Best NeoSurf Casinos 2020

Neosurf is a prepaid card made up of 10-digit code that’s bought at a sales outlet and can be used to pay online for products or services, such as funding an online casino account. Neosurf’s foothold in Australia is growing massively – as it is in other countries too – becuase it offers a simple and secure method of paying online.

Prepaid cards, of which there are many of this type of payment method, are the perfect solution for gamblers who don’t want to enter their usual payment cards online, typically due to security reasons. Instead of paying with a debit card, a player will visit a local store to buy a Neosurf voucher.

Top Online Casinos that accept Neosurf

PlayCroco Casino

200% Bonus up to AU$5000

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18+, New Players Only, Gamble Responsibly
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18+, New Players Only, Gamble Responsibly
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Fair Go Casino

$1000 Bonus + Free Spins

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18+, New Players Only, Gamble Responsibly
Significant terms.
18+, New Players Only, Gamble Responsibly
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PlayAmo Casino

$3000 Bonus

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18+, New Players Only, Gamble Responsibly
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Reels of Joy Casino

Up to $1000 + 50 Free Spins

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18+, New Players Only, Gamble Responsibly
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18+, New Players Only, Gamble Responsibly
Significant terms.
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Neosurf vouchers are then redeemed by the player by entering the PIN on the back of the card at the online casino. The major plus of depositing to a casino site in this way is that you don’t need to register or upload your personal information when purchasing a Neosurf prepaid card. Check out our top Neosurf casinos below.

Play Neosurf Casinos for Real Money

There are hundreds of online casinos that accept Neosurf amongst other online payment methods at their websites. And there are undeniably sound reasons for its popularity across gambling providers and gamblers in Australia.

Neosurf was launched a fintech start-up in 2005 in France. It’s since become a popular online payment method in other Francophone counritries such as Belgium, as well as Canada, the UK, Australia and Germany. Today, more than 20,000 websites accept it as a payment method. A lot of them are online casinos that take Neosurf for making deposits.

Besides making gambling deposits in cash at online casinos accepting Neosurf, you can use these vouchers to easily buy bitcoins and try your luck in online casinos which accept cryptocurrencies. This has become a possiblity due to the collaboration between Neosurf and a Paris-based fintech start-up called Bitit.

Cryptos such as bitcoin, altcoin and ether are gaining in popularity across online casinos throughout the world, not just Australia. The reason for this growth in demand is that cryptos allow instant money transactions anonymously without having to pay any additional fees.

Where can I buy Neosurf vouchers?

These Neosurf prepaid cards are available at 135,000 points of sale in over 55 countries around the world, according to their official website. In Australia, denominations the cards come in vary from AU$10 to AU$100. The easiest way to find a retailer that sells Neosurf cards is to visit, choose the country and check out the Google Maps powered Store Locator that pinpoints all Neosurf outlets in your area (whether supermarkets, convenience stores, kiosks and newsstands etc).

Neosurf prepaid cards come in two types: Minor and Classic. Both of them can be used at Australian casinos accepting Neosurf. Classic cards are sold in values of AU$15, AU$30, AU$50 and AU$100. Minor Neosurf cards are only available in values of AU$10 and AU$20. The difference between these two types of Neosurf prepaid cards are that the Minor cards are blocked from payment on websites with adult content.

How to make an online casino deposit with a Neosurf card

Using Neosurf couldn’t be easier. Let us show you how you can complete the depositing process and play for real money.

  1. Click ‘Play Now’ on the online casino that accepts deposit with Neosurf voucher PIN codes.
  2. Register or sign in at that online casino.
  3. Make your way to the cashier section on the casino site and choose Neosurf as a deposit method.
  4. Pick up your Neosurf voucher and scratch off the protective panel to reveal your unique 10 digit PIN code.
  5. Enter the code into the related field on the casino website’s online payment page and type in the amount you want to deposit. Click ‘Confirm’ or ‘OK’ and the funds will be transferred straight away into your casino account upon validation of the PIN.

How to withdraw from Neosurf casinos

While it is quite convenient and easy to make gambling deposits in an an online casino that accepts Neosurf, withdrawal transactions are not possible with this payment method. This would make sense too as you can’t transfer cash from a casino to a Neosurf prepaid card that is used much like a voucher to top up like a mobile phone account.

