Top 12 Movie Slots To Play

top movie slots in 2020

Slot gaming at online casinos is wildly influenced by the movie culture and movie slots have grown in popularity because of their interesting game themes. Online casino software developers know that the players of these online casinos become attached to the best movie releases and therefore that makes them more likely to actually play the casino games too – it is a clever little game and it works too!

As movies grow in features and popularity, so does the movie slots online industry. All of your favourite on screen villains will some way or another become a thing for your online gambling with movie themed slot machine gaming too with the best movie slots online. So, we thought to compile a list of the best slots – including some amazing jackpot slots – based on some of the greatest titles of our time. To check them out just keep reading down below.

1. Gladiator

Gladiator was the film everyone was talking about upon its release. Starring Russell Crowe, this epic storyline takes you back to the day of the great Roman Empire, Marcus Aurelius and Commodas. As the film had spectacular graphics and features, the movie slot game does it justice by featuring real life images of the characters, alongside other real-life artistic images of the colosseum among the special features.

gladiator slot

The slot game also gives you the chance of getting paid well too! With the 50 paylines, players have 50 ways to win. In addition to this, there are 100 free spins bonuses that can be triggered by the bonus features and multiplier rounds. For one stake, you have the potential of winning 2000 times your bet and of course the special symbol of the game is Maximus! The best sites to play this slot game are at new slots sites.

2. Pink Panther

Anyone else grow up watching Pink Panther on your screens? This Playtech slots title game offers all those memories of watching this quaint storyline. Join the efforts of finding the diamond by using all the clues from the game to get you there.

pank panther slot

There is also a progressive jackpot integrated within this great movie slot game, meaning you will be able to have more fun than expected. Absolutely jammed full of special features – you've got jackpot feature, bonus features and great storyline, you cannot really go wrong. This game due to popularity, is available on most of the best casino sites, yet check out what Bet365 have to offer in promotions that could contribute to your gaming spree!

3. Superman

Superman is a classic slot based on the original 1978 box office release with the legend ary Christopher Reeves and gene Hackman. This game does not feature the latest Superman Henry Cavil for example, the game has a more original approach, and uses a simplified style to honour the earlier Superman versions. If perhaps you were after getting onto the more recent Superman games, there are more titles to look up by Playtech to play and enjoy, such as Superman II.

superman slot

This game however, has some slot features, such as progressively increasing jackpots – four of them in one slots game (yes, you red that right!). There are also very minimal stakes needed to play the game and therefore it is a title that is suitable for everyone to enjoy, no doubt. With 100 paylines to hit, why not go all max bet and see if you win some real money?

4. Rocky

Rocky is a film that gets us all in the mood. You will find a soundtrack and sound effects that gets you feeling all physical and active is very much included in the slots game. In addition to this, young Sylvester makes a feature in the game, alongside his other competitors and characters of the film.

rocky game

Playtech always outdo themselves with the continuous themed slots versions of film adaptations that they release. The slots game itself is very classical in terms of the reel set up-it takes after a usual 5-reel slot and 25 paylines. Stakes are as small as £0.01 and you could win some real money – 10,000 times that stake (or any stake) by landing 5 Rocky symbols in a winning combination. All the top new casinos have this game, as it is extremely popular in the gambling community and the hype is never over for this game.

5. Superman II

Superman, as we mentioned before is a great slot machine game to play by the playtech series. There are many games to the name and this one in particular features the cartoon version of chiseled Christopher Reeves, alongside all his character companions. You will find that you need to defend yourself and the Kryptonians.

superman 2 slot

This slots game does not have a progressive jackpot like its previous slots release, and therefore can seem less interesting to play than its counterparts, but there is a 5,000 times your stake should you manage to match up the Superman symbols on your reels. Also integrated within the game, there are five mini games to check out and play to gain more wins and bonus symbols. This slots game will keep you on your toes and it would be really nice to manage to land the bonus games alongside your gameplay, to make things more intere with the bonus round selection sting for yourself. The best place to play this title at the moment, is at Playzee casino.

6. Highlander

The Highlander slot does not take after the film completely. Unlike there being only one Highlander in the movie, there can be more than one winner in this slots game. With a top big money win of over 100,000 coins available for the maximum jackpot win, you will definitely want to be the only person that can trigger this. The visuals and soundtracks are very original and follow the pursuit of the movie.

highlander slot

You will find that theres more than one wild symbols in this game, therefore making each spin have more chance of catalysing chaos to your reels and making those wins soar! LeoVegas is the spot to go, to play this exciting slots game.

