Best Microgaming Casinos 2020

Playing Microgaming and their selection of games is not something you start just purely by chance. Microgaming software is something you play due to the quality and execution of the games-it is something that everyone is talking about in the online gaming community. Not one player ever walks away from a Microgaming casino and thinks that the online casino games are anything but ordinary.

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There is a reason as to why Microgaming games are labeled as the best and top within the world. That is exactly why we decided to create this guide for our readers and community at Casimple. We want to make sure you appreciate Microgaming casinos just as much as we do, and of course, know exactly where the best place is to find them! Continue reading to find out more about the largest and fast-rising casino software provider in the gambling industry!

Experience what Microgaming Gaming has to offer

Microgaming casino games have reached such a large point now within the online casino industry, their reputation speaks for itself. As a software provider, they cater to over 1200 games, in their gaming portfolio. With all games branching into video online slots genres (of a typical 5-reel structure), in addition to the classical slots range, progressive jackpot slots, and of course your traditional table games: live casino, video poker, roulette, etc.

The operation of the casino games and fellow official Microgaming gambling sites, showcases in up to 45 different languages, meaning no matter your location in the world, be it a Microgaming Australia casino site or beyond, Microgaming have thought their gaming production through and have really tried to make it accessible to everyone and anyone.  With over 30 years in the business (from the year 1990), Microgaming game providers really have plenty of time to perfect their trade and consider their game market and demographics.

There are games to suit all game genres and standards, so if perhaps one title does not suit you and your preferences, you will most definitely find a better solution amongst the other jackpot games and online slots available to you. If perhaps you want to play with other people and single-handedly, there is a selection of multiplayer games that you can bring your friends in on the fun with too. There are even multiplayer online slot tournaments! So, if there is anything that you are thinking of that is missing with Microgaming, we suggest you look harder as you have probably missed it and overlooked what is available to players in general.

Without us even mentioning the most popular titles, there is a very good chance that you know of them and have come across them before. They are as follows, Avalon, Thunderstruck (based on Thor the movie), Game of Thrones, Immortal Romance, Jurassic Park, and the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot series.

Microgaming has been known to take particular fancy in creating online gambling games, based around movie culture and TV shows. This idea in itself is highly genius if you ask us, as players who play will already have a relationship and fondness with the game genre, meaning it will instantly resonate to a large crowd immediately upon its release, with no need for any extra marketing activities to push performances of the games.

These games of course are licensed branded games that Microgaming sought out permission to use. They went about it in the right way if you ask us!

Jackpot and Winners

The progressive jackpots network that Microgaming offers its gambling community, is some of the best the casino world has to offer right now. Many top software providers like Playtech, IGT, and NetEnt for example, all wish to have the same grasp in the progressive jackpot market as Microgaming has currently. Being that their progressive networks are the best online right now, we thought to go into further stats, figures, and facts of what there is to offer when you join up and begin your journey with a Microgaming Casino Australia candidate.

Due to the immense popularity that Microgaming slots progressive jackpot network games have, you will find that the jackpot values soar to high extremes and figures for payout. Microgaming up until now, hold the largest payouts given in history, to winners who have managed to trigger the jackpot. Of course, it is not easy to manage to trigger the jackpot for yourself, but the clear distribution of winners around the world on Microgaming slots shows how far the gaming developers have reached across the world’s gaming markets.

Currently, the biggest jackpot win from Microgaming games is a cool €18.9 million, from the Mega Moolah game. This until today will still be the top Microgaming progressive jackpot title and one of the most popular jackpot slots in the world, no questions asked. The winner who managed to win such large amounts of money was based in Sweden.

Microgaming Company Overview

Microgaming is a company that originates from the Isle of Man. Being based within the UK region, Microgaming quickly expanded and increased their offices all around the world. Now Microgaming possesses multiple headquarters and multiple licenses, to allow operation across all the top gaming locations of the world. Microgaming has a shared vision to connect and combine their efforts with as many gaming developers in the world. Unlike many other software providers, Microgaming sees that having combined efforts and knowledge creates what their audience needs. They always know exactly how to keep improving themselves, but also never disappoint their market audience, who always anticipate Microgaming’s next moves.

Microgaming was the first of the casino game empire, to introduce mobile device gaming, and really brought that extra edge of knowledge and technology within the industry. In addition to this, you will find the extent of mobile casino games made especially for mobile output, Microgaming holds the largest favour and stronghold in the market. With over 250 games purely designed for mobile online casinos, Microgaming has been busy bees from the get-go of their inception!

Should you ever doubt the quality and perfection that emits from Microgaming casinos and their games, do not forget to try the free game demos that come with their gaming portfolios. That will most definitely change your mind, putting risks of your cash aside, you will fully appreciate what this gaming provider has to offer you!

How to Choose the Best Microgaming Casinos Australia

So, selecting the best Microgaming casino sites in Australia is not easy! You have a lot to pick from in terms of choices. However, one thing we would suggest is, to make your selection based on numerous factors. These factors are the pieces that mould and fit your overall experience. Each one is just as important as the other and if you really want a well-rounded experience, you will make sure that nothing is left out. So, when we say factors, we mean the characteristics of a casino site.

We have elaborated in more detail about this, on our casino sites page, should you wish to understand further and read more into the topic. Otherwise, here we will provide to you a basic but great elaboration on the characteristics you should look for; and what we already look for when making our decisions on which sites to include within our Microgaming guide!

