Skrill Casinos in Australia

Skrill originated in the UK as an online payment solution, but they have grown into a worldwide company that is used in all parts of the world. They offer a simple way to pay for things online, with their main focus being on the security side.

For those that are interested in this, and want to be as safe as possible, e-wallets such as Skrill offer a viable solution to your problems.

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Introduction to Casino Gaming with Skrill

As they are an e-wallet, you load up your account using either a card or your bank details and then pay via Skrill on websites. This has made Skrill casinos popular, though you can use Skrill to pay for a variety of different things online.

Every time you pay, the only information that you enter is your Skrill email address, this means you can pay across multiple sites and never have to enter your details, lowering your chances of them being stolen.

What needs to be said here is that you can only use Skrill to pay online if you open an account. This does mean that those who are opening a Skrill casino account will also need a Skrill account, so it is two new creations you need to make. This makes it a little more complex than some other payment methods, even though the whole process of opening and using Skrill is very simple.

There are two main reasons why people would use Skrill. The first is security, as we have mentioned when you pay with Skrill you are only giving operators your Skrill email and nothing else. The second is the speed of payments. Transactions leaving your account are completed instantly, which means you can play in Skrill casinos straight away, while those coming back into your account usually take no more than two business days.

How to Deposit Using Skrill

Depositing using Skrill is very simple and easy to do. There are no additional steps when compared to depositing via a bank, assuming you have a funded Skrill account already, if not you will need to do this first.

The actual transfer made into your Skrill casino account is simple and straight forward, just like any other online transfer you would make.

Here is how you make a deposit using Skrill:

  1. When you are ready to play, ensure your Skrill account is funded by a card
  2. Find a top Skrill casino to sign up and play with
  3. When you reach the deposit page, choose the ‘Skrill’ option
  4. Enter your account email details, there is no need to enter any card or funding details
  5. Enter the deposit amount, making sure you are over the minimum and have the funds
  6. Confirm the payment, the funds should appear in your account and you are ready to go

How to Withdraw Using Skrill

This is another simple and easy process, where you will take the funds out of your Skrill casino account and put them back into your own personal Skrill account. To make a withdrawal via Skrill, you need to have deposited into your account using that payment method beforehand. This is the same for any payment method you try to use, a tactic that casinos do to ensure no fraud on your account.

Skrill has the advantage that other e-wallet payment methods have of being fast for withdrawals. When you are taking money out via Skrill, expect it back in no more than two working days. Without a bank in the chain that would need to process the payment, things are far quicker than if you were using a card or bank to take money out.

Here is how you make a withdrawal using Skrill:

  1. Head over to the withdrawal section of the site and choose to withdraw via Skrill
  2. Enter the amount of money you would like to withdraw, keeping between the minimum and maximum allowed
  3. Wait for the funds to arrive in your Skrill account, this takes up to two days

Safety & Security

This is where e-wallets, in general, have the upper hand, and that is certainly the case with Skrill. They pride themselves on keeping their customers safe and secure while paying online, and their entire platform is built for that.

To give an example, if you play in four different casinos and shop online in six stores, you have 10 different transactions. Do this with a card and you are entering your details 10 times and giving 10 different companies access to them.

Do this, but pay via Skrill, and just one company has your bank details, the others hold your Skrill email address and nothing else. If you are a regular gambler or shopper online and you are looking to tighten your security, using an e-wallet such as Skrill will do that.

Pros & Cons

There are both pros and cons to playing inside a Skrill casino, here is a look at some of them.


  • Excellent for security, no matter how many places you spend, only Skrill has your details
  • Quick release of funds due to no bank being involved, back within two business days
  • Skrill is a very popular payment option with casinos


  • To use Skrill, you must open an account with them, so new casino players have to open a Skrill and casino account

Why Use Skrill at Online Casinos?

Skrill is a very popular choice and the main reasons for this are because of the added security that this method offers and the fact that withdrawals can be back with players faster than some other methods.

Skrill casinos offer you the chance to take advantage of these two big bonuses, with the added security being one that many will want. Gamble online, spend money buying and do it all with the comfort of knowing that you are not sharing your bank details with anyone.

If you are looking for this added security, and want faster payments back when you win, Skrill casinos are the way to get these.