to rely on only E-wallets in the process of your gaming adventure. The issue of not being able to claim bonuses when using your E-wallets does not sit well with enthusiastic gamblers. Many of the large casino sites of today have prohibited the use of E-wallets in conjunction with large deposit cash bonus funds. Meaning if you did happen to want to claim it, you will need to look elsewhere via a different depositing method.

The reason casinos have put such limits to the E-wallet usage, is due to the inability of being able to identify people when they pay using the method. When you sign up with an E-wallet option, you will never have to link your identification papers i.e. passport or anything. It is as simple as connecting your bank account/debit card to the E-wallet and you are set to go. Payments will go through via email and nothing else is required to identify you. You may find two factor authorization will be addressed from the E-wallet, yet that does not do anything from the side of the casino to help address who you are, or your age etc.

In addition to this, sending payments back to your E-wallet is not as simple as it would be via typical debit card and bank account methods. Usually your withdrawal winnings will be sent automatically to your preferred payment method of choice, but if it's an E-wallet, you will need to initiate permission and help the procedure along. Making this payment option more long winded for the casino themselves. With thousands of players playing and the same time, you can understand why they would want to make payments as simple and easy as possible for them right?

Why should you use an E-wallet?

So, by using an E-wallet with a casino that is compatible, you will come to find that the operation of your casino experience will be far more superior and efficient than it ever was from using traditional methods like banking systems etc. Yet besides the obvious reasons mentioned, there are far superior reasons why you should use E-wallets. Find out more below.

E-wallets are Safe and Secure

E-wallets are commonly known as some of the best and secure payment systems available online. Why? Because they operate with multiple security barriers such as two factor authentication and verification procedures, if you happen to log in from a different device and location. Large transfers will also need clearing and authorised by yourself again. The encryption at PayPal for example, is also of the highest standard to protect you from any prying eyes that have fraudulent intentions.

Efficient and Easy to use

The cash maneuvers that you wish to manage from E-wallets will occur just as fast as you click, meaning payments are very much instant with the least delay due to operating over the internet. E-wallets will hardly often take longer than an hour, however the maximum delay period that E-wallets give just as a precaution is 24 hours. The reason they operate much more quickly than banks for example, is due to there being no need to have security clearance on payment issues. Banking clearance can take up to 5 working days, meaning we can understand how E-wallets are a great option for everyday lifestyle.

Keep your Cash Separate

It is a great way to stay safe when you keep your cash spread across multiple methods. If you leave everything in one place and it was compromised, then everything would be gone in an instant. Yet if you spread your funds according to use, you will find a great system about your payment issues. Casino players will often select E-wallets as an account just used to fund their casino habits. Other banking methods such as a bank account etc can be used for other utilities and payment options such as bills for everyday lifestyle for example. It is better to be safe than sorry after all.


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