How to Earn More Casino Comps

how to get casino comps

Online casino games are great and we all love to play them. However, it is always nice to get a little something back isn’t it? There are these schemes that (not all casinos offer to their players) allow you to play and get more points for the amount of time you invest in your gameplay. The way this scheme works is via your cash flow within the casino itself that you are a member of. You will find that for each pound of hard spent cash you have invested, the greater the casino comps you shall receive. As you can see it is a great incentive to keep players interactive within a casino site, long after usual welcome bonuses are used up in the process.

Read through our latest article, to give you all the latest casino comp secrets that are brewing out there on the market.

What are Casino Comps and How do You Get Them?

Casino Comps is abbreviated for the term ‘complementary’, meaning they are the casinos way of giving players a reward for their efforts when playing online casinos. It definitely is a great incentive for players to continue playing long after their bonuses are used up. The casino comps can be used in return for rewards, free spins and prizes. Usually the more you save up, the more extravagant and luxurious the prizes can be. More reason to save up no?

Something to bear in mind, is that not all casinos will actually partake in this option of rewards system. Sometimes online casinos have other various forms of rewards that can be received via a loyalty programme, meaning you can get a similar sort of rewards option in various forms to interact with across different casinos, yet alas they are not all casino comp options!

Not all casinos will actually call their point system by the term ‘casino comps’, some casinos will use a completely different name altogether. Loyalty points are the same kind of connection to casino comps, however they cannot be confused with the similar loyalty points received through a VIP scheme that a casino site actively partakes in. Other casinos will merely use their casino name, alongside the term points, to make it a clear identicator to players, that this is an identical scheme to the casino comps option.

Casinos obviously want to make your experience as simple and easy as possible, so they generally do not like to over complicate aspects of their schemes towards new players. If you are ever unsure about the schemes in place, knowing that casinos actually have a customer care team to assist your options and gaming direction. This usually operates on a 24/7 system, meaning in some way or form, you can get in touch with a casino site agent for further assistance.

Earning your Share of Casino Points

After reading all the information above, we are sure that you are wondering how do you actually obtain these so-called casino comps? Well, simply put, first and foremost a deposit is necessary to be included within the scheme. You will then need to ensure that all free money bonuses and free play options are not used to obtain casino comps, as they are not a part of the scheme. Casinos want your real investments of cash into the system and you to actually play for real money in the process. It never really matters about the value of cash spent in the casino when you play, yet usually £1 is always the minimum spending input allowed by casinos to be considered for casino points.

To work out the extent of points that you are liable to receive, you will need to check each casino's terms and conditions. Each casino will alter their requirements and values of each casino comp. Therefore it is not one rule that meets all kind of situation. The points will be accumulated for wagering the minimum typical value set by the casino themselves.

An example of this could be that one particular casino will actually ask of you as a player to invest £10 for every 1 point that you will hope to receive. It can sometimes even increase further than this, with 1 point given for every £50+. Usually when the limitations are set very high for just one casino comp, the value of that point holds heavy and you may only need to collect 20 for a very good prize and reward. To avoid any disappointment, knowing the terms set by the casino is highly vital and necessary to ensure that your gaming goes as smoothly and quickly as possible! It would be a huge downer to find out after wagering for many hours, that the total casino comp points you have made are almost negligible and make no difference to the casino goals that you have. Very disheartening indeed.

Final aspect to consider is the game restrictions that may be involved when wanting to claim these casino comps. The reason being is some casinos will put a restriction on the games that you are able to play with your buck for casino comps. Always check through gaming restrictions, to ensure that you are playing the right games in aid of your loyalty point accumulation.

How to Exchange the Casino Points

To exchange the casino points, you will need to follow through our procedure listed, taking into account your casinos terms and conditions of course, where you will ensure to adjust accordingly.

After coming back from a huge gaming session and earning some great buck, you will be happy to know that you are entitled to get some casino comps through your gaming efforts. Everytime you play, you should see these points accumulate within your casino wallet, often addressed as casino comps. When it comes to the point where you are able to exchange them, you will be able to swap your points from a variety of options such as cash, free spins, reload bonuses, gaming avatars and merchandise. Of course it's different for each casino, however this is an overview of what can be expected.

High rollers are always the ones to find that they have accumulated many points, and of course this works in your favour. To request an exchange of your points, you may need to contact the customer services via an agent. Often, the live chat works best for this sort of thing, however the other forms of contact would work too. Some casinos also offer a request button beneath where your casino comps are shown, meaning you can request your exchange and await for it to be authorised by the casino sites agent.

Casino Comps Calculators

Some casinos will offer a calculator to allow you to predict the amount of casino comps per gameplay session. This is really great as you can put the exact amount you are investing, including the time spent and the individual game that you opted for. It is pretty much the best option to allow you to have a brief idea of your gains from each session!

Low rollers will always need to work harder to attain a certain amount of game casino comps, but then again you can workout how much you can expect before you even opt to actually play with that set cash amount. You always want to make sure you are selecting right and knowing the amount earned from your efforts. Of course if you wish to exchange for cash amounts, the effort will be greater, but that is something for you to address and think about of course.

Vegas Casino Comps

Land based casinos offer similar incentives too! Casinos like to offer players little treats to entice them into playing and spending more time in the casino. The key to achieving some casino comps in land based casinos, is via the casino calculating the time spent from the moment you enter the casino; from the moment you leave and the amount you take out with you. Of course the odds of your initial investments in the casino will be taken into account too. The return you make in total will allow the casino to calculate your percentage of casino comps return overall. This of course will be done manually via a computer system and therefore isn't as fast and efficient as an online casino.

Are there any Casino Comp Secrets You Should Know?

In terms of any additional secrets that you should be made aware of, we did hint earlier on how wagering will affect the lengths of comp points that you can receive. For that reason we would highly suggest that players should try to invest larger amounts to be able to achieve more in return. If you are really eager to earn more than the usual casino comps or two, then take the plunge and play big!

Do take into account however that, playing responsibly is always key and therefore you should never bet more than what you can afford. Comp points are definitely not worth the losses that you may make for playing with larger amounts in the long term. Definitely take all this into account for your journey and future forward in making casino comps!


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