The Best Times To Win When Playing Progressive Jackpots

Best times to play progressive jackpot slots

Progressive jackpot games are highly popular and reign royalty within the casino world. It is highly likely that titles such as Mega Moolah, Cleopatra, Progressive Roulette and Progressive Blackjack, have been titles that you have actively tried out and played within your everyday casino gaming routine.

Microgaming’s Mega Moolah for example, has taken reign over the progressive jackpot game, being the most played and the most largest jackpot won ever. A lucky winner managed to go home with a whopping £13 million, making them extremely lucky and overnight millionaires. Each year this game takes the breath away of many players, ensuring that they are mostly given a pleasant surprise at the end of the gaming session. Yes, it is not always jackpots of millions, but great pick-me-ups to enjoy, here and there.

Good fortune in light of playing a jackpot game, does not come by so easily. However the fun that coincides with your gaming experience is pretty much unmeasured and unachieved in any other past time.

Knowing when to boost your chances when playing is a debated topic and we have decided to bring to light all the methods to increase your chances. Aspects such as playing at the right time, is a huge factor and it can most definitely save you money and increase the fun at the same time. What are you waiting for?

Always play when you have the money to do so

Understanding the budgets required to play a progressive jackpot game is crucial. When selecting a game, it does not only mean to check the game genre and see if it floats your boat, no. It also means that you will need to ensure that your spins that you bet on, will actually qualify for a win per round. The game setup is always different depending on the game, so understanding the requirements is a must before you even invest into the games themselves. A scenario which represents the issue of not understanding the betting rules, is when you place a bet, but when the winning combination is hit, the jackpot you achieve will only be a fraction, due to investing only a portion of what you should have. Knowing your coins is everything!

Therefore, get into the habit of checking the paytable rules and the minimum coins that you can invest per spins round. This will ensure that you can understand the risk you face should you not be successful in each round and if the budget you have will suffice for multiple turns or a nice short and sweet choice. The progressive jackpot games that allow you to win from a small bet amount will always often give you a winning potential, at a much reduced rate. A win is still a win at the end of the day though, right?

In contrast, some progressive jackpot games will need you to bet the maximum, should you wish to actually make a decent winning in the process, to win a full jackpot (which of course is rare and more easily said than done).

We always suggest that a fair amount of research should be put into these games, to ensure that players understand what is expected of them and to allow them to understand how to budget according to their means and financial abilities.

Only join when the jackpot is large enough

By doing your research you will come to understand what the past and previous wins were in terms of money jackpots. By using this data, only join the jackpot game, when the jackpot is around that value. This is a great way of putting you in on the chance of winning a large sum of money, as it is pointless to join the jackpot, when the money and ball has only just begun to roll. It is often the case that, as the money pot value increases in value, so does the stir and commotion within the gambling community. You will find much more action will be in the process of your gaming, such as free spins etc.

There are many jackpots that are around within online casinos, meaning you can score some luck across the multiple software developers that provide progressive jackpots, such as Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt etc. Due to progressive jackpots being rather seasonal, you may find that the options of some form of wins is very much possible!

Play based on a timed schedule

When a jackpot has not been won for a very long time, that is a great indicator to mean that the jackpot is due. Based on research from all the software games that have taken your fancy, you should know some dates of the last wins that players took home. By using this as an approximate, you should be able to create an approximate time when the jackpot is due again.

Of course an exact date of a progressive jackpot is never really known, all we do know is that they operate on a timer, meaning the best chance you have is by continuously trying to test your luck in the same period of time as your approximations.

Have a fresh mind when you play

Playing when you are running on the chance of luck can be quite daunting and nerve wracking, that’s for sure. You will find that if you play in a bad mood, high chances are that that will reflect entirely in the way you play. You have to always try to gear yourself up with some great gambling tunes or by playing mindfully, by being aware of your surroundings. That is highly key and recommended!

Attitude is not all that is needed. Many people did win an impressive jackpot on beginners luck, meaning that could be you too, if the odds are in your favour of course. Getting into the flow of gaming can really gear you up to playing correctly when it counts and matters. By remembering that you are playing for fun more than anything else, should help massively too, to put you into good spirits!

Make your routine

By making a routine, you will be able to manage your budgets and game schedule much better than just playing on a whim. By assigning yourself a set amount of money etc per month, you will find that you are very much playing at an acceptable level without putting any money at risk for yourself.

We all know that we need to be in the game to actually win it and can never really predict that certain changes to our gaming habits will ever make a difference, however it most definitely counts as a start. By being a clean gambler and always readily planning your budgets and gaming routines, your gaming mood will be consistent and very much habitual. The wins will come as a surprise and you will most certainly welcome them with open arms!


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