How to Cash Out Your Online Casino Winnings

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When you play at an online casino with real money, you will give yourself the possibility of making some winnings in the process! If you manage to do that, we are sure making a withdrawal of your cash is the first thing on your mind; you want it as quickly as possible. That is definite. Depositing money is a much easier process than withdrawals however, usually these work pretty much instantly. Players will always, however, have questions on how the online casino cash out process works and the steps you must go through for it to walk as smoothly as possible.

For the reason of all the multiple steps involved, you will find that we have created a little guide for your clarity and guidance when completing the final steps of making your withdrawal. Check out our ‘How to cash out your online casino winnings' post and follow through all the tips we have for you on this page.

How do you withdraw real money from an online casino?

When you are playing and making serious wins in the process, it is a very fitting want, to go and withdraw everything you made in the online casino. The process that leads up to a successful withdrawal is not very complex but rather very simple. There are some online casinos that allow players a pretty much instant withdrawal and when we say instant, we mean it should not take more than a day to be credited to your account of choice. Below we have listed the steps that you should help you follow through on your withdrawal process, if you did not know it already.

Each online casino will alter their processes slightly, yet the process will be very similar if not identical. You can also contact the casino customer care if the processes happen to differ greatly from what we have listed below for yourself, for that extra guidance.

Below is the process you should follow to withdraw your winnings:

  • Log into your account within the online casino.
  • Select the cashier label within your casino wallet-where all your winnings are.
  • There should be a withdrawal option near the amount that you have in your wallet, select it, to allow for a quick and fast withdrawal payment.
  • You will need to fill out all your information regarding the payment transaction and methods. Some online casinos will allow you to save the payment method used to make the initial deposit into the casino, however you may wish to opt for a different cash out payment option, so you would need to alter accordingly at this option.
  • Make sure to enter the exact amount you wish to withdraw and that it also meets the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits for the casino policy.
  • Once you have submitted your withdrawal request, you will need to wait for the online casino to authorise and confirm the request to allow for completion and transfer.

There you have it! The process is very simple indeed and does not take too long to go through. All you need to do is wait for the withdrawal request to be accepted by the online casino agents. Of course, they will look into your account to ensure that you have met the wagering requirements that may be attached to the terms that you have accepted (with any bonuses), therefore for that reason you may need to wait a bit longer than expected, as they take wagering requirements very seriously. All withdrawals will take a different length of time, depending on the casino you opt to play with. If you wish to know how long, best to check our individual casino reviews we have listed, or ask the casino personally via the customer care team.

How long should it take to cash out?

All online casino withdrawal transactions (also known as ‘cashing out') are not as instant as deposits unfortunately. Often it can take up to a couple of days to actually be credited to your account of choice. The reason for this is that online gambling sites will always operate their withdrawals via a scheduled time table, meaning if you request outside the schedule you will need to wait for the day to coincide with your requests. Often when cashing out, casino sites will operate via the business working day, meaning Saturday and Sunday does not count as scheduled withdrawal days unfortunately.

Once you have requested your withdrawal, it can take from up to 25 hours to 2-5 business days for your withdrawal to be credited. This all comes down to the payment method you choose and the online casino's individual response time of course. Unfortunately if a casino's operation takes longer than the usual time, this can of course affect your withdrawal speed and your future at an online casino. Most players like an online casino that operates a fast paying casino system. There are many sites these days that operate such fast speeds, meaning it is very possible now than ever to find a speedy option.

The general waiting times for the predominant casino cash out methods are as follows:

Of course the estimated times shown above are not a solid fact and therefore you will find that there will be variations to the waiting times. Everything from public holidays to weekends can alter your payment speed, so just keep that in mind when you request your winnings out of an online casino.

What are the restrictions that we can expect from withdrawals?

All online casinos will have altering regulations that will differ from each other, that is why reading the terms and conditions is very important when it comes to knowing what you should expect and what you are obligated to follow through on. We have taken the time to list the regulations that you can expect down below.

Security checks/KYC: This is the term used to label the security checks that go through within the casino. The online casino will make sure to check out everything possible when it comes to the details of new and existing customers online. The checks will include legal age is abided by in addition to the payment methods used. They will check that the payment option does indeed belong to the user of the account.

Wagering requirements: As we mentioned before, the wagering requirements of an online casino are very important and considered a great deal-especially when your winning withdrawals have been attained from the use of a bonus promotion from the site. The casino agents will ensure to check that you have followed through on your wagering obligations. If you have not, your payment will be refused and the matter could get far more serious than this – you could be banned from the casino if you have massively missed out on what they expect. Wagering requirements can meet very high demands indeed, that is why it is important to look out for the terms and know the exact amount you need to have wagered before you take out any bonus promotions from a gambling site.

Withdrawal limits: The withdrawal limitations are not always available within every casino. Some casinos have large cash flows and therefore will allow you to withdraw as much as you want, yet for some casinos (usually new casinos), they will put a limit on what you can withdraw per week and/or month. Therefore you will need to know this limit before you withdraw. Again the terms and conditions should tell you everything you need to know. VIP members can usually enjoy higher limits than that of new players to the sites.

Payment method withdrawals: Some payment methods will put a limit on the amount that you can withdraw from an online casino, meaning you will need to work round that too and know exactly what your limits are with that payment method. Bank withdrawals usually cater to very high withdrawals, despite the long time it takes from them to be processed.

All these points that we have listed are very simple to understand and keep in consideration when you actually go for making withdrawals within an online casino. However other things will need to be kept in mind. You will need to make sure that you have a proof of identity, to prove who you are and age (yes you may be asked sometimes), meaning a scan of your passport or driver's license should be perfectly fine. Also the proof of your address from anything such as a utility statement or bank statement will suffice just fine.

All your personal information will be kept safe by a regulated and licensed casino. They employ the best online casino security protocols to ensure your sensitive information can never be compromised. Things such as encryption ensure hackers can never get through. Casinos nowadays employ a 128-bit or 256-bit encryption for your protection so you have nothing to worry about at all! You will be asked to email forward your documents via the casinos email, or the most efficient online casinos will have a system where you can manually upload your documents for the casino agents to see and refer to when needed.

The process may seem very long winded, yet rest assured it is all for your own benefit, and for the rest of the community to play in a safe, secure and fun environment.


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