Top 7 Best Horse Racing Slots

best horse racing slots

Horse racing as a gambling muse, is one of the oldest known sports in the histories. Many have entertained themselves with this from as early as the French renaissance. Of course, rules and technique may have evolved and changed since then, but nevertheless it is something that has been a mandatory part of gambling and high society.

Today within the gambling community, online slots games has managed to provide to players, every type of genre that players can dream and want. From golf, to fantasy and of course the main theme of this article, horse racing! Today’s slot selections will bring together the best horse racing slots released until today. Let’s begin, read more to find out the next slots you need to check out.

1. Legends of Racing: Jump Season

This slot game is your traditional video slot, bringing the world of horse gambling into your favourite slot form. There are many bonus features to entertain yourself with here, many of which are named after famous horse racing legends that have been champions for a very long time! Many Clouds, Hurricane Fly, Long Run and Red Rum, will make you reminisce the days you placed bets on these mainstream champions. In addition to this, if you happen to come across these features in your reels, know that you may be about to win big with multipliers and free spins!

legends of racing - jump season

One thing to know is, you can place bets from a minimum of £0.01 all the way to £100, so that is definitely something to keep in mind. Players with all types of bankrolls are welcome here!

2. Sure Win

A Microgaming designed game that is focused in the heart and core of the horse racing course. This game highlights amazing graphics that really do justice for real life horse racing. The 25 pay lines set in a classical video slot of 5-reels brings together different betting sizes, so that players can really enjoy their gaming suited to their abilities

sure win slot

The two main symbols that you should look out for when you are playing, involves the ‘Sure Win’ and the ‘Bookmaker’. These are known for giving the player the most in terms of prizes. How do you ask? Well, these symbols trigger 24 bonus spins, one after the other and the chaos caused in your reels usually cashes in quite a lot in terms of jackpots etc. This game is available on most Microgaming casinos online.

3. Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven

Playtech brings a game that honours the legend Frankie Dettor, a jockey that had superior style when it comes to horse racing. He was first recognised when he had seven consecutive wins within the Ascots, and Playtech thought that, it is about time someone celebrated his achievements to date!

frankie dettori's magic seven

This slot has 5-reels and 25 paylines i.e. a traditional video slot as all the others within our lists. Yet this game has bonus rounds that can offer you up to 7500 times your originals stake. You just need to be lucky about it of course. There are bonus rounds that will make having further fun a possibility, including the free racing games and the magic seven. These two come separately to the game, so you can essentially have more to play then just a bog-standard slot game, that is for sure.

4. A Day at the Derby

This slot game brings together bonuses that introduce large earning potential and rewards. It is the bonus rounds that really get your earning potential, exactly where it should be. To trigger it, you will need to get the bonus symbols within your reel. The symbols to look out for include a white racing horse. This can reel in the rewards if you happen to stake a wager based around where it lands on the payline.

day at the derby slot

In addition to this, the free spins feature that can arise from the bonus rounds, could get you 3 times multipliers, that will pave a way for large wins per winning combination that you actually manage to make.

5. Derby Dollars

This game and the genius behind it, all comes from the software developer Real Time Gaming. The game does not have the best graphics on the market-we will admit that. However, there are great game features-including bonus features within the game itself. You can essentially play more than one game at a time- if you trigger the bonus rounds of course.

derby dollars slot

The Wild Horse feature is what can get you pocketing up to 3400 coins in one sitting. In addition to this you will be able to play with 25 free spins too, as it is integrated with the Wild Horse symbol within the game. Free spins are ideal for making more out of your stakes. The jackpot for this game is not the biggest ever, but it is modest. At almost £2000, you can still walk away with more than what you came with right?

6. Lucky Day at the Races

This slot is titled after what we all want when we visit the races. You can imagine that a lucky day at the races means you walk away with all the money that you have been dreaming about, however this game does not give you all that unfortunately. What this game does provide is multiple bonus features such as scatter symbols, multipliers and free spins.

lucky day at the races slot

We know these features are of paramount importance when it comes to making as much cash as you can from an online casino. Nevertheless, activate the bonus rounds, through the manoeuvres of scatter symbols. Scatter symbols in this game can manipulate the game symbols and rearrange your reels to the best formation for you and your winning potential.

7. Champion of the Track

This game brings one of the most favourite slot producers of our time. Net Entertainment is the top of the top for slot games, there is no doubt about it. When anyone hears that they have made one in horse racing, they go and check it out and that is what we have done. Like any other classical video slot, you have 5-reels to play with. This game has 30 pay lines, which is a little greater than the ones we have mentioned within our lists previously, the game no doubt about it, possesses amazing graphics that will immerse you into the world of horse racing once again!

champion of the track slot

The features of this game that you should take particular notice of, include the bonus elements that can help you get that winning jackpot up at the end of the game. Free spins are a must when you play Champion of the Track. You have to get 5 wild symbols lined up as a winning combination, to make it work and activate 15 simultaneous free spins on the go. In addition to this, there is the bonus option called ‘Career Bonus’. This allows players to cash in from multiple multipliers at once. When you are playing within this period of the special feature, you will trigger many things at once if you are lucky! Including cash prizes and instant jackpots to take home. There is only one way to make sure this happens, right? Get those wagers into the game!

The selection of horse racing slots is guaranteed to be the best on the market today. We do have other slot genres and guides that you can check out, with other latest releases based on the best slots based on music themes, amongst many others. Help get your gaming started by checking out all our slots and sites we suggest!


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