The Best Gambling Anime List

Gambling Anime Top List

Anime is pretty big with anime fans all over the world, no doubt about that. We find that there are many themes that are included within the title selections of anime shows and casino & gambling anime is definitely one of the themes that the producers like to dip into from time to time. In fact, some of the biggest and best anime series include a game with large wagers and excitement, with characters ready to face the death in games to secure their victory.

It might sound dramatic, we know, yet that is the whole point of anime-entertainment! when it comes to people who like to gamble, anime and casino animes is a great style of show that brings alot to the table. We decided to look into the best gambling anime series and movies on the block, so if you are feeling reminiscent of watching a good old anime that includes your favourite thing to do – online gambling at the top online casinos of course – stay right there and plough through our list of casino and gambling animes that you must watch!

One Outs

One Outs is a casino & gambling anime based on the young character Toua Tokuchi, who has a profession as a player in a sport called One Outs through the day and a passion for gambling through the night. The entire show has Toua trying to lead his team to victory and win games on the streets of Okinawa Japan. Yet, alongside this, there is a twist. 

For every out that is pitched within the game, he manages to secure $45,000, meaning he needs to perform his best and gamble his chances of the win. Because if he does not and he actually lets go of the run during the games, this makes him and his team lose out on $455,000-more than ten times as much as a successful pitched out!

Nevertheless, this anime shows well and truly demonstrates belief and determination in Toua’s talent during the games. It highlights the psychological perspective from the ins and outs of taking the bets and gambling with more than you have got. Sports fans will definitely find this interesting and probably will follow this show religiously, through all 25 episodes – yet it's important not to get any bad ideas-risking so much cash in real life can have bad endings that are never really shown in animes much…

The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Based on a world where gambling, in this anime about gambling, money and finances are far more superior than someone's life, the East Financial District presents an economic student, Kimimaru Yoga, who wants to gamble to prove himself and abundance in style and gambling capabilities. In the district, fates are always decided by the hand you play with and the weekly matches that are hosted, taking down many individuals week-in and week-out. Yoga has something to prove to himself and everyone else.

With his gambling name ‘Entre’, he withholds all his fortunes from confiscation, wins back more and his future reputation accelerates across the district.

This is definitely a well thought out action thriller with anime gambling that anyone can buckle down and watch. With cutting edge anime graphics, great storylines, and perfect dubbing, players who do not like watching with subtitles will very much rejoice when watching this for sure. It's only 11 episodes long, yet so much happens in very little time!

Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler

The Japanese title of this high school anime about gambling translates into ‘compulsive gambler’, meaning you know what type of show you are getting yourself into, that is for sure. You will find that this is fairly new and was released in 2018 in japan and quickly rose to the ranks up there with the best animes that year. Due to its success of the main Kakegurui storyline and characters of the school, there was also a second part that aired called Kakegurui xx too.

The storyline is based on high school students from wealthy families attending the Hyakkaou private academy that hold great wealth, to put forward and gamble Mahjong within their academy, with the winners owning the losers and keeping them as house pets. Many of the students are trained to gamble with high stakes effectively and with style, yet there is a transfer student in Kakegurui – Yumeko Jabami – that becomes every student's worst nightmare! Her gambling skills and general savviness when playing opponents is definitely something that is to be afraid of and provides plenty of drama & plot twists. You are about to see a whole other level in gambling confidence, we will say that!


In this series, The main character is called Saki Miyanaga and enjoys playing Mahjong, yet has a very up and down relationship when it comes to playing it! In the story, she quickly has no time to decide if she can see herself making it more of a frequent thing, as her friend signs her up to join the Mahjong club. You will see how her character struggles to juggle her money and gifts from her parents-as she just doesn't want to lose it all.

Through the 25 episodes in the series that there are, you will be hooked on what Saki does and how she progresses to come to terms with managing her finances. Plus there is that question of, will she lose all of her parents' money or actually make it out with a decent and handsome win?

Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Kaiji comes from the same writer that wrote Akagi Yami Ni too, so if you're familiar with that first series, you may notice similarities in the way the show is built. The main character, called Kaiji Itou, has survived pretty much everything – including the worst kind of experiences possible – when it comes to gambling. Things do go from one situation to another as Kaiji is tricked into taking up his co-workers debt and goes to play on an illegal gambling on a cruise ship because of it!

The cruise comes with multiple tournaments, but really greedy people who do not like to play fair either. So, Kaiji is faced with everything they can think to throw at him all at once and must fight to save his money, freedom and of course his life. recently being made into a live-action movie, this show does bring gore and gambling together, so it definitely is not for the faint-hearted. Watch with caution!

Mahjong Hishouden: Naki No Ryuu

From the Japanese worded title, we get one thing – Mahjong! You immediately know that this series of anime has got something to do with gambling. The season is quite short and sweet, being only three episodes long, yet within the story, you're faced with people and gang members gambling for their illegal fortunes and the crying dragon character.

The crying dragon is known as a top champion across the lands, due to his winning move ‘Ron’. This move helps defeat opponents through manipulation of their minds in the momentum of gameplay. You will find yourself hooked, thinking how did he actually manage to do that? Three episodes isn't a lot and are definitely easy to fit into your schedule, and it's a good watch, so check it out!

Death Parade

Death Parade brings the afterlife and gambling together. This top supernatural thriller series is one of the best out there, bringing a whole lot of what we love into one show, such as casino poker, darts, hockey, amongst other games and it is the gambling wins that will ensure that players will be able to live or lose into the darkness. This show has a dark twist to it and therefore will not be for everybody. Yet we always love animes that can provide us with a twist of realities and bring a little bit of imagination to the field.

There are 12 episodes altogether, filled with amazing tension at the casino tables and the ultimate price and stake to your gambling – your soul! This will definitely have you contemplating on who the characters are behind the little psychological twists this casino anime show has, but alas that makes great entertainment!

Stardust Crusaders

In this story, the character Jotaro battles against a mysterious character in a game of standard casino poker. The aim of the game is to win back the soul of Joseph through these poker games, who was lost in the previous anime title before this sequel. This game has crazy casino stakes which might seem like a lot, but it's very normal remembering the fact Jotaro is fighting to save someone's soul and life!

The tension created between the gambling scenes will have you hooked and really contemplating, with great attachment to the character Jotaro. Never fear, however, Jotaro always has secrets and tricks up his sleeve and you will be sure to find out how he overcomes the D’Arby opponent. Each episode is 40 minutes, so watch and find out where it takes you…

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

This title is old but very much a gem in the anime community to watch. The Legendary Gambler Tetsuya demonstrates how gambling is done with style, as he pretty much cleans the floor of all his opponents. Based in 1947 Japan, just after world war 2, the gambling style and etiquette were very classical, especially for the game Mahjong. Yet despite all the confidence that Tetsuya has with million yen stakes, there is one mysterious character who proves to him that there is still much to learn and understand before he can truly call himself the top champion of men.

This anime is very historical with the series set just after the second world war, alongside being all about gambling, so you may find that you enjoy it very much, for the lessons of history it brings and the execution of gambling too of course!

Death Note

You may be surprised about the choice of selecting this original and groundbreaking title within the best gambling anime to watch list, yet let us tell you why. First of all, this anime is one of the most popular titles in the world of all time, with films and manga series. Period. Next, this show shows how Light and L fight the ultimate psychological game, with the biggest gamble of all-their life.

The storyline is very intense and will have you clinging to your chair at some scenes. Sometimes you think that Light may have lost his edge and then in he leaps back in the game!

This concludes our top gambling anime list. For those who are interested in gambling films, click here for our definitive list of the top movie slots out there to play.

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