What To Wear To A Casino: Casino Dress Codes

casino dress code: guide of what to wear at casinos

Whether you're hitting the strip in Las Vegas, the Ritz Club in London or a local little place, knowing what to wear to a casino is a definite must and people can see the topic as a little too complex – hey, it happens to the best of us!

Going to a casino, a place that oozes style and sophistication, means you need an attire to suit – think Monte Carlo casino dress code. Each casino around the world will have different themes and styles and therefore you'll need to mould yourself to adapt to the dress culture there. Never fear, however, we are here to help you make the right choices for when you strut the casino catwalk!

Read our thorough guide for all the latest wear for men and female casino fashion.

Introduction to casino fashion

So, before you even start to put your casino outfit together, one of the good rules of thumb for people to follow to actually check the venue you happen to be visiting and see the required dress code level they allow for players who wish to enter. This is always the first step that we would suggest, it's a pretty simple step and only required a quick browse over the internet.

Once you've got the information about the specific attire for that casino, you'll then be able to begin to form your outfit (with as much notice as possible of course, to go shopping!). You want to look nice with the basics and be able to switch up and adjust for other casinos you wish to visit.

Adapting your wardrobe is key for a successful casino attire – nobody wants to break the bank when shopping for an outfit, so finding key pieces that can be dressed up/down is key.

Try and remember, when you are picking your outfit selections, make sure to opt for comfortable fitting items, as when you are playing the casino games, you do not want to be distracted at all, by anything else. Your head needs to be fully in the game!

Day to Evening events

Looking further in detail for the casino dress codes, did you know that the dress codes can change from day to night? Earlier in the day, you will be able to opt for more casual dress attire – bow tie or black tie optional. When it comes down to black tie optional, This rule can change from later afternoon to early evening time. This period is the time where the dress code at casinos is more lenient.

However, you cannot expect to just turn up into a casino in flip flops and a tee, straight from the harbour for example. No, casinos do not allow that… However, you will be able to sport some polo tees with more casual shoes such as trainers, for example, just don't push it – a dress code is a dress code!

Often, a casino with a dress code will not allow ripped clothing. Ripped items of clothes are completely not tolerated, nor are items of clothes with offensive imagery and tracksuits/gym wear. It will not come at a surprise that a casino that takes pride in luxury and looks should turn you away if you do not take pride in your appearance and meet the dress code. Smart casual can mean a lot of things, so make sure you clarify the casinos' definition of it!

Footwear to boot

Let us begin from the bottom up. Finding footwear that can meet the dress code level and take you from casual to more formal depending on the time of day can be difficult depending on gender and what kind of dresser you actually are. Did you know that trainers of the visible and loud kind will never be tolerated, yet trainers of a subtle touch and not overly powering will.

Less is much more when you are opting for footwear at casinos. Of course, women generally think a stiletto is the option to go for and they are very much good to go, but thinking you'll be on your feet for hours – is that really a reasonable idea to go for?

Women who want to opt for comfort and style will often go for slightly heeled ballet pumps which are practical and not kill your feet. Yet, of course, the bravest of you all will opt for the classical heel to extend the length of your limbs and look even more elegant-hats off to you!

Pointed shoes look great if you are thinking of wearing an elegant and elongated trouser, that pinches you at the waist. The tailored look on women is perfect for dressing up and down, providing that you alternate the shoes you are thinking to wear.

It is often said that a chunkier heel will fare better for women on the casino floor, as it will be less likely to catch on anything as you walk from the games room to another, so this should definitely be kept in mind. It is never wise to compromise comfort for style when you will be standing for long hours of gaming.

Men tend to select the loafer type dress shoe, which is flat, stylish and elegant to wear with most outfits – be it chinos and a shirt, to a more tailored approach. This style of dress shoe and look will scream effortless style.

It is always wise to bring two pairs of shoes so you can dress your outfit up a little. Going from loafers to brogues is exactly that -and work great with jeans too!

What to wear from the feet up

Selecting the clothes beyond the shoes is a task indeed. We often suggest for a stylish casino dress code you take the time to search for something that compliments your build and personality. If you do not feel comfortable nor confident, trust us – it will show! Therefore, take the time to get to understand you and your style and tap into it with luxury and elegance!

Starting with men, it is no secret that since the release of Casino Royale, most men want to opt for a full-bodied dress shirt with a tie to turn up to their casino of choice. While that is a glamorous move indeed, only surpassed with designer tuxes and a button-down shirt or tux shirt, Sometimes it is not necessary and you may be a tad overdressed in comparison to the others attending. If however, the casino clearly states that its evening attire is a black-tie event, have at it and enjoy the million-dollar feel in your button-down shirt and smart tux jacket.

