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Aarp stands for the American Association of Retired Persons. This is an organisation that makes no profit from the work that they involve themselves in. Their goal is to address the needs and wants of the elderly and the middle-aged persons. The foundation of this programme has been known to bring great services, one of which is the games that it integrates along its platforms. The games branch out across many platforms, meaning you will be able to find many genres to suit your preferences.

To play online, players will not need a membership and all titles will be free to explore very easily. To find out more about the latest kid on the block, in addition to how the organisation runs for its gaming access, read on to find out more of what we have to offer!

What are the Aarp free games?

So, as was mentioned previously, Aarp online games provide a large variety for you to entertain yourself. Each Aarp free online game is split into categories, so you will have lots to choose from. There are many free online games Aarp, that are actually free to use without any registration necessary.

The games that require no registration or information about you, will allow you to keep score of your progress via a scoreboard that will inform you on the best players for each set of games. Below we have listed the best free games Aarp categories. Make sure to acquaint yourself better, so you can find out the best Aarp games for you and your gaming style!

Aarp crossword, puzzles and word games: Games include crosswords, puzzles, block puzzles, jigsaws and Sudoku. There are many more options available on the website.

Card series: Blackjack, bridge, solitaire etc.

Brain series: These games are only available to members as they are quite diverse in function. The game's graphics and storylines hit many various themes.

Strategy series: These games include pool, block game sets, Tetris, chess and dice games.

Mah-jongg series: This series of games is the most popular of all, as many people across the globe love the Chinese traditional gambling game.

All the variations that we have listed above, showcase a great amount of options for players that wish to make the best out of their gaming. Some categories are for members only, as more extensive design and game features went into making the games more exclusive. Therefore, it makes sense that they want these games to be for members only.  Aarp games is a trusted provider that brings together players with unique games that may have not been experienced anywhere else before. We have high confidence that the platform will not disappoint you at all.

Of course, you can get more out of your gambling experience if you decide to go for the membership, as there will be more titles on offer for you then. Yet, if you want to test trial the current services for free first, then you have the opportunity to do so! To help you further along the way, we have put some game examples for you to take a peek; to help you make a judgement of whether Aarp games are really worth all the hype. Being that many of the games are free, you can be certain that you have nothing to lose nor have to risk anything to find out if the games are right for yourself. It is a completely safe chance to take.

Card Games at Aarp

The card games available for you to play on are some of the most classical options seen around. You will be able to play solitaire, with amazing graphics and gameplay. In addition to this, the games have different spin-offs from one another, meaning you will be able to try different variants of the same game. Some of the game titles that you can look forward to including, Forty Thieves, Free Cell Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Classic Solitaire and many, many more options! There are exclusive titles that are for members only, including Bridge and Blackjack-yet you can always try all the free titles listed above, to help you make the decision of whether the membership is worth your time or not.

Word Games at Aarp

Word games are highly requested at Aarp-constantly. Why? Because we always love a good word game to get our intellect going. Especially in times when you have nothing to do and need to keep yourself entertained. There are many, many crosswords that are available for players to try out-including the daily crosswords and best anagrams for the day. Yes, the change daily or weekly, to keep players interested and feed their gaming hunger and interest! One game that is very popular today includes the Best American, which is a series of jumbled and scrambled words, that require players to make words out of. The phrases are popular within America and therefore it is very likely the terms will all be in American English-so beware!

Other titles of games that are our particular favourites include Scramble Words, Wander Words and Words Pipe. They will get you thinking and really contemplating your knowledge of the English dictionary. It is always better to dedicate your time for the cause of education, right? You will not feel as guilty spending as many hours playing them then. That is definite, for sure.

Brain Games at Aarp

When it comes to Aarp games, brain games do not really make that specification, unfortunately. This is one part of the gaming categories that are completely off-limits to free members. You will need to ensure that you are a full paying member to have access. Yet we still thought to entice you with incentives to possibly get you considering…

The brain games are great to keep your brain young and healthy. A healthy brain is an active brain and one that will always be on point when it comes to making quick and witty decisions. Keeping your brain healthy is very important when you are considering having a young brain for longer. Games within this category will activate different parts of your brain, so you can consistently keep all your brain active and working-without being lazy. Games to look out for, include the Bubble Topia, which is perfect for positive information response when training your brain. You always want to keep your brain positive rather than negative.

