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Founded in 2010, iSoftBet have been creating a variety of casino games for their players and they have established themselves as one of the bigger names in the industry. They currently have headquarters in England with another office in Luxembourg, though they have far bigger aspirations than just conquering those two countries, this is a company that wants to make their mark worldwide.

This is a company that can provide casinos with a huge range of titles because of how they are set up. Not only do they create a range of their own games, but they also team up with other software developers, and offer further third-party games on their platform.


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Who Are iSoftBet?

It is fair to say that the rise of iSoftBet has been pretty impressive. They have climbed the ranks well, becoming one of the leading lights in the casino industry despite their lack of experience when compared to some of the other bigger names.

The have over 80 titles available for players to try out, these are split between slot games and table games, though most are in the slot category. To try and stand out from the crowd and gain a fanbase, they have teamed up to create a number of themed slots which will give those who are playing something recognisable to go along with.

Alongside the games they have created so far, this is a company that has a lot of ambition. They are set up in Europe, but that doesn’t mean that Australian players can’t get involved. iSoftBet have put together a number of partnerships around the world with the intention of getting their games in front of as many people as possible, regardless of where they are.

Bonuses at iSoftBet Casinos

Casino bonuses are a great way to get your new account off to the best possible start. They offer players anything from free spins to bonus funds and some of them can be no deposit bonuses, so you don’t have to spend anything yourself.

When you get these bonuses, head into the games section and look out for iSoftBet games that you can try. Slot gamers can try out their luck on those while they also offer table games if you prefer things like roulette and blackjack.

Playing iSoftBet Games on Mobile Phones

As a relative newcomer to the gaming industry, iSoftBet have the advantage of entering the market when mobile gaming was really on the rise. When they joined, there was a need for mobile games and an urgency for all providers to make them, iSoftBet cashed in on that.

The great news for players is that iSoftBet have ensured their games can be played cross-platform and cross-device. This means you can play on desktops, tablets and mobiles, while also being able to play across Windows, MAC, Apple and Android devices.

The casino industry as a whole has become a lot more accessible over the past few years and part of that has been thanks to the game providers like iSoftBet working hard to give us as many options as possible.

Why Choose iSoftBet Games?

The quality of games that iSoftBet put out has to be commended, they appear to be determined to make the best games possible and stand out as a quality provider. This includes spending a lot of time working out the graphics and colours to match the theme that is in place, and also adding music anywhere it is required.

Alongside this, they create games with a lot of features inside them, with some of their titles having many features all together which makes an action packed adventure for those who are playing. Look out for wilds, scatters, multipliers and bonus symbols.

If its action you are looking for,  the games from iSoftBet certainly offer that.

The Top Titles from iSoftBet

There’s plenty to choose from for players who are looking at iSoftBet for the very first time. They have games across the board, but their main focus is certainly on slot games, and we have seen them really develop this over the past few years, adding features and great graphics to keep up with the competition.

Here is a look at the best games that iSoftBet have to offer, and the perfect places for new players to start.


Not only is this game a licensed slot that many people are going to instantly recognise, but it also offers a great way to play, slightly different to other games and that makes it perfect for those who are looking to try something new.

The game has five fixed reels but anywhere between three and five rows, creating up to 720 ways to win, depending on the game configuration during your spin. With big multipliers, four progressive jackpots and free spins, the game itself is action packed and will attract a lot of players because of that.

Throw in the Rambo theme and recognisable symbols and together, this is why iSoftBet have really landed a winner with this game.

Scrolls of Ra HD

Plenty of Egyptian games are popular and Scrolls of Ra HD is right up there with them. With some fantastic HD graphics on show here, this game looks great and is a pleasure to play. This isn’t just a game about looks though, there are two bonus games on offer and the chance to win free spins too by hitting the wilds.

This game offers both great looks and gameplay, it is perfect for those looking to try out a state of the art game from iSoftBet, showcasing the detail and quality of games they produce.

Lucky Clover

This is another progressive jackpot game from iSoftBet, with a 2x multiplier that you can claim to double your win. The game has just five fixed pay lines and the board is 3×3 in size. This offers a very simple board for anyone looking to try out either iSoftBet or progressive jackpot gaming for the first time.

Irish themed games are always popular and this is another one in that genre that has been a hit with players.