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Founded back in 2005, Play’n Go are one of the more recognisable names from the game development industry. If you know a handful of developers but not them all, the chances are that Play’n Go will be one that you do know.

They have grown into a very reputable company for the simple reason that they create excellent quality games. This all started with slot games, but they have now branched out into other areas. With regular releases, if you didn’t know them before the start of this article, once you start looking for them and their games, you won’t miss them.

Here we take a look at why their games are so popular, what they can offer you as a player and why you should head over to an online casino and pick out the best games from Play’n Go to try out.

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Who Are Play’n Go?

Play’n Go have several offices but all of those, except for one, is based in Europe. This is their stronghold, but that is not to say they only cater to the European market. From the very beginning, they have put focus on creating popular themed games that appeal to all, this started with slots and now includes a variety of popular table games and even bingo.

Five offices show you how big this company has become and the number of releases they have also shows that. They are a company that likes to release games on a regular basis, so if you do become a fan then get ready because plenty of new titles will be coming your way over the coming weeks and months.

As one of the leading lights and bigger names in the industry, the pressure is on Play’n Go every time they create a title, but so far, we have seen them deliver.

Bonuses at Play’n Go Casinos

When trying your luck with Australian casino games, you can take advantage of sign up bonuses when you create a new account. This will give you a welcome package of some description, it could include free spins, bonus funds or even an offer that doesn’t require a deposit.

Whatever you claim, you can head into the game section to spend your bonus and Play’n Go games offer a great way to spend your bonus. Look out for some of their bigger titles, which we will talk about below, and look out for anything that catches your eye from this company.

Playing Play’n Go Games on Mobile Phones

Play’n Go joined the casino industry right at the start of the mobile age, but they deserve a lot of credit because they saw what was going to happen in the future and ensured that they were at the forefront of it.

The games that Play’n Go create can all be played on a mobile device, and they have ensured that for a very long time now. They want their players to be able to go out and access their games in whatever way they want to, whether this is mobile or on a desktop.

If you are a mobile player and you want a software developer to follow, Play’n Go are a great choice for you. They continue to serve the mobile gaming platform with a lot of quality games and seem set to do so for many years.

Why Choose Play’n Go Games?

Play’n Go offer the kind of experience that not too many other developers can match. They have been in this industry for a long time now, and have sought to keep improving themselves and stay at the heard of important issues such as mobile gaming.

We are now also seeing them branch out and provide a different type of game, away from their standard slot titles. This is again another sign that they watch and follow the market, they like to keep ahead of the latest trend and give players what they want.

Their most recent change involves them offering table games and also offering bingo, both fixed odds bingo and video bingo.

All of this points towards how Play’n Go like to look at the current trends and make sure their service is exactly on point.

The Top Titles from Play’n Go

Play’n Go have a fantastic back catalogue of games to look through, and they also have some new releases that are pointing towards what the future of gaming may look like. If you want to get involved with Play’n Go, here is a look through their top three games to get you started.

Wildhound Derby

Greyhound racing is a popular sport in Australia, so this one will certainly appeal to a lot of players. Play’n Go combine sports with slot gaming here, creating a slot game that has features, symbols and gameplay based around the popular sport of dog racing.

Some of the most popular slot games we have ever seen have a sporting theme running through them because developers know that sports fans can also be gamblers. This is exactly what has happened here, this is a great game and one that will no doubt appeal to many.

Black Mamba

Join rock band Black Mamba on tour in this music-themed slot game that offers a very fun gaming board. With plenty of sounds, characters that you are going to enjoy and great features including a multiplier and free spins, there is a lot to take in here.

If you are looking for fun and action-packed gaming, make sure you check out Black Mamba.

Diamond Vortex

If you want to know what gaming may look like in the future then play this title from Play’n Go and you may get a feel for it. We have a state of the art hexagonal gaming board here, a range of moving reels and zone mechanics that bring this game to life.

We have already spoken about Play’n Go and how they like to be at the forefront of things, offering players what they want and this is a typical example of that. If you are getting a little bored with traditional gaming and you want a spark, this is exactly the type of game to offer it.