Mah-jongg games at Aarp

The Mah-jongg games are of the most popular played titles (as we mentioned before). These games are really popular within Asia, as it is a traditional gambling title for the culture. In addition to this, it is all about strategy, your ability to maintain attention to detail and memorise sequences within the game. If you have never played it before, it is a perfect opportunity to get into it and really practice this new gaming technique.

The skills you gain from playing are life worthy and can be applied across the other Aarp titles too! There are many games that are spread with seasonal differences, meaning you will not be playing the same kind of game variant consistently. Everything played will have different themes and applications of the game rules. Check out the games by the likes of Mah-jongg Dimensions, Mah-jongg Remix, Mah-jongg Solitaire (yes, a mix of two genres!), and Mah-Jongg Candy, for a fun twist to the games that you are used to. This game is our favourite by far and the most entertaining overall!

Who are Aarp?

Aarp is an association that invests its time, money and hours into helping middle-aged and elderly individuals. This charity is limited to the United States of America, meaning it is regional rather than internationally operated. However, the games are internationally accessible, meaning everyone can still get a fix of the games that Aarp have to offer.

The organisation was founded within 1958, by Ethel Percy. Yet it was not until 1982, where Aarp foundation was merged with the National Retired Association. This was a huge move for Percy, very much one that took the organisation up to another level in recognition and contribution towards society. For all that joined, members would have access to free health care via insurance, pharmaceutical services, in addition to hotel gifts, promotions and travel goodies.

The retirement programme provides its members with health-related services that are suited to the older generation. The services are orbited around that age group perfectly, with materials provided solely serving that purpose. The Aarp advocates many elderly related topics across political spectrums. Recent works include the pushing of legislation that will provide benefits to older people that have worked all their lives. Aarp has managed to be one of the most well-known political charities to benefit the elderly on a frequent basis. Due to all their work, they have really managed to make a difference to all their members within society, as a form of protection.

Frequently asked questions

What is Aarp?

AARP is an organisation that provides benefits and services to the elderly within the United States. They have tackled many political issues across the region, to ensure that the retired class age group receive incentives and benefits to support their post-working life. Many members of the non-profit group have managed to secure health insurance and access to pharmaceutical services, with little to no costs.

They also have entitlements to extra flight and travel accommodations, amongst other hospitality services too. This body is one of the most recognised within the United States of America, for the services that the founder Percy has provided overall in aid to society.

What games are there available to play?

The games that are available to play, include many categories across the card games genre, in addition to brain games, crossword puzzles etc. The games are not all free of access, meaning you will need to create a profile and membership to have full rounded access to the services provided. Yet there are many that you could get started on for free, if you still have not made your mind up of paying for the full-rounded access that Aarp gaming services provide. The games that have many levels to them, such as the brain games, will not be free at all to play. The reason being, is that these games are considered exclusive and special.

What Aarp card games can I play that are free access?

The games that are of free access within Aarp’s card gaming portfolio include all the Solitaire games. There are over 20 variants to pick from, meaning you are really spoilt for choice when opting for your final option. There are also free play options for the Blackjack variants, but not all are exclusively free for non-members. Regardless, the free selections do give you a lot to select from, meaning you should not be struggling to make a diverse gaming experience for yourself at all. All the games that are not free to play, will have a lock right beside their title, to symbolise that you have to sign up to play it!

What other games are there, that are not card or gambling related?

Other games that you can look forward to, outside of the gambling genre, includes the crossword puzzles available. These will provide you literary exercises that you can enjoy completely at your own pace, with some variants that are more region specific i.e. Best American, which is an American English crossword puzzle, that covers all aspects of general knowledge across the USA.

What other services do Aarp provide, outside of gaming?

Services that you can explore within the organisation of Aarp include, health insurance and pharmaceutical access. You will be able to get a healthcare policy that revolves around your and your needs, rather than a standard health care protocol that everyone else has. It really will evolve around your current health needs and requirements. In addition to this, there is a huge range of services that expand outside of health and wellness.

You can have access to unique bonus codes that can be applied across the hospitality industry. In addition to this, vouchers for free meals at the top restaurants can be redeemed for certain days of the week. There are also travelling incentives, with discounts of holiday packages, or free off-peak travelling tickets that can be applied throughout certain seasons of the year. These incentives have been created to take care of the middle-aged to retired individuals, with some well-deserved pick-me ups!


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