Roulette Strategy: A Beginners Guide

Roulette Strategy Guide: A Beginners Go-to

Playing casino games like online roulette is something that excites most players, especially through the influence of major movie culture and influence. However, the style and etiquette that you see in movies is definitely underplayed. Players need to understand the art of playing and what it takes to be successful and win – how to win roulette online; walking away as a very happy player indeed.

First up, roulette looks like a game that doesn’t require amazing odds to win – it’s just a ball spinning around a wheel and you need to place bets on the pockets that it lands. However, the strategies roulette players employ to win during the game itself employs a large degree and range of methods that allow the player to do more than place bets, but to actually lower the house edge altogether, giving you a greater chance to win more often in the process.

Roulette Variations

There are many variations you can come across when you play roulette, and each has slight differences that players often prefer above the others. The two variations that get compared against one another includes the American and European Roulette option.

The main difference between the two of course is the addition of a zero within the American variation. The addition of a zero, in fact, effects the house edge and thus makes it worse odds than the European version. Currently, the house edge stands at an average of 2.7% for European variants and 5.3% for the American version, meaning the casino will take on greater percentages of your payout should you not lower the house edge with a roulette winning strategy when playing throughout the game. The odds in the American Roulette are therefore 1/37 whereas the European Roulette is at 1/36.

Is There Any Roulette Strategy That Wins 100%?

This is something that any punter who is looking for the best strategy for roulette needs to keep in mind – casinos are incredibly clever. They won't be letting punters come in and wrangling them for money whilst playing roulette and know pretty much every roulette strategy… all of the roulette tips and tricks and all of the roulette systems you can think of. You may get a bit of luck on a few spins of the wheel – but the house always wins.

With the game of roulette, there are a few types of roulette betting strategy that can up your chances of winning – although it won't be 100% chance of winning. These tips for playing roulette are still subject to the simple fact that roulette is the one of the casinos games that is heavily based on luck. no two spins of the roulette wheel are dependant on each other, and when the wheel starts spinning, theres no way to influence it.

All of this is to basically say one thing – there's no roulette techniques or one roulette strategy that is a definitive winning roulette strategy. No amount of analysing statistics and software that can predict probabilities will tell give you a pin point roulette winning strategy and tell you definitively what the next number up will be.

There are a few different types of roulette strategy that can up your game though, which we'll discuss. But first, one big tip!

Do Not Bet On Zero At The Beginning

Betting on a zero definitely seems like an exciting choice to bet on the roulette table to go for at first, but believe us when we tell you, it’s the hardest betting option to go for and not a great online roulette strategy!

Beginners should always try out the outside bets like the ‘odds/even’ or the ‘black/red’. These are definitely a great place to start and get into the habit of some regular wins. Yes, the odds and betting stake aren’t as high if you win, but perhaps betting with money that you can afford to lose or your winnings from previous bets, it's a smart decision.

Progressive Betting Roulette Strategies:

The Martingale Betting System

Many players often read about the Martingale Betting System roulette strategy to win, but never tend to know how to apply the theory. In simple terms, it is essentially a way of increasing your winnings incrementally every time by betting on 2:1 roulette table outside bets, using a common option to double down when losing to reduce a loss.

So an example would be you would make an original bet of £10 and lose. So you would double your bet with this strategy – your next bet would be £20. If you lost that, then you'd double again, to £40. Another loss would mean an £80 stake. You can picture the rest.

This comes with a piece of advice that challenges these styles of Martingale roulette strategies – you need money to cover your losses. Within 6-8 consecutive losses, which can happen, you'll be having to bet quite a bit of money with these styles of roulette strategies just to stay even. With the £10 bet we mentioned above, within 8 bets you're having to stake £1280 just to break even. this can be a problem, especially when the house edge only gives you a 47.4% chance of winning. – it is a major loss, should you lose and not have enough cash to cover your losses!

Paroli System

This is another popular strategy in roulette and is also known as the reverse Martingale system, and is pretty much as it sounds. You double up on your wins every time instead of your losses, which makes it slightly safer than the Martingale system.

So an example using a £10 bet would be betting it and winning £20, then betting that £20 and winning £40. You get the idea. generally, Paroli players will go three consecutive wins before banking the £70 profit and starting from £10 again.

This is a great strategy to use when you play roulette if you're on a winning streak, but again you need to be on a winning streak. These can be few and far between.

Non-Progressive Betting Roulette Strategies

Three Column Betting

Column betting is a popular strategy roulette players implement. It involves you stakes on a series of numbers such as 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36. This outside bet only pays 2/1, however winning a small amount is better than not winning, right? The best way of winning is by placing equal stakes on 2 out of the 3 columns, giving you a 31.58% chance of winning overall. With every non winning spin, it is advised to double up like in the Paroli system and not down like the Martingale Strategy.

Bond Strategy

The Bond Strategy is one of the betting systems that helps evade risks even further, is seen as one of the best roulette systems and is named after the one and only James Bond.

It entails you spreading out the bet across the betting board to increase your odds of winning. So taking a bet of £20, you'd place a bet of £14 on the 19 – 36, a line bet of £5 on 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and finally a bet of £1 on the number 0.

With the highest bet placed on the high numbers, a medium amount on the first third and the lowest on the zero you've got some extra insurance in place. The only numbers that aren;t covered are 1-12, meaning this strategy will give you an overall 83.7% chance of winning on a spin… We do not know about you, but we will definitely take that bet!

Whilst it looks like one of the best and bullet proof roulette strategies, even Bond can't beat the overall house odds. Imagine each of the numbers on the roulette wheel hit once, so 37 spins in total. Using this strategy on each of the spins and betting £20 on each spin, you'd still be down £20 overall. Each number being hit once though is incredibly unlikely.

Alternating Bets

Alternating inside bets betting systems involve a coverage to minimise the overall risk. With all the bet options and varying odds, there are many styles of bet to pick from and of course, not all are guaranteed a win in the process! The bets that you can choose from within this setting of staking include a six-line, which entails 6 numbers being selected.

These are noted as notoriously hard for players to win with and that will be reflected with the chances of winning being a percentage below 10%. Other options include corner bets of 4 numbers, street bets of 3 numbers, split bets of two numbers, and finally a bet on the first 5 numbers which is only offered in American Roulette.

We always say, when it comes to how to win at roulette online or if you want to build a great strategy, the best thing to do would be by experimenting and trying as many as you can with the lowest amounts of money to start off with, to prevent you from losing large amounts. Definitely do not fall under that trap that by continuously gambling you will win back what you have lost, the best thing is to let it go, call it a day and come back recuperated for another day of betting! Being humble and not a sore loser is definitely a lesson from gambling that you will soon come onto understanding.

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