If you do not necessarily need to go all out with a suit, button-down shirts or business attire etc. you will be able to opt for the subtly business casual fitted trousers and shirt combination. Leaving your shirt slightly open too, will make it look less workwear and more business casual fashion! You could even wear a shirt tucked into some jeans – but try to opt for a consistent colour and none of that washed out business.

Women, on the other hand, look great when they opt to wear a full evening dress, cocktail dress or little black dress (LBD for short). This classic selection of cocktail dress has been an ideal option for every event in the fashion tabloids. LBD’s never get overlooked.

They have been worn for years across red carpet events, exclusive VIP events and of course casinos! Pair your black dress with minimalistic jewellery to make your outfit look far more expensive and luxurious then it actually is. That is the trick most celebrity stylists opt for and often incorporate. Some nice gold jewellery, with your hair, blow-dried, and some nice simplistic heels and girl you have the finished look!


Accessories paired with your outfit will always often be the one thing women adore the most-handbags. So, selecting a bag is not a difficult topic to approach. There are many rules that you can go along with, yet one thing is for sure, if you happen to be wearing black, your bag should stand out and not blend into the outfit. Therefore, by opting to match your bag to the colour of your shoes, for example, is a great way to go about it.

A clutch bag is often a popular choice to accompany black tie or well-dressed events. The reason being is, not many want a body strap or chain to conflict with the overall look of your outfit. A clutch can simply be put under your arm or held elegantly at the side of your dress. Clutch bags do not often tend to be quite large, meaning you will probably have just the right amount of space to put your phone, cards and lipstick to reapply throughout the night.

Great luxury branded clutch bags that are very much loved in today's fashion trends include the Bottega Veneta bags, that have been all the rave from spring seasons to summer. Many high streets shops such as Zara and Mango, will provide alternative similar pieces for a fraction of the price, meaning you do not need to sacrifice your favourite luxury styles.

Male casino wear

So as a quick reminder and summary of all the styles we have spoken about for when you visit a casino and plan on playing the day or night away. Male fashion is far less complicated than female fashion.

You want to look good when you're sat at the poker table, don't you? well, men can opt for dark wash jeans and tie it all up with a nice crisp shirt tucked in, accompanied with some loafers. You will come to understand that there are not many changes necessary for that transitions from day to night. All you will need to do is change up your shoes for a less casual vibe, so possibly trade your Chelsea boots for the fancy Italian brogues.

casino dress wear for men

One thing to mention is, always try to go for the nicest fitting styles i.e. a skinny fit type of jeans, that will not be too tight nor too loose. This will generally complement the styles of shirts that you will go for too. A quick disclaimer to put out there too, when you play in super fitted clothes or a tight tie for too long, that may not be fun at all, so definitely keep that in mind when you pair your outfit together.

Of course, the accessories for males are far less complicated. There will be no clutch bags and lipsticks, all you will need to bring to the table is a nice watch to compliment the look, and maybe a tie. A minimalist strap for the watch works great for the casual jeans and shirt vibe, whereas the stainless and metal-plated straps are a perfect combination is another good option for the more black-tie catered event. Don't forget the dress shoes!

For a black-tie dress code casino night, it's always a good idea to opt for the truly tailored classics like a dinner jacket for a fraction of the price, if you decide to rent the tuxedo instead of buying it. This will then allow you to feel a million dollars without even coming close to breaking the bank.

Female casino wear

So in summary, the casino wear for women gives us a lot more topics to think about. What you wear should be effortless, minimalistic, elegant and above all – something you find comfortable and easy to wear.

We always suggest that heels should be worn in consideration to how well you cope with them. Opting for a thicker heel will ultimately mean that you will have more comfort throughout the night. Thinner heels often referred to as the ‘stiletto’, are known to cause great discomfort when they are worn for long periods of time. In addition to this, the thin style of the heel is not practical for walking across certain flooring. You will find that the heel can catch onto things and be a slight nuisance.

female casino dress code

Clothes that sculpt the body, for the more tailored approach will look far more ‘casino worthy’ and elegant. Cocktail dresses are the safest option to go for when wearing evening attire. Always go for tones of fabric that complement your skin tone and overall colouring. Try and go for minimal styles that do not have large amounts of fabric that can be uncomfortable or distract you for your gameplay. Remember, Less is always more! Body con dresses are the highly popular choice, as are stockings or hose, as they complement your femininity, without having any loose garments that can be stepped or tugged on mid-game.

All these aspects of simplicity, apply to the bag you will wear in the casino too. The simpler the better! You do not want too much going in that can distract the true purpose of your masterpiece and dress. A bag should always be minimalistic and suit the colour of your shoes. This will always make your outfit seem more put together and ‘finished’. A clutch is always favourable, yet if you have to wear a crossbody, opt for a bag that has a small delicate chain, that will not clash with the design of the dress too much.


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