The Greatest Casinos Out at Sea

Casinos at sea

Many people enjoy the odd casino session while they are away on their jollies abroad. Some chose land based casinos at luxurious destinations like that of Las Vegas, the gambling capital, while others opt for more of the mobile sort, choosing casino cruises that travel all the seven seas! Not many know of such great options that there are in casino cruises, and that is precisely why we are here. Some of the best casinos in the world are found at sea, so sail away with us in this article and find your next pending casino journey right here!

The Azamara Experience

Azamara ships provide a smaller ship experience than the other listed in this list. The casinos are much smaller and rather quaint and cute. You can still really get a great experience out of it, as you will think of it more of a day casino visit, rather than one that sets sail and you manage to stay immersed in the experience for a couple of days.

Azamara experience

Regardless of the smaller provision of casino gaming here, you can still have a go at the whole lot, from roulette, blackjack and slots. Everything comes with different variants from around the globe and you may ask for free lessons where you will be taught all the betting tricks and hacks that you should know. Alongside your experience, there will also be a bar and cinema screen to show live sporting events around the globe.

Hong Kong's Short Cruise

Unlike the other options within this cruise list, this casino cruise is only available for one night at a time. These do not travel across the seas, but rather stay stationary for guests to hop on aboard for casino nights set on schedule. The ship will gently move the waters to provide extra to the experience, yet it will never venture into international seas.

Short cruise in hong kong

You will not find the same glitz and glamour as you would in other mentioned cruises, but it does hit the spot if you want some gambling action. Do not expect the same number of slot machines and table games though, as this could be considered as a pop up shop in comparison to the ‘The Harmony Allure Oasis of the Seas’.

The Queen Mary and The Empire Casino

Queen Mary is known for luxury from the Locals around NYC. This cruise not only travels globally and all around the world, but gives you access to the most prestigious casino services that you can ever dream to be available within a cruise ship casino. The experience entails beautiful ornate sculptures within the casino inspired by one of the greatest casinos in the world, the Monte Carlo. Of course, you will need to make sure that your dress attire suits the luxury you are about to see, be prepared for all the table games awaiting you and laid out just for you! There are a total of 12 different table games to play within the cruise casino, alongside over 75 different slot games and video poker too!

queen mary the empire casino

You will be able to have complimentary free lessons to play casino games, if you have no prior knowledge of how to actually play, so you do not to worry if you are going on your first casino trip completely, this cruise has your back.

The Harmony Allure & Oasis of the Seas

The caribbean is always dreamed about, due to its clear seas and fine weather, meaning people love the idea of sitting back, relaxing and making a tan for themselves. Imagine being able to have all of that alongside a casino experience? This cruise is one of the biggest cruises on record.

With a size greater than the titanic, you can be sure to find that this casino supplies everything on demand! With over 500 slot machines working on a typical casino evening, this really puts to scales the dimensions you can expect, right?

Allure of the seas

Everything there has a Las Vegas theme about it, with its individual table games, set across the floors and based off the many variants that we know off across the globe. In addition to this, each room and area of the casino will be based on certain themes. Meaning, in one area of the casino you will be facing a desert themed oasis and in the other, Arabesque seating that is very much Morrocan inspired.

If casino gaming is not so much your thing, you also have access to the shows and musical performances that happen within the next accompanying floors! There are seasonal broadway shows that occur depending on when you take the cruise, so that is something you and the family can look into, if you are feeling up to it of course.

Norway’s Cruise Line

Norway of course offers players many options besides casinos, with spectacular landscapes. Natural occurrences like the northern lights, you would never know that their casino cruises are actually some of the best in the world?

They operate across many locations like Europe, the East and West coast of the US, in addition to a spicy hot vacation in the Bahamas! Many of the ships showcase artistic and luxurious casino facilities inside. You can find everything you ever imagined-beyond what movie culture highlights, in addition to exclusive VIP gaming rooms for players that are skilled in the art of casino gaming- or have the dosh to do so!

Norway's Cruise liner

If you happen to be a cruise goer frequently, you may want to join the Norweigian cruises as they have a neat rewards scheme for members of their line. This membership has 5 levels that you can build upon, with the greater benefits the further up you climb of course. The membership status does help you qualify towards the VIP rooms within the casino also, meaning that could be an incentive to want to build your way up and into the club!

Your membership can also give you in on some custom invite only party nights and events that take place on the cruise, meaning you can really have 360 degree access when you manage to become one of the elite guests that stay there.

Gibraltar Casino at Port

This casino is of course not a casino cruise, but rather a permanent casino at port! This casino harbours one of the best super yacht docks in the world, meaning if you are of the privileged, no cruise means no problem! Just park your yacht outside and hop right in to one of the best land based casinos in the world.

This casino harbours near one of the best hotels in the world, the Sunborn hotel meaning you can find a place to permanently stay should the casino be one that you wish to extend your adventure even further! Did we also forget to mention the magnificent views of the harbour from the casino and hotel? You can take a moment to replenish and rejuvenate your mind, by simply just viewing the natural landscape before you.

Sunborn casino gibraltar

What you can expect in terms of casino gaming within the casino is of course, very impressive. The Gibraltar casino boasts over 50 different slots of many genres to play, in addition to this, you will be able to have access to the multiple roulette tables, poker tables and other card game tables that share international variants at the ready for you.

For the high rollers that are wanting a unique experience, the penthouse suite caters its own private casino functions and sea views, which one can enjoy alongside the VIP bar access for one. Who said casinos are not luxurious?

The Casino Royale on the Freedom of the Seas

The Casino Royale is a luxury cruise that works across the caribbean. With such impressive dimensions, this ship boasts a 10,000 square feet size with over 350 game options to be played upon. At 300 slot games alone, you can understand why we had to put this one on the list, as clearly none of the other options boast such grand gestures for the casino gaming world, right?

Freedom of the Seas Cruise Ship

All passengers will be provided the free option of lessons to master the games that they wish to conquer, in addition to a great elegant space to lounge by the pool and really enjoy the art of doing nothing, accompanied by a glass of champagne.


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