7. Man of Steel

Man of steel is our favourite Superman slot machine in all of the series of games that have been released – why? Because it has Henry Cavill as a real life image and person in addition to all the villains that he faces in the movie. It is by far the most modern remake of the Superman series. The winning potential is great too, with a 1,000 times your stake for winnings. This is more likely achieved when you happen to trigger the bonus modes of the online slots game itself.

man of steel slot

There are three bonuses integrated within this game and lets say with 25 paylines available, you have a good chance of going home with something. Especially, since the game starts at bets from £0.02 coins. You can opt to double your paylines, if you happen to get the Krypton bonus – interested to check it out? Make sure to head down to one of our Playtech casino sites, which will provide you this game!

8. Planet of Apes

We can all remember watching Planet of Apes before the most recent movie releases hit Hollywood. The eerie forests filled with the Apes that can challenge the supposed most evolved species of primates, need to submit to Caesar. This impressive slot machine really does capture the entire storylines from all the movie series, in addition to capturing all of the CGI effects that the movie had in the first place

planet of the apes slot

The Planet of the Apes game does not have a progressive style jackpot, however it does have two game screens instead of one, so essentially more paylines at your command! You paylines will double from 20 to 40, and of course Caesar, the ruler of both men and apes, is honoured as the wild symbol. Land him and watch your reels go into a frenzy- we dare you! Play these online slot machines at the best casino sites online.

9. Justice League

Bring a movie that contains the most famous superhero characters of our time and you will find slot machines that will keep you entertained at an online casino for hours and hours! This slot game takes after the film that hit the jackpot of the film office, it was that popular! The biggest attraction of this game is the high stakes that are possible – big characters on the reels means big stakes, right?

justice league game

There is a 2000 times winning potential from your minimum stake, meaning you can play with great promises. In addition to this, there is also a progressive style jackpot that you can have access to, which can evolve the game further by introducing Catwoman, Superman and many more of the Justice League cast leads to feature on your reels giving you bonuses like a free spins bonus.

10. Jurassic Park

Are you ready to scream? Jurassic Park has been one movie series that has kept its audience on its toes for most of the movies, why? Because it is not everyday that we see such great CGI effects and dinosaurs take over your screens right? The original movie was a huge milestone for its time. Released in 1993, it took over the cinemas and film industry by surprise.

jurassic park slot

Microgaming released their huge slot games release in 2014, after the announcement of the new Jurassic World film due to hit the theatres. This was definitely a great time for its release as Microgaming could essentially get more marketing exposure by tying their game franchise with the movie release. Very smart indeed. Nevertheless, this game was worth it. With 243 paylines on the reels, players can combine bonus features like the T-Rex alert and five free spins features to secure a handsome payout. A terrifying game no doubt, with great character graphics that will put your right into the Jurassic Park world for yourself.

11. The Expendables Megaways

The epic adventure of Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren and Jet Li, was the baddest team combination ever. From start until finish the action and adrenaline of the movie made you rethink the idea that ageing stars still in fact, have a punch or two left in them, despite the fact the industry always favours the youth for those action movies. The franchise continued into four sequels, yet this movie slot game is based on all the movies put together.

expendables megaways slot

You will face possible death in your mission, yet you will beat your enemies by playing with the invincible Sylvester of course! Putting this theme alongside a Megaways feature immediately sets the bar higher than the movies themselves as you have more winning potential within the game alongside great characters. With 117,649 ways to win and a winning chance of 20,000 times your original stake and free spins bonuses galore, things will get very interesting and may perhaps deliver you an experience far beyond what the movie ever did itself!

12. The Dark Knight

We may have left the best online casino movie themed slots games until last, that's for sure. The movie was a great and impressive release in film history. Heath Ledger's last performance was in fact within this movie, for which he received great attention and awards for it, still to this day. All the main characters are within this movie slot game. You will find that when the Joker symbol enters your reel, you will hear his eerie and credible laugh and immediately know that he is coming with a nice bonus!

the dark knight slot

All the characters appear in 3D format, and of course Batman is the wild symbol of this game. There is also a very low stake based jackpot that's progressive that you will be entered in by making even the smallest of stake into the game, so you never know, you could be lucky enough. Play for as little as £0.01 or the maximum of £100, for a £1 million plus jackpot winning amount. It is as simple as that.


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