The Most Extravagant Casinos in the World

For decades now, casinos have been looked at with a vision of luxury. Most people associate gambling within casinos as the ultimate extravaganza that you will ever do. From movie culture and the general privileged society posting their galavanting across the globe's best casinos, we have seen a lifestyle that definitely looks expensive-and it is! Some of the world's most expensive casinos make the movies look cheap and not good enough for the elite. However, we all can dream can't we? We thought to take a trip and globe trot to the top most expensive casino spots of the moment, make sure you bring a coat as it could get a little bit chilly…

The Kurhaus of Baden Casino

Starting off with number one and top of the list, this casino is a classical option and has been around since the early 1820’s. Not only does it take the title for the most expensive and extravagant casino, it also takes the title for one of the best hotels out there too! The old gothic design of this place really does attract millions of tourists each year.

Kurhaus of Baden Casino

With the loyalty membership at this place, you will get to see rooms within the casino, cut off to the common folk. To get in fully, you need to pay big. If you happen to be after the whole experience then make sure you check out the Kurhaus spa after a nice trek into the renowned Black Forest. Baden is filled with luxurious gems and this by far, is the most expensive of them all.

Bellagio Hotel and Casino

Alas, can we really say casino if we do not remotely even mention Las Vegas? Vegas is known for being one of the biggest destinations for casino gambling. The general vibe and atmosphere is unmatched and cannot really be found elsewhere. You will find that often many tourists that come to Vegas, will come from all kinds of backgrounds-rich and comfortable and everyone can get their piece of the cake.

Bellagio Casino

This casino however rose to further fame, after being featured in the movie Ocean’s Eleven. With attracting architecture and interiors, with one off fountains scattered around the casino-when can we get a ticket out of here?

Hotel de Paris and Casino de Monte Carlo

Hotel de Paris and Casino de Monte Carlo are the best venues within France. Each venue is connected by a bridge of stairs, meaning you can really enjoy two luxuries all at once and rest hard but play even harder! There are high rollers that come to play here, who have millions at their command. It is not unusual to find players that are willing to put in one million per wager, lose it all and come back with even higher stakes! The elegance of the interiors and the Casino de Montem, make this experience something very unreal and dreamy.

Hotel de Paris and Caisno

A little bonus fact too, this casino was featured in the first sequel of James Bond Casino Royale, giving us further incentive to go!

The Wynn Hotel and Casino

Another Vegas addition to add to the list, this bad boy is the largest casino ever built within the Vegas premises. You will find the most slot machines at your command when you enter here. In addition to a really sophisticated hotel that evolves its services around the extravagant casino culture.

The Wynn Casino

The interiors of the game are all very impressive, that's for sure, but in terms of food and filling up your stomach, this location has feasts with cuisine based on the entire world as a menu! Of course you have to expect super huge prices too, that is a given, yet as a one off treat, why not?

Sun City Resort Casino

This casino is based within the region of South Africa, Rutenberg. Located just two hours from Johannesburg, the resort does not welcome your typical African safari kind of vibe. Everything from the door in, is in fact luxury and emblems of the finest casino traditions you will ever expect. From the large and boasting casino tables, to the on site bar that caters to the rarest of cocktails you will ever see.

Sun City Casino

It's the every high rollers dream-especially the private rooms, where one can really relax and raise the stakes even higher, but also suffer in privacy, in case of defeat. The venue screams maximum security, with its own high tech functions to protect you and the casino from any wandering cheaters or those that may wish punters harm.

Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino

This casino is not your typical casino in terms of looks. Its exterior resembles that of Grecian temples and architecture, making you feel you are entering a sacred place to gamble away your worries. When a casino takes the initiative and care to differentiate its property beyond the usual, that immediately captures the attention of many.

Park Hyatt Casino

The famous game of Punto y Blanca is played here, making this Argentinian casino a real hotspot with the high rollers and gambling enthusiasts. In addition to this, the games featured in large numbers, include all the favourites of your typical go-to casino, just with a different Argentinian vibe to it!

Marina Bay Sands Casino

Singapore rose to fame with this casino, due to the amazing architectural design and finesse that was brought to life from this casino's establishment! The casino itself has tables all rooted to the floor by a ceiling monument that reaches into the table like a tree. This design is consistently shown throughout all the casino games and tables-all 2300 slot games and 500 casino tables!

Marina Bay Sands Casino

The cost of this casino exceeded the millions, yet Singapore were out to create a name for themselves and so they did by creating this! If you are happening to feel a bit peckish in the process of playing this game, go through the tunnel which separates the casino from the Marina Bay Sands dining area. There you will find traditional Sinagporean cuisine, alongside other world favourites and classical dishes. Something tells us this will be a favorite of the many that go after reading this…

Venetian Macao Resort

The Macao was called the Las Vegas of the Asian gambling world upon its reveal to the gambling communities. This casino has been around for over a decade, and every single year there are new surprises unveiled to keep things interesting.The casino continuously revamps the games there are to offer, in addition to certain interior additions like catering and bars.

Venetian Macau Resort

Make sure you stop on by if you are really feeling some serious gaming. There are over 3000 games provided in its halls, with 1000 gambling tables and 2000 slot machines at the ready. In addition to this, there are malls and boutiques within the very same building once you leave the casino. Meaning, you can really spend those wins the right way!

The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton is a casino in San Juan Puerto Rico. The property itself is based on 8 acres of land, meaning you can really imagine the kind of dimensions this pace actually has for its players. Within the casino building there is a separate hotel, for guests that wish to prolong their gambling experience as much as they can. In addition to that, there is high-end cuisines provided by catering, in addition to a take away service, if perhaps you feel like a night in under the duvet with some TV!

Ritz Carlton Casino

The casino games offered are of course numerous, with over 300 slot machines, 500 table games with classical and unique variants of all our favorites. In addition to this, there are one off unique games which do not feature in any other casino at all. This casino definitely has it all and then some. Why not try a holiday there and see for yourself?

Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino

When we say Ibiza, many often do think it's the ideal location to part hard. We bet you didn't know that the casino here is a perfect location to gamble even harder right? This casino and hotel, supplies players and hotel stayers, endless views of the Spanish location. You can overlook the sea and vibrant nightlife, all from the comfort of your own balcony. Then if perhaps that gets a little boring, you will have a casino experience that overlooks the marina and old Spanish town.

Ibiza Hotel Casino

There you will be able to dab into all the classical casino games from the inside and outside of the Gran Hotel Casino. In addition to this, right beside the casino, there are some nightlife activities that one can wander off into the night for, to make the night complete. This venue is also known for catering some of the world's biggest poker tournaments for professionals. So if you want to be in the momentum of the casino spirit, we would definitely say that this place is the ideal place to begin. All the romantic settings entwined with gambling luxury, calls this the perfect holiday and casino getaway.


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