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Online scratch cards are a craze that many love to try out when playing online casinos. You will find that many casinos give you this as an option to play, yet you may not actually know how to use them, or which ones are the best to check out, right? Well, our blog post today should definitely fill you in on all the information that you need to know, when it comes to making your decision between some of the best scratch cards out there.

Scratch cards are not usually the most popular choice of option when it comes to playing casino games, on online casinos, yet nevertheless, you may find that the idea of never trying them super intriguing and you just need that right direction and push towards finding the right one for you. You definitely came at the right time, as we will be overlining the best five candidates that we believe, will not only give you a great experience overall, but a great payout percentage to take away from the game-if you are lucky of course!

Lucky Numbers at 96.57% – the scratch card with the best odds of winning

We thought to start off with the highest paying scratch card in the business. This one is from the top dogs Microgaming, so instantly having high expectations is definitely called for in our opinion and this game definitely does not let you down!

Overall, everytime you play, you get two chances of securing a win for every scratch card that you manage to secure for yourself. To get a win, all you need to do is scratch away at the card (virtually of course) and hope to find some matching icons along your way. This is very similar to the concept of slot machines, as you will only need 3 symbols to secure a minimum win. If however, you manage to trigger the multiplier symbols that this scratch card does award players (sometimes), you will find just like slot games, your win can be multiplied significantly!

The multipliers range from double, all the way to 5 times, meaning you can win from £3 and above. The highest win possible from this game in particular is a jackpot of £200,000, which of course is pretty swell, considering that scratch cards begin in price at around £1. So you really do not have much to lose in the process of playing this game and if you do win, it will be one of the biggest casino wins out of £1 that you will ever make!

We particularly like this game's theme, as it seems very convenient for a scratch card with the best odds. The lucky theme and use of symbols to represent luck, such as horse shoes etc are definitely a great combination. Make sure the horse shoes are facing the correct way out though, as you do not want any of your luck to go away as you play! This is one of the highest paying scratch cards within the industry, so we would definitely suggest that you make the best of this opportunity and take it to play!

Whack a Jackpot at 96.30%

This game resembles the Whack the Mole game, that we all continuously got addicted to in the arcades back in the day. You will find that the scratch card will of course not give you the option of hitting the moles with a hammer in reality, but it still has a spin off that is creative and will get you feeling the vibe! This game is another one from Microgaming; we are not just showing you Microgaming games out of our own bias, it just so happens to be that Microgaming are incredibly good at making scratch games with a high payout percentage!

When you play this game, you can get a stake for a minimum of £0.5, or you can go all out and buy the scratch card for £10 instead. Either way, you are still promised a great experience, one that can provide every type of player a playing experience.

Being that the game offers a maximum payout of £50,000, it is not as large as the previous contender we mentioned (we know), yet  the game is far more exciting and entertaining than the previous mentioned scratch card. Should you wish to make some matches, you will need to hit the moles as they come out at you. Each time you hit the rat, the multiplier value will increase in value and it will be the case of matching the multipliers on your screen. Get three matching ones and a win will be yours to take away at the end!

Trust us when we tell you that the hitting skills needed for this game are not as easy as you may think! If you happen to miss as the moles and multipliers go by, up to three times, you will unfortunately no longer be able to play and must repeat your game all over again. So, make sure you hit that mole good!

Wish Upon a Jackpot at 96%

This game is fairly central, so if you are fond of a good fairy tale or two, this scratch card game will be perfect for you. We are talking about princesses, damsels in distress and handsome prince charmings. This game does resemble shrek, so if you are familiar with the movie franchise series and you were particularly fond of it, this scratch card should definitely bring back some memories for you.

Of course the game itself brings a little bit more in terms of a storyline, than the other scratch cards mentioned. The game has you looking through the glass of the orbs within the game, where you will need to match the icons of three magical symbols, to get that win. Of course, your win will depend on the amount you wager (when buying the scratch card). If you opt for the higher amount of £10, then you will be able to get the maximum jackpot amount-if you are lucky with those symbol combinations of course! There are also two bonuses integrated within the game, meaning you will be able to unfold more magic within this game than any other. Seems very fitting for a game that is based on a fairy tale and legend no?

All the biggest casinos of our time have this scratch card featured within their casino, it is definitely one of the most popular to play at this moment in time. How could you say no, when the jackpot amount is a maximum of £150,000!

Pig Wizard at 95.82%

This game has humour and fantasy characters, mainly involving the Pig Wizard. It will be your job to join the Pig Wizard in search of the magical spells and magical witchcraft items. This is no regular scratch card at all. The game theme goes far beyond with imagination and tickling moments of humour. Yes, the pic does indeed wear a wizard's robe, okay? That makes everything far more official and exciting. You are joining the wizard on his quest after all, as his sidekick-so you need one too.

The aim of the game is to reveal 3 matching symbols of the Pig Wizard and other symbols within the game. The Pig himself will provide the highest winning contribution to your game, with over 100 times your initial wager. So, of course you will need to make sure that the wager is of maximum potential, to be able to get the most out of this scratch card.

Believe it or not, this game does have a Vegas Progressive jackpot too, meaning you will be able to unlock more games to play within this very same scratch card! The game will involve you playing with a dice online, as if from a traditional game board. The more you get ahead across the game, the more chance there will be, to trigger an actual series of multipliers with additional cash prizes too – who can refuse to that? The game may magically end at any given time, so make sure to make the best out of it when you do get access. The reason the game ends is due to a magical curse that lingers within your game, so it essentially will be up to you to overcome it with the best winnings possible.

Merlins Millions at 95.17%

This game is the last to be mentioned within our ‘Top Scratch Cards’ series, and it is definitely for good reason. Again, just like any other scratch card we have mentioned, this one comes with an exceptionally high RTP for players. Better yet, the game involves the mystical legend of Merlin, the famous wizard during Arthurian legends. Within this game, you have the possibility of coming out of it with a very healthy £250,000, but of course you will need to ensure that you wager at maximum and have a very good luck in playing, when doing so!

This scratch card is perfect for those with various budgets. To play, all you need is a minimum of £0.20, and a maximum of £200, if you are feeling extra extravagant in your gaming that day. In terms of the game, you will be able to play alongside the characters of the legend of Arthur, and use magical spells to unleash magical winnings within your scratch card. Of course the game has a magical aesthetic too, all the symbols of the characters are in 3D design, meaning it is top of the range quality for scratch cards.

To win, simply make sure that you have scratched 3 symbols out of the 9 and voila-make some serious cash!


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