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POLi has become one of the biggest online casino payment methods used in Australia and New Zealand, though other parts of the world also accept this. The idea with POLi is that you can make a payment directly from your bank, and this is completed by your bank, so it should be someone you trust.

POLi also has the benefit of not revealing your card details, and no costs, which some may get with credit cards, so there is plenty to like about this service.

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Introduction to Casino Gaming with POLi

POLi is a solution to a problem that many people have had when they are paying for things online. For this reason, POLi casinos are popular with players, there is both security and ease of use attached to this method.

POLi means pay online, which is exactly what you are doing when you are adding funds to your casino account. You can use POLi to deposit without signing up to an account with them, but if you want to withdraw funds then you need to create an account.

To use  POLi, both your bank and the casino you are sending funds to need to be registered to use POLi, check this before you commit, but a large number of banks in Australia and New Zealand are registered, as are casinos.

POLi is there to be used by people who either don’t have a card attached to their bank or those who don’t want to share their card details online. You need the funds in your account when you are ready to make a deposit, so check this before you begin the process of sending money across.

This makes the POLi depositing method a cross between a few others. You have the security of not revealing your card details online, and the simpleness of everything running through your bank.

How to Deposit Using POLi

When making a deposit using POLi, you do not need to have an account with them. However, this is advised because you will need one to make a withdrawal from your POLi casino. The process here is simple, you need funds in your bank and send them over instantly, allowing you to jump straight in and play your favourite games.

Here is how you make a deposit using POLi:

  1. When you are ready to play, make sure you have funds in your bank account
  2. Find a top POLi casino to sign up and play with
  3. When you reach the deposit page, choose the ‘POLi’ option
  4. Enter your account details, but you don’t need to add card details of the account
  5. Enter the deposit amount, making sure you are over the minimum and have the funds
  6. Confirm the payment, the funds should appear in your account and you are ready to go

How to Withdraw Using POLi

To withdraw back into your bank using POLi, you need to create an account with them. If you are going to use this payment method then it makes sense to create an account at the beginning for you to use.

The withdrawal itself is not completed by POLi, it is a standard bank transfer and for that reason, it may take a little longer for the funds to get back over to you. This is not ideal, but if you don’t want to use any other method and don’t mind waiting for the winnings then POLi is fine for you.

Here is how you make a withdrawal using POLi:

  1. Make sure you have signed up to an account with POLi so you can enable a bank transfer
  2. Select to receive a bank transfer back from your POLi casino site
  3. Enter the details of how much you would like to withdraw, keeping within the minimum and maximum
  4. The transfer time will depend on your bank, check out who you bank with for further details

Safety & Security

When playing with a POLi casino, you are in a safe and secure environment. This payment method is based on funds coming from your bank, so similar to a card payment in that way, but it is also like an e-wallet because it hides your details from where you are sending money to.

Only your bank details will be seen when you make a transfer using POLi, and there is nothing that anyone can do with these should they steal them. This means you can send something across instantly from your bank, without giving anything away.

In that respect, using POLi is better than using an e-wallet, because you get the same result in terms of hiding your details, but you don’t need to set up and fund another account.

If you like to work directly from your bank, but want added safety, POLi is the payment method that gives that to you.

Pros & Cons

There are both pros and cons to playing inside a POLi casino, here is a look at some of them.


  • No card details are sent so you have an added layer of security
  • Avoid paying fees on credit card payments by paying via POLi
  • POLi is a very popular payment option with casinos


  • Withdrawals back to your account are by standard bank transfer and may take additional time

Why Use POLi at Online Casinos?

POLi is a popular payment method in Australia and New Zealand and it is easy to see why. You can make a secure and fast payment direct from your bank account using POLi, without the need to sign up to anything like an e-wallet and fund that account.

Another benefit is that those who are using an account with a credit card attached can send funds over without paying fees on their card transactions.

A minor negative is that withdrawals are standard bank transfers and you will have to see how long these take with your bank.

However, if it’s a little extra security and no fees you are looking for then POLi casinos certainly offer that.