The Best Songs About Gambling Playlist

Songs about Gambling

Looking out for the best gambling song playlists can be deceiving, as some song titles will be named after certain casino terms, yet their song content will be lacking in what they provide to you as the listener.

Examples of what we are talking about include the titles which we are sure you have heard of: Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, Katy Perry’s Waking up in Vegas etc. These songs do not even have any gambling terms or relate to gambling activities whatsoever!

So, we decided to come in and aid you in your choices, by ensuring that if you are looking for the best songs about gambling to accompany your efforts. Our playlist is the only one you need to motivate you whilst enjoying some of the very best of what casino sites online have to offer. Read below on all our recommended titles; with many to pick from, you know that will be more than one tune that will tickle your fancy!

St John The Gambler

The first title in this playlist series, this definitely will ease you into the gambling mood. It is not too heavy in terms of the casino lingo that could be used, however it definitely does mention poker related terms used in Texas. We would not necessarily say that this title is an upbeat song, meaning it can be quite slow to some players that want to have a little dance as they play. Nevertheless, it can be a great tune to get yourself geared up to the exciting games to come. If you do want something that is rather more upbeat and exciting, we would suggest that you look further into the song selections of this guide.

Ace of Spades

The original version of this song has dramatically been overplayed, featuring in soap dramas like Emmerdale etc. However this tune is a fresh take on the original and therefore can be said to be a much more pleasant song to listen too. What you will find is that this cover will become your next classical tune to gear you up into your gambling efforts, so you definitely need to give it a try, to see what we are talking about. This cover song is the best available out there for this song title. You will thank us later….

The Galway Races

This song is more relevant towards sports betting, yet that really does intertwine and cross correlate with gambling as a whole. Therefore, this song is definitely an acceptable choice to select from. Some lyrics mentioned in the song like ‘Wheel of Fortune’ etc. is very relevant to most slot games around, meaning this song is a keep and will be heard not just in motivation of your gaming, but across all your local pubs and bars-now that is the spirit!

The Angel and the Gambler

We bet you never thought that we would include Iron Maiden on this list-well we did! This song does include a great amount of repetition on the lyrics, however the song is very addictive and you will find that the song will continuously be sung long after you initially hear it-yes it is one of those kinds of songs that you listen to. This track however, was released long before Bruce Dickinson was a part of the band, meaning unfortunately no high pitched vocals are included in this tune. Call it the pre era and still very catchy.

Casino Boogie

The tune is in the name of the song! This Rolling Stones track will get you dreaming of Monte Carlo and all its luxuries, however there are no real obvious mentions towards casino gaming within the song, just the gambling extravagant  influence on lifestyle. It definitely makes the audience ponder on the extent of the Rolling Stones gambling adventures in the process of making this song no?


This song will definitely be a familiar choice to gambling enthusiasts due to its very relevant lyrics of ‘I been gamblin’ etc. It is safe to say that this song is the perfect option to try out if you are in need of a pick me up when gaming online. Although a song that has been around for a decade, it is a classic and we all love some Jerry Garcia, right?

Atlantic City

The title says it all. Atlantic City is one of the states most known gambling locations. For that reason, this song is the perfect companion to your everyday gambling efforts, and if we can say so ourselves, definitely a driving force. The undertone of the song is all about luck and edging up your luck in the process of playing, with a working man's luck-relatable and fun.

The Gambler

This song is a country classic that of course is a very obvious choice, with its title and track lyrics. It goes without saying that the tune requires no introduction, due to being played that much within the gambling industry and everyday playlists. This would most likely be on your made up playlists without our help and yes, we are very confident with that prediction too…

Viva Las Vegas

This song brings to attention the glitz and glamour that is Las Vegas. This song cannot get anymore classical for a typical casino scenario, as Elive pretty much hits the nail on the head with the lyrics sung. There are also many covers and remixes available if you feel the original has been way overplayed! That’s the advantage of listening to classical song choices, guaranteed that there are covers that will appeal more to the song beats and current tracks of our time.

Go Down Gamblin

Rock n' roll mixed with money and gambling, seems like a perfect combination no? This song is a mixture of jazz, rock and a hint of blues, making the track pretty much a great concoction of tunes. Team that up with some gambling terminology and beats and you have the perfect track for gearing your mentality to making some winning combinations and jackpot potential in your gaming.

Black Queen

The opening line of this song immediately introduces you to the genre of gambling. Do we need to say more than ‘This is a song about a card game’? For those urgently looking for a motivational gambling song, the opening line pretty much summarises what you need and helps you make the choice of including this song into your playlists.

Song choices are always important as a form of motivation to drive you to do better. With the options that we have summarised for you, we hope that you find your next gambling session and its energy, high new peaks!


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