Although you can’t get your money from casino sites when you use Neosurf, withdrawal transactionscan be made with many other secure and convenient payment methods. Be sure to read about some of the other payment options available to you before you play at Australian online casinos listed on our site.

Advantages and drawbacks of using Neosurf prepaid cards

The number one advantage of purchasing a prepaid voucher at a retailer is the fact you don’t pass over any personal data. Simply pay cash or with card (a credit or debit card) and take the voucher. The next benefit is you can control your spending on gambling better as the card has a set value, so you can’t go through more than you’ve paid for it. On top of this, you don’t have to transfer the full amount of the card in all one go.

For instance, if you have a 50-dollar Neosurf voucher, you can deposit say AU$20 of the funds into your online casino account, and the remainder will stay on your prepaid card for future use. There aren’t any associated fees as well when depositing to the casino – all retailer charges (if there were any) were included in the cost at initial purchase.

Now there are a couple of drawbacks to using Neosurf cards to consider too. One of them is you have to find a location where Neosurf cards are available. If you live in the major cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and such, you should have no problem finding a vendor, but if you live in a smaller locality, you may experience some difficulty.

The main disadvantage is that prepaid cards cannot be used as a withdrawal method, so an alternative for receiving funds back from the online casino you play at is required. And lastly, the Neosurf card has only a maximum size of AU$100 so high-rollers are not going to choose this as an online payment method.

How to register a Neosurf account and do more with it

Additionally, Neosurf has two optional products that can be of great use to Australian gamblers who play at Neosurf casinos. Instead of buying vouchers, players can get their hands on a NeoCash MasterCard and open an account at MyNeoSurf.

A NeoCash MasterCard is a form of plastic top-up card that can then be used to replenish an online casino account. You can recharge a NeoCash card ursing Neosurf voucher codes or payment methods such as VISA, debit cards, bank transfer and such – where in most cases these transactions incur no commission fees. Registering for an account online at Neosurf means ytou can manage and top up your dunds, pay online and even take funds out at ATMs in Australia.

Creating an online Neosurf account couldn’t be easier. Visit, navigate to the order page and click ‘Order Card’. You’ll sign up by entering your email and a password. In the next step, you’ll need to fill in your name and date of birth, then click ‘Send’. You’ll then receive an email with a link inside, which you’ll need to click to complete registration. Enter some more personal details, and within a couple of minutes, you’re done. Note this involves submitting a bit more data than simply paying for a prepaid card. The account page shows your Neosurf balance, recent activity for the last three months as well as deposit limits.

Neosurf Casinos Australia

There are a load of online casinos available to residents of Australia accepting Neosurf. It has been noted that Aussies are some of the biggest gamblers in the world. A considerable amount of money spent on gambling in Australia goes to online casinos and it is where such convenient payment options as Neosurf come in handy.

If they want to play in a Neosurf casino Australia based punters should buy a voucher at their nearest local retailer where in which they are sold. As mentioned earlier, on the Neosurf website you can find an online map with all the possible outlets where you can buy Neosurf prepaid cards at.

At present, many Aussie online casinos have started to accept Neosurf as a payment option on their website. There are even some online casinos in Australia that are actively encouraging the take up of Neosurf as a payment option, with special promotions for those players who use Neosurf prepaid cards to make online casino deposits. It’s not uncommon to come across players presented with a deposit bonus plus free spins on some of the most popular pokies and table games.

In a Neosurf casino Australia online gamblers can make fast and secure deposits making it the ideal payment option for Aussie gamblers.

Types of Neosurf Online Casino

Mobile casinos that accept Neosurf

Mobile casinos are extremely popular amongst online gamblers across many countries. The accessiblity and ease of use of smartphones means you can now have a chance of winning while walking down the street, travelling on the bus or train, or while lounged comfortably on your sofa at home.

It doesn’t matter what mobile platform you use since Neosurf apps are available on both Android and iOS. This is another clear reason why in the world of mobile casinos Neosurf is such a widely accepted payment method.

