How You can Become a Professional Casino Dealer

how to become a casino croupier

Becoming a professional dealer, is something many imagine when they are sat in a casino. Watching croupiers of the future doing their magic on the casino tables, and the energy that they bring to practically unify all players within a gaming momentum and spirit, can really make you contemplate what being on the other side of the table, would actually be like. By being a croupier, you are essentially enabled to enjoy the buzz and lifestyle of the casino every single day, right?

The entire momentum and experience of being on the other side of the table would also save you from feeling the crushing fate of being on the wrong side of the table too-as not all wins are guaranteed of course. Yet nevertheless, we are sure you are intrigued by the lifestyle of professional croupiers, read more for further information on what you must do to get there!

You will need to work your way to the top

Like any other career, you will need to work your way to the top of the best of live casino dealer roles. To be a professional croupier, there is a series of training courses and educational vocations that you will need to commit yourself too.These vocational courses usually take part in gaming academies and societies that set up professional careers within the gambling industry. These institutions for courses are established across the globe, with particular to the UK and US regions.

When you schooling is concerned, you will be advised to have the standard qualifications of your region i.e. UK regions are recommended to have GCSE’s to support their applications for future employers. Mathematics is focused in particular, due to the extent of requiring to count cards, chips and other dealership duties. The entire framework is based on understanding and confidence in your abilities. You most likely will be asked to complete a NVQ in gaming, but that will depend on where you go to become a professional dealer of course.

Other qualities that you will need to bring forward to the role, include your interpersonal attributes, such as communication and customer service skills towards customers. You will also need to have the patience to deal with people who may perhaps not be as reasonable as usual pleasant customers. Casinos will also ask for presentable dealers that take pride in their appearance and their workplace. For that reason, make sure you turn up with your best suit!

Advantages of becoming a dealer

Every job will come with multiple advantages and disadvantages-nothing is truly perfect after all! You will need to get used to the hours that casinos operate-some can continue into the night, if you are working in a hotspot location or if you try out a live dealer kind of role. Online casinos operate on a 24 hour basis and therefore it can really be a completely different story and scenario overall in terms of the hours you need to put into the casino, yet more on this later…But if you happen to be quite the unsociable person with a different than usual lifestyle, this role may be the exact match for you and what you may be looking for.

The tipping system is worth your while

Dealers are known to get great tips from their customers on the table. Of course some locations can tip better than others i.e. Vegas and Montecarlo for example. These locations have been rumoured to tip £600 or more extra consecutively on each month, which essentially is very much a game changer when it comes to your financials every month! The way to ensure you reel in the most tips every time you are on shift, is by bringing a warm energy to the table. Many punters love a buzzing social environment to the casino floor, so you doing that can really add to their experience and they will appreciate that! Engage with your customers and watch them give you something back in the long run.

Your skills are transferable

Once you are in one casino, you can build yourself up to work in some of the biggest casinos of the world. All it takes is having the experience down on your CV and voila, you could be in the glamorous lights of Las Vegas working your next shifts. Casinos prefer hiring people with experience on their resume, so you really have nothing stopping you and it really is onwards and upwards once you have secured a role in the business.

It is known that many dealers travel around working temporarily for each season. Why, you ask? Well, by travelling to all the casino hotspots, you are also guaranteeing yourself some tourist travel hopping and sightseeing all around the world. Not many careers bring forward that opportunity-so why not?

Your job is safe

Gambling is a large part of today's society. Within the UK for example, many highstreets are scattered with casinos and betting stations, meaning you always are secured with a job, and gambling will not go anywhere anytime soon. This year alone, the revenue across many of the largest casinos that operate online and land based, saw a huge surplus in their yearly revenue. You can take that as a very good sign, that your job role is locked and secured!

The job is fun and exciting

Many people do not often have a job that they live to work for, yet dealers often reflect on their job being highly exciting and a mood booster. You could possibly be having a bad day, all you need to do is come in work and immediately the atmosphere and good vibes bouncing off the slot machines and people is very much infectious. Having this role is more than your usual 9-5 and you get to meet so many people along the way, that make up for very stimulating conversation too.

Disadvantages of becoming a dealer

Late working hours

You may find that the job will come with long hours that you will need to commit to. It's often for UK casinos to ask that their dealers be very flexible in the hours they are willing to work and give. Most dealers will be night owls, meaning you need to expect that late finishes in the early hours of the morning will be a thing! Of course, with long hours, you energy you give to your customers may be lowered, from the long hours standing on foot, as well as maintaining the energy on the floor-it may be exhausting and you will most definitely need to adjust massively when you start. All you need to do is, keep focusing and keep going. Get those first few shifts out of the way and slowly you will adapt to be the dealer you are destined to be.

The job can be demanding

You may find that the job at first glance is not demanding at all as an occupation. However, think again. Your task will demand much energy, focus and concentration for many hours straight. You will need to manage the tables you are working on and ultimately lead the energy of your customers playing. You will have high expectations given to you, and it will be your job to use your energy to bring in new players and customers that perhaps may be drifting through the casino.

Punters may be annoying

You may find that the punters you are working with, will most definitely at times push the wrong buttons. That being said, it will be your job to control the energy at the table, meaning you have to deal with all the kinds of behaviors that come along your way. It is a fact of life that some people will be nice where others will not show you any courtesy at all. If perhaps some customers do show aggression, then you can take it further and give control of the situation to the security of the casino, otherwise just brush it off your shoulders and move on…

Live casino can be difficult to adapt to

Last but not least, if you happen to secure a role in an online casino as the live dealer of the games hosted there, you may find it difficult to adapt to. The role itself will have you doing your typical duties, of course you will be unable to interact with your customers, as everything is done virtually. This can get boring for some dealers, as the same warmth and buzz you get from being in the momentum of a casino will not be so present.

Finding a job as a dealer can bring many positive aspects that you can enjoy when you immerse yourself in the world of casinos. Many of the best dealers travel and host events in the gambling city capitals of the globe. To get to that position of privilege, you will need to work your way up and secure your foot in the doorway of this career path. This career is not for the light hearted folk who wish to fulfil a typical 9 to 5 job. This is a lifestyle and one that can be very rewarding if you happen to do it right! From great tips from customers, to the buzzing energy that a casino brings, it really is a one in a lifetime experience that is for the select few. Sign up one day in your local UK highstreet casino, find yourself the next day, located within the luminescent and lit streets of Las Vegas and Monte Carlo.


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