Casino Technology Used Against Cheating

How Casinos spot cheating

Casino movies often allow us to envision casino heists to be the easiest of life's maneuvers, yet obviously it goes without saying that it is not as easy to pull off if you are not Brad Pitt of course right?

Casinos are near right impossible to cheat with due to the technologies and methods used to protect both players and casinos. Yet, there are exceptions of course to this matter, with the very well-known card gamer Derren Brown. This individual was prohibited from entering casinos all across the country due to his infamous card counting skills. However one thing is for sure, he was caught after all-showing it is not easy to get away with cheating in a casino.

In this article, we will introduce you to a series of methods used by casinos to ensure that cheaters and try to cheats are caught and made responsible for their actions. Review below to find out the most modern options in the game today!

Angel Eye

The Angel Eye system prevents card cheaters from making any damage inside casinos. The method of actually achieving security against any cheating system is through a barcoding operation that works across each card in the games. Each card will have an invisible barcode that is recognised individually through a scanning sensor operation. Therefore each and every card is accounted for fully throughout the games.

The way the sensor works is by keeping track of each and every card within the game. The dealer will activate the sensors at the press of a single button and therefore a quick count of cards will ensure that there have been no discrepancies within the game momentum and the total results of the hand dealt. If there are any differences, the security of the casino will come immediately to issue an investigation there and then.

This technology is one of the best on the market and is very impressive for keeping track of all the cards in the system of the game. The system will need a certain few in terms of staff to understand the system of security well, as not everyone would be able to translate and understand the results of the security audits.


NORA is from the term Non Obvious Relationship Awareness Software. This is used to check casino databases for each and every payment and transaction made into the system. From existing recorded cheaters, to staff and other tagged known gamblers, it essentially will put together relationships that are not so obvious to the eyes of people. So you can count on this system to identify any cheaters!

Scammers that may have committed fraudulent activities in other casinos will be tagged as suspects upon entering new casinos, to make casino security aware and bring to light any issues that could possibly arise on site. All the links between cheaters and relationships will be identified. Even if you have not cheated personally, but are related to a cheater, you will be highlighted as a possible suspect and eyes will be watching.

Due to its great success in the industry other bodies use it for security, like the US Homeland Security for possible terrorist suspects.

Biometric Face Recognition

This security option gives casinos the ability to scan and store players facial features within a database. Having just CCTV cameras is not enough for the safety and fairness within casinos and therefore this method is greatly relied upon to identify entering players within a casino.

There are two predominant systems that get used within casinos and for each system, they do use technologies that record images of the entering players to a casino. All data created for each player will be simultaneously added to a large database of players that can be referred back to easily if any player sparks interest or a breach of security. This use of technology is perfect for looking for scammers that have been caught before. Soon as they enter the casino, their identity will be flagged to give notice to security for possible potential threats. Many operations use this security option, such as banking locations and places of high political power i.e. embassies.

RFID Chips

Casino chips can be counterfeited by casino scammers. This is a huge issue faced by casinos all over the world, as gamers try to take the upper hand against casino bodies. Many times these scammers prevailed and really made some cash out of the casinos themselves. However, the times really are progressing forward thanks to the RFID technology. This technology now means that all chips within casinos need to be marked with a chip that corresponds to the RFID technology. What happens to the chips during play within a casino site, is that they will emit a certain amount of radio waves to signify that they are in function and use on the casino floor. Any chip that tries to be cashed will immediately be recognised as a fraud, as the will not be emitting any radio waves to be recognised by the RFID technology.

A casino in the past that fell victim to fraudulent behaviors of chip scammers includes the Bellagio Casino. This casino was taken back with a scam that cost them up to $1.5 million in late 2010. The fraudsters used worthless counterfeit chips to scam the casino bankers out of large amounts of cash incrementally.

This technology is used within certain backs around the world after such great success with this procedure within casinos. As what is another place that is a victim of fraudulent scams? Banks of course.

Casinos really have upped their security game over the years, especially since the success of scammers is estimated to have cost the industry millions of dollars through recent years. Yes it does not seem much in comparison to the $70 billion industry set currently, yet casinos and their cash flow is dependent on players that abide by the wagering terms and gameplay rules. Casino cheaters not only damage the casino profits of the casinos themselves, they will damage the experience of the punters in the long term and business standards of the casino. Therefore it really is important that all casinos engage with the methods stated above to ensure safe and fair gameplay for all.


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