3D blackjack review

3D Blackjack

A new view of a traditional and well-loved game, 3D Blackjack is designed to keep players entertained through cool gameplay, even chances of winning, and the need for a well-thought-out strategy. Blackjack in itself is a game that engages the mind thoroughly - but is the 3D Blackjack game a good online version of this classic? Here’s how you find out:

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Here are some of the features of this game:

General Rules

3D Blackjack follows an American style of gameplay, which means things are a bit more relaxed. There’s no peeping on the part of the dealer and he will wait for you before drawing any cards. One thing to remember about this game is that if the dealer has drawn a sum of 17 or more, they’re going to stop.


The game comes with what you call insurance. If you’re unsure about your hand or if the dealer is just too lucky, opting for insurance means you’ll be laying down 50 per cent of the initial bet as security. If it turns out you’re wrong, you lose the value of the insurance. However, since you won the bet, you’ll get money back. The difference between the cost of the insurance and the money you won is essentially your gain. But what if you lose the hand? This is when the insurance kicks in and you’ll be paid twice the cost of the insurance bet. Work with this system properly and you can avoid losing any money during the game.

Split Cards

Split cards are allowed – but only once. Re-splits are therefore effectively barred. You also can’t hit split aces.  On the plus side, you can double during the game and double after a split.

Surrender and Side Bets

Unfortunately, there’s no surrender option for this game so you’ll have to play through. The same goes for side bets which are not available.

Number of Decks and Table Size

There are 6 decks of cards used per game. As you probably already know, each deck contains 52 cards. Since this is a multi-hand game, you’ll be competing with 3 betting hands for each session.

Best Strategies for 3D Blackjack

This American style 3D Blackjacks offers a bit more leeway for strategy. They conduct the game with one card exposed and another card facing downwards. Since you already know that they don’t draw if the sum is 17 or more, then the two facts can provide you with an excellent springboard for strategies.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Hard Hands Strategy

With this one, the game starts with any card other than an ace. When this happens, the ace will count as one (1) when it is eventually dealt. During this time, your chances of winning are more likely if you hit for numbers anywhere between 8 and 16. Anywhere above that and you just let it stand. However, if you get 11, feel free to double your bet.

Soft Hands Strategy

If one of your initial cards is an ace, the Soft Hands Strategy comes into play. Check your ace and see if when totalled with the visible card, you’re getting a sum of 11. If this is the case, you can hit for any card from 2 to 6. There’s a good chance you have the better hand.

Splits Strategy

This one is a bit more complicated. It requires that you get eights (8) and aces. You hit if you get anywhere between 2 and 7, otherwise, you leave it. In fact, odds are so good that if the dealer has 2 to 6, you can double your bet.

Keep a Count in Your Head

Card counting is legal and if you’re playing online 3D Blackjack, who’s to say you’re not keeping track in your head? Now, with 6 decks in there, counting can be a little tougher. However, this shouldn’t stop you if it’s going to raise the odds of winning. You have to know this is a bit tricky though and requires lots of practice on your part. Card counting is simply a strategy that tells you what cards have already been dealt and therefore, what cards that will likely show up with each hand. It requires focus and dedication – but it’s part of what makes the game fun.

Keep a Cheat Sheet

Memorizing blackjack strategies can be frustrating, but with an online game, you shouldn’t feel the pressure. Keep a cheat sheet with you of possible strategies and leave it open on a tab, as a screenshot, or have it printed out. Refer to it on a regular basis, especially if you’re new to the game. As you get used to 3D Blackjack, you’ll find yourself referring to the sheet less and less.

Have a Limit

Finally, make sure you have a limit when it comes to losses – and perhaps even winnings. Set a specific amount and if you’ve gone beyond that, exit the game. You can come back fighting again the next time, but don’t let yourself go overboard, no matter how strong your gut feelings are about the cards.

Game Quality and Additional Features

The game graphics themselves are fairly good, but not what you can consider as the best on the market. It gives you the feel of a real-life blackjack game – but that’s it. The ease of controls, and the fact that it can be played via your mobile phone, add to the overall efficiency of the game. The graphics and smoothness of the gameplay is just so that you can thoroughly enjoy each hand.


All in all, 3D Blackjack is a good choice for those who want the thrill of real casino gameplay but with much more control over their bets. The straightforward gameplay combined with the relaxed rules makes this a good choice for beginners or even experts who just want to have fun via a realistic blackjack game. The game has also been rated well online by players.