5 Video Games That Offer Gambling Minigames

video minigames with gambling

We always categorise gambling games and video games on two different sides of a spectrum. Yet one thing is for certain, you will find that they do actually have a lot in common, when it comes to nature and the aim of playing-we all play them for entertainment after all do we not? When you take everything to the core of its characteristics, each game option actually endeavours strategy and skill to play with flair.

Timing and luck is everything when it comes to having a successful round of gaming. Some video games will also have an incentive of winning money, yet we do admit that it is far more prevalent within casino games than it is within video games.

The elements of casino games and themes will always come from movie culture and video game themes. Sometimes video games have been so popular, that they have had to be released on a casino platform too. Street fighter is a great example of that. It has pretty much been made into every gaming platform possible.

After all, it is about the entertainment value and some games have proven that very much so therefore, it makes sense to integrate elements between the two. Yet, many video games today do take inspiration from the gambling realm and therefore introduced mini-games to add further interest and gaming intrigue to their products.

We have put together some of the best examples of this relationship. If you read further into this article you will see exactly what we are talking about in full!

The Sims 3

Sims is a very well-known game. If there has not been a time where you binged Sims in your life, you definitely have not exploited the full potential of PC gaming and video gaming. This game integrates a casino add on software, which you can purchase as a plus from wherever you are playing your gaming option from. Most Sims outputs were played on the PC and that was the first place that the gambling add on was included. From there your character was able to play all the classical casino games that are so popular today. From blackjack, to poker and roulette-everything is possible.

Sims 3 gambling minigame

If you have never tried gambling before, then Sims will definitely awaken that liking and interest to try it out for yourself. It's an ideal training ground for you to get the idea of how gambling works without having to risk any free money. Suppose many of the casino giants of today will have Sims to thank for all the traffic and players that game through then, right?

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Redemption 2 gets all the gamers talking and on edge! This game introduces mini gambling games once again. This game in particular is all about poker, where you the player will be competing against the computer in addition to real players for ultimate poker champion. Of course you will not be able to show your poker face over video games, but it gets as close as an online casino experience as you would hope for.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gambling

The Blackwater poker game is the first feature gambling game in the Red Dead Redemption series, where you will not be risking real hard earned cash, but your reputation is on the line if you happen to lose! Hence why it's not an option but to keep playing until you defeat both computer and real life opponents! So, what are you waiting for? Keep going and make that video game cash flow going, it is definitely worth a try.

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy always gets players going, by how spectacular the storylines of the games actually are. It is one of the most popular games to be released, with the Final Fantasy series continuously being adapted and released with many more parts to the initial story. It makes sense to want to integrate gambling within one of the most successful video gaming titles there ever was. This game introduces the Triple Triad gambling choice to be enjoyed.

final fantasy 7 gambling

With a simple 3×3 layout and many card options, colours and selections to play with, your job is to match all the cards before your opponent does in the game. If you manage to do it, your stake will double and you will be one happy bunny at the end of it!

Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas is one game that definitely matches up to the gambling specification. This game incorporates 6 casino venues that you can play all the classical titles such as blackjack, roulette, poker and baccarat. Blackjack is however, one of the most popular titles within the game, with the 3:2 payouts a reason as to why it gets so much attention from players.

fallout 3 gambling

This payout is found at the Gomorrah casino, yet the Atomic Wrangler brings across a 6:5 payout too, meaning players have every reason to welcome this game with big open arms. There is a reason this game was set for success when gambling is involved. It is named after Vegas after all no? Vegas is the mecca of all things gambling related and very much a reel which draws gable fanatics in.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Let us be real here. There is no better game than the Grand Theft Auto Series. San Andreas does hit a spot of excitement whenever it's mentioned. The game has a fully fledged casino within its features, where you can hop on into, long after you park your stolen car into the parking lot of course. The gaming selection is very much epic, you can have a go on everything from video slot games, to the table games spread across the floor. Yet, a cool feature within this game, is the borrowing/loan feature from the casino.

gta san andreas gambling game

Your character will be able to loan some money from the casino, which obviously takes away the real casino momentum from the game we suppose. However, this is probably a way to independently give San Andreas an edge over being generalised to a casino gambling environment too much. This feature definitely makes it more of a video game vibe. Of course, if you happen to not pay the loan back from the casino, you will have a couple of people on your trail, wanting every single penny back to the cent. Guess this game will have you on your toes for all the right reasons. Gambling galore and the life of a hustler for sure.

There are many video games that bring forward that gambling-esque vibe to your screens, yet these five titles are ones that are unforgettable and not only will they be the top of our lists-but yours too!


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