From the selection of Microgaming casinos that we have included today, we can tell you that each and every candidate provides the user with a large array of games. Having a large gaming portfolio of Microgaming games is important, as players will always want to try different games and keep their gaming experience interesting. For example, making sure to include every single gaming opportunity, such as live dealer, classical casino games, and slot games (classical slots, video slots, movie slots, etc.) Other factors that we consider include the availability of casino bonuses and general online casino welcome bonus incentives. The quality of the bonuses is imperative to your gaming experience; in addition to the wagering requirements that accompany them.

It can be frustrating receiving a free spins when they have a wagering requirement that is far higher than the worth of the free spins themselves. Also, the variety of payment methods is an important feature of a Microgaming online casino.

Having multiple options will guarantee to suit a larger spectrum of players. Being on the less generous side limits the player’s ability to join and play with the casino for real money, especially if certain regions do not accept the payment methods provided by the Microgaming online casinos. We take all these features into consideration when selecting the best online Microgaming casinos on the Australian market. Having all the aspects mentioned above promises a really good online game experience overall to players!

To make your decision, make sure you read through our casino candidates and understand exactly what each separate online casino can give you in terms of a player status online.

Microgaming Mobile Casinos

Mobile casinos as we mentioned previously, were first introduced by Microgaming. This technological advancement was huge for the online casino gaming industry. Nothing really has been made quite as significant or like it within the gaming online empire. Microgaming is great at identifying what the industry is missing, constantly adapting, and making sure their technological outputs are the best for the times today. Microgaming also introduced the first VR games in the casino industry too, so essentially they are the pioneers of this gaming market altogether, there are no doubts about that at all!

The whole idea about mobile device gambling is that players can feel relaxed and comfortable with their gaming habits. They are completely free to play as they wish, when and where it is really up to them completely. That is the whole idea of mobile casino gambling. That players can take lead and adopt casino gambling into their everyday lifestyle with no restrictions and obstacles. A completely flexible and evolved gambling approach. All brought to you by Microgaming!

Any player that has an iPhone, Android, or a Windows model can be sure to access mobile casino outputs for Microgaming games. Everything has been taken care of by Microgaming, to immerse you into unforgettable gameplay, you just need to show up to a Microgaming casinos platform.

New Microgaming Casinos

The newest Microgaming casinos bring to players many, many opportunities. Players will find that the bonus promotions alongside the casino software of the platform are beyond what you find in more long term established casino sites. The reason for this is due to new casino sites wanting to make sure they reel in many of the new players looking to find a site for themselves to play at. Usually, the well-known casino candidates will take priority and manage to get the player’s attention, however, this is where new casinos come in. They will always make sure to have even bigger and better opportunities for players, just to make sure they have that higher advantage of favour in the new player’s eyes.

The things players can expect include bolder bonuses that often include match bonuses (of up to 500%), in addition to high roller unique bonuses for casino games such as poker, roulette, and blackjack. From a pure slot site basis, The new slot site bonuses can include aspects such as a huge bundle of free spins to play with for example. This is why casino sites of a newer establishment will often build a large gambling community ever so quickly, as there is so much to be had and explored for you and your gambling journey.

Software Solution

Microgaming is not only known for the games and technological advancements that they encourage in the casino realm, they also provide technological solutions for other casino software bodies. The Quickfire solution is a casino games integration that allows new casino sites to build a new Microgaming casino with it. Call it the backbone or the spine, casinos can develop and support themselves with this skeleton of a casino framework.

Many gaming providers like NextGen and Quickspin for example, use the Quickfire solution, to allow a seamless output of their games. Again, you can see how Microgaming’s ideology of working alongside other brands brings life to the gambling network as we know it.

Safe and Certified

The platform provided by Microgaming’s casino network is of the safest you can ever possibly come across. The reason being is that Microgaming has been working alongside and partners of multiple Gambling Commissions and organisations across the globe. The gaming systems that Microgaming casinos provide is unparalleled and really do integrate the best of the safety practices that casinos should involve themselves in. Bodies like eCOGRA and iTech, continuously audit and feedback for continuous improvements (if any) to the Microgaming gaming systems presented to players.

Microgaming act accordingly and always sees themselves as a ‘work in progress’ for player satisfaction and safety. They always believe there is more to do to improve and give back to the players and communities as a whole.

Frequently asked questions

When was Microgaming founded?

Microgaming originates from the Isle of Man. Coming to conception in the year 1990, where the first-ever slot classical machine was made available to the public within the pub setting. This put Microgaming on the map indefinitely. Microgaming continuously put themselves at the forefront of technological advancements for the gambling industry, as they too have founded mobile casinos and VR gaming technology. Yes, they are the ones to watch out for!

What are Microgaming’s bonuses like?

The bonuses available depending on whether you want to play at a new casino or a more established and authoritative casino. Usually, new casino bonuses from Microgaming’s services are far more superior and fun to play with. You will definitely get more for your buck when it comes to large match bonuses, free spins bundles, and of course welcome bonus initiatives of the reload kind. They really do emit some of the best promotions players could ask for, it is just a case of when you will play!

How to play Microgaming in Australia?

To play Microgaming in Australia, you will need to look for a great site to play at for yourself. This will include reading through the series of Microgaming reviews that we have provided for you and other fellow players. All the reviews will include testing and industrial expert opinions on everything from the online casino games, promotions, site navigability, payment variations, and overall experience. It is definitely worth your time to check it out and allow it to help you along your journey.