Crazy & Extravagant Items You Can Buy with a Million Pound Jackpot

8 Most extravagant things a million pounds jackpot could buy you

So, it is not every day that we all manage to win a £1 million jackpot, yet we can be sure to be the ones day dreaming about the times that we could have, right? We often see countless stories and media coverage of many players that have managed to nab and secure for themselves multi-millions without a large conquest.

Many tell stories of how gambling wins needed nothing more than a small £0.50 wager and just like that, they are receiving a cheque with more money than anyone can ever even think of. Some stories of winners, share the actual proceeding days, months and years after they have won large amounts, with exact details of what they actually spent their money on. Some seem humble and very wise, where others can be just the opposite and show some pretty insane spending habits at that.

So, we thought to provide a little humour to your day dreams, by giving you some crazy ideas of what you actually could spend all your money on, if there were no barriers or restrictions. Of course, knowing how to spend a million pound wisely and more, is important too, so it's all up to your own self evaluations we suppose. Anyway, here are some of the crazy things we think you should buy, the next time you end up winning some millions…although unfortunately we cannot tell you when that will be!

A Spaceship Flight Into Space

Space is something we all are either intrigued by or slightly frightened by it. Nevertheless, Virgin have actually released a proposed date and schedule of when they believe their galactic SpaceShipTwo will be up into the skies. 2018 was their first official prediction, however due to trials and tests, complete suspension and flight manoeuvre is just not ready yet. Nevertheless, there have been discussions of the actual prices of seats and the talks of the prices between famous actors and actresses. It is estimated that this proposed flight into space could set you back a whopping £300,000.

virgin atlantic space flight

When flight tickets will be up officially by Virgin, it is believed that prices should escalate even more and £300,000 is just the beginning proposed price. So, we suppose with that much money in your pocket (we are talking in millions), you could personally get in touch with Virgin and secure yourself a seat amongst the rumoured flight. Money does get you places; in space, particularly it seems.

Geoffrey Parker Poker Set

So, we are guessing, if you are a gambler, then every gambler will need their own set of poker chips to host their own poker nights too. Trust us when we tell you that, poker sets can be rather expensive and very, very extravagant.

geoffrey parker poker set

The Geoffrey Parker set, listed as the most expensive poker set in the world, will set you back a total of $7.5 million dollars to own. Of course, it may not be something you need, but very much could be something you want? With diamonds encrusted in the chips, you would have to be very delicate on the way you handle them. No taking out your poker losses on the poker chips now! But yes, this is definitely not how to spend a million pound wisely, in our opinion….

The Biggest Widescreen TV In The World

The biggest TV in the world is the C Seed 262. This TV is worth around £350,000 and actually gives viewers a 9.1 surround sound, with the built- in speakers that feature within the TV. This TV is one of the most popular models for the rich and famous. Especially due to the fact, it is practically a cinema screen in your home! At 262 inches, viewers will be able to experience a home cinema style, with even better graphics than the original cinema screens. Essentially you will be inside of the TV screen, immersed into the experience of whatever you ended up watching.

world's biggest TV

Imagine actually watching some sporting shows like football or the world cup. You would definitely have a swell of a time! Perhaps you could host a little party of your own with this TV as the main focus of the evening? The TV will have a protective cover to shield the screen and look after it, especially if you host a football party with two opposing sides…things could get a little nasty we suppose? Better to be safe than sorry! A word of advice too, if you have some cash left over from your magical jackpot winnings, put some to the side, as we would think a TV of this calibre would be completely expensive to run. The Electricity bill may be monstrous!

Royal Mail Black Stamp

So, we admit, the sound of a black stamp does not sound so adventurous or exciting. However, some people out there (possibly you), will be a sucker to collecting rare stamps of high value. Let us just tell you that the Royal Black Stamp is not just worth an extra few pounds, more like an extra thousand! This stamp is estimated at £27,000, so if you won the millions and definitely hit some lucky amount, you could boast about your luck via mail and use each one of these stamps to post out? Yeah, totally not necessary, but you could rub it into the faces of people who you may not like, we guess?

penny black stamp

You can never be too extravagant when you are rich, that we will say. Also, if you do happen to buy them and you do not actually want to use them, call it an investment as stamps increase in value every day! Just leave it stored someplace safe and watch that money grow! Definitely some smart business if we may say so ourselves.

A Parking Spot in Manhattan

Yes, you heard us right! Did you know that one of the most expensive parking spots in Manhattan is around $1 million? Upper street Manhattan has been known to sell parking spots usually more expensive than your regular housing spot, and of course we would all like to think, why would you want to actually buy something like that for yourself? Well, we guess you could buy a parking spot with protective locking up features, if you live nearby and want to actually make sure the car you bought with your casino winnings is safe and sound.

most expensive parking spot

Nevertheless, could be a great buy if you are purchasing a gold-plated Bugatti Veyron perhaps?

Feather of a Hula Bird

We admit this may strike you odd, to be including this within our list. However, did you know that this bird's feather is one of the rarest and most valuable in the world? You may be into your biology and fossils, so this purchase is a very good want to actually have for yourself. The Hula bird is very much extinct today and having this in your possession could be a worthy collectible. Especially if you are into creating a study of artefacts within your home.

Hula bird feather

Many of the rich and famous create a study with collectables and a very old archaic vibe that very much feels like home. Yes, the Hula is a collectable that you won't regret later down the line. Who knows? It may inspire further exotic artefacts too later down the line…

Frozen Dead Shark

An art piece created by Damien Hirst in the 1990’s, this features a real sand tiger shark that is frozen and kept preserved very, very well within a formaldehyde casing. Of course, you may be the type to actually have a fear of sharks and simply just staring at it, would give you nightmares!

frozen shark

However, you have to admit that this piece would make an epic living room centrepiece, to accompany your home? Of course, being that it is quite large, you may find that it is not one that fits in any regular living room, so you probably should up size your current home too, if you have not already….

The Card Players Painting

So we decided to include something in the list that is very, very extravagant. The painting we admit, may not be something that you can win from a multiple million jackpot win, but we suppose we put it in here as it seems very, very fitting with the talk of gambling and casino games.

This painting was created by Paul Cézanne, with a series of oils for its main medium use. You will find that the poker table, surrounded by three gamblers within some kind of pub or bar, really does highlight the essence of gambling. Perhaps you host your own poker nights and you want to be able to really set the mood. What would be better than having this as your centrepiece? Something to stimulate conversation and allow players to really feel the poker vibe that you may be setting for the night.

card players painting

Of course, when it comes to talking about the price, we guess we will need to inform you about that and how this painting actually weighs in in terms of costs. This painting sold for $300 million dollars last time and for that is considered as one of the most expensive paintings ever to be sold. We know getting yourself that cash from casinos is great wishful thinking, but one can dream, right? It would be extremely fitting if you managed to get this painting for yourself, but perhaps maybe one day? If you invest your winnings wisely, your profits could lead up to that one day!


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