The Biggest Casino Losses Ever Recorded

biggest casino losses

A story worth telling is often always the impressive and exceptionally brilliant wins that people manage to make for themselves, yet no one ever really mentions the reverse side of who happens to not be so lucky and in fact lose quite a bit of money in the process of gamble gaming.

The aftermath is often reflected upon after a long day's work, by the dealers who deal you the hand of your fate. Today we decided to bring those stories forward, of all the worst casino losses to be remembered by the croupiers…

A $10 million loss over 3 weeks alone

One croupier recalled the time when the same customer came back simultaneously over 3 weeks, to lose up to $10 million of their own money. This occurred in the VIP rooms within a predominantly Asian clientele casino.

The customer was betting a total of $600,000 for one hand alone within the Baccarat tables. Some hands were losses and some were wins, yet what the customer did was make sure that he spent a majority of his cash for the table of escorts that he was hosting along the day. The customer remained within the local hotel facilities for a total of 3 weeks and within that period of time, he kept sending out a man to recuperate funds from Thailand, which was all cash and nothing was done via transfer.

$720,000 loss in 5 hours

The story of the gentleman who lost $720,000 in just under 5 hours was one that was highly spoken about by the entire casino staff. The gentleman entered with 4 briefcases equating to $1 million dollars all together for play. Determined and ready to have his name spoken and mentioned across the casino walls, unfortunately the name he wanted was quite the opposite response-people remembered him for his rapid loss and defeat.

One night costing $9 million

High rollers will always get unlucky days, where they can lose a majority of what they wager-usually around $1 million or so. Yet a croupier recalls the time when one figure individually lost a total of $9 million in just one night! Yet, he couldn't believe that the money itself that was lost, was actually all a part of the budget for allowed losses, meaning one can really imagine the actual amount of cash that person actually has within their wallet…

The customer that night left with a smile on his face, not feeling that $9 million dent in his wallet or hole in pocket.

Scandals, sucide and a $2.2 million loss

This scandalous story is retold of a customer that came in to gamble his whole life away pretty much. It first began with a night of mediocre losses, back and forth between him and the players associated. Then $5.2 million was won back despite the odds. However this customer did not look to stop there and pretty much continued until his house and an additional $2.2 million was gambled away.

The sad thing about this story was that the individual saw to hand himself immediately after the incident within the casino that night. The members of staff that were around that evening and man in particular, all gave up their jobs immediately after the events unfolded.

The quickest $320,000 loss in 25 minutes

A dealer recalls the time he witnessed an individual lose a total of $320,000 in 25 minutes. With stacks of $1000 chips on the table, you would think initially that they know what they are doing and they are one of the most confident players in the casino, unfortunately looks can be most deceiving.

From taking a 20 minute break, the dealer left the floor with the player having a full house of chips at the beginning, gearing up to gameplay. Yet, on the return, there were only 2 rows of chips left out of all that he brought to the floor (around $40,000 left). In a matter of minutes, the player went on to continue playing, losing the final amount left and the whole $40,000 that remained.

Yet, this player happened to be a regular within the casino. Many of the staff knew of his regular losing and winning streaks-meaning it always goes either way for him, in the process  of gambling. A $320,000 loss is practically nothing at all and apparently, the player was very used to getting what he wanted, meaning the loss was just the beginning really…

With special service demanded, in terms of ready meals, alcohol at the ready, this player demanded none of the dealers actually speak to him while in the momentum of gaming and losing money never really phased his confidence or his excessively large demands for a day of gambling activities-the show must always go on.

A profit that turned sour

A profit that immediately turned sour is always a sad memory to recall. One dealer remembers the time an individual actually managed to turn the odds and have luck on his side, to secure a $20,000 win from minimum bets. Yet the confidence actually got the better of him and shortly after, the win became negligible. The winner became a loser with a $5000 loss in total of his own money that night. It just shows that sometimes, you have to take what you can and run with it, pretty much.

Blackjack loss of $209,000

One customer remembered by the croupier, happened to start his blackjack game with a bad start pretty much immediately. As soon as the game started, in a matter of half an hour, he was $100k down. Regardless, he has a total of $500k left to play with, with 4 hours of gameplay left. The player decided to slow down, lowering the bets to $10k each at each stage.

Counting the buy in was really stressful due to each small hand at a time of playing and wanting into the game, that the dealers got very stressed themselves despite the continuous losses-eventually there was less space to actually put the dollar bills in the money box!

Nevertheless, after continuous effort at a slower and more conscious pace, the player ended up losing a massive $209k in total, with no lucky strikes at all in between the chaos. The customer shrugged off what an entire mortgage could actually be worth for some so easily-making many eyes turn green with envy of how the other half actually lives, right?

A $19 million loss on baccarat never looked so easy

One dealer in Vegas recalls the biggest loss ever seen on the game floor. A young Malaysian fellow opted to play in the private VIP rooms located in the penthouse sweet on a separate floor. Approaching the table in his pyjamas, he immediately gulps down his morning cup of tea and goes in single handedly with a $500k bet all at once. That showed no good signs of a win, so he went again, losing yet again another large amount of money, yet this time $600k more, in the space of 10 minutes from each other.

He wisely decided to pace out the rest of the bets, by halving his wagers to $300k a pop, winning just one hand from the 10 simultaneous ones he happened to repeat. Of course, the confidence got to him and made him actually increase his wagers from there on. Yet due to his fury of only winning one smaller hand, he decided to replace the dealer and ask for another.

Did that go well at all for him? Not so much. He went on to lose another $10 million in total with another couple of million, trying to win back the losses. Guess it was not the original dealers bad luck after all?

A college kid that lost his future

It is not often that college kids pluck up the courage to invest their future on the whim of casino luck, right? Yet one fellow was remembered by quite a few dealers one night. He pranced in after a hyped graduation evening. Confidence clearly beaming from the grin on his face, there he held a briefcase with $15k inside. This to some is not much to play with, yet for the fresh graduate, it was all he had in the world.

He immediately puts in every cent of what he owns into 20 separate hands on the blackjack table and it just so happens that the highest hand won by the young gambler was 20, on the other hand the dealer happened to have 21. He lost everything and pretty much fainted from the ill events that followed.

All the stories mentioned above just show how easy luck can change within a matter of moments. Many often come into a casino with a beaming smile and confidence, yet walk away with nothing. Some come with stacks and stacks of dollar bills and lose everything-yet don't feel a dime of the amount of money they lost. While others never know when to stop, despite actually winning something from it all. All players have different gambling stories, and success is often less remembered than the great losses and stories of those that walked away with nothing.

It is always the way it goes after all, no?


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