When making a deposit at a mobile casino with Neosurf all you have to do is pick this payment option from amongst the other possibilities and enter your validation code in the cashier section or similar. The money from your prepaid card will be transferred instantly to your online casino account. There you have it – a mobile casino Neosurf deposit can be made within a few taps on the screen of your smartphone or tablet device.

A Neosurf casino mobile app sometimes needs to be downloaded to able to start playing. Though in most cases you can gamble at your online casino of choice from your mobile browser.

What’s more is sometimes when you make a Neosurf deposit mobile casinos can offer you a special bonus to encourage other players to try to use this payment method. This can usually be found at the online slots casinos that have just recently added Neosurf as a payment option so it’s in an attempt to increase take-up.

It’s important to say that just because a platform features an option such as being a mobile casino accepting Neosurf, it doesn’t necessarily mean these are the best online casinos you can play at. You should make sure to check things like does the casino have a license, the quality of game graphics and bonus terms.

Smartphones and tablets are only becoming more popular, so we will certainly see more Neosurf mobile casino platforms in the future. As the payment method doesn’t require much data to be filled inbefore making a money transaction, Neosurf is particularly useful for at mobile casinos to make gambling deposits – whether through an app or browser-based solution.

Live casinos that accept Neosurf

Live casino sites are growing in demand amongst online gamblers across the world. These types of play give you a fully immersive casino experience and as close to being in a brick and mortar establishment as possible – from the comfort of your own home.

In the world of live casino Neosurf is accepted at a great range of sites. There are many online casinos using Neosurf and at the same time offer live dealer games to their players.

Innovative online streaming technology has made live casino playing possible, for example the instant transfer of data from the sensors inserted into the playing cards given to the croupier in the land-based casino studio or the results of real money roulette spins on the screen.

The additional pull that makes live casinos so special is the possibile interaction with a live dealer and other players while gambling online. Dress codes are out of the window too. All you need to make sure of to seamlessly play in a Neosurf live dealer casino is good Internet connection.

No question, when playing in an online live casino Neosurf is a convenient payment method for making deposits. With your money being instantly transferred to your online casino account you can quickly interact with the live dealer. Buying a few Neosurf vouchers when you get the chance will prevent you from having to wait long between deposits and plays at the casinos of your choosing.

New casinos that accept Neosurf

Again, at new online casino sites Neosurf is such a widely accepted payment option, as many others are too for making deposits.

New online casinos are appearing on the web all the time, making the space a very competitive one. So for them to stand out, these casinos present their potential players with some truly unique selling points. Some might offer special bonus offers, higher quality games graphics or a more 24/7 online customer service.

As you’ve just learnt, there are many reasons to frequently check new Neosurf casinos for some exciting features they offer. That said, before playing, you should still check safety-related aspects of the site – like licensing. Just because a new online casino accepts Neosurf as a payment method, this isn’t enough to prove it’s worth playing at.

Neosurf new casinos can also open you up to new gaming options that will disrupt the world of online gambling. An example of one such technology is virtual reality gaming, which is consider by many to be the next big thing to revolutionise the way we gamble online. And some new Neosurf casinos are planning to introduce them soon.

Neosurf Casino Bonuses

Bonuses can have a significant influence on the experience you have at a specific online casino. It’s usually the case that at a Neosurf casino bonus offerings found tend to differ in both size and terms.

For starters, there are different types of bonuses, from registration or welcome bonuses to no deposit bonuses, refer a friend bonuses and other special online promotional bonuses. All these types of bonuses are being offered at online casinos that accept Neosurf.

Registration bonuses (or welcome bonuses as they are more widely known) are the most common type available at online casinos. Free spins and matched deposit bonuses are often what’s bundled in to these. Nesurf online casinos will offer players 100% match bonuses usually, where the sum that you deposit with this payment method is doubled. Sometimes though, these can be as high as 300, 400 or even 500%.

No deposit bonuses are also ones to watch out for at Neosurf online casinos. These are really unique as they mean you don’t have to make an online deposit to get them. All you’d have to do is register at an online casino that accepts Neosurf (following clicking ‘Play Now’) and choose the no bonus deposit among its promos.

Refer a friend bonuses are rare to see at Neosurf casinos. You’d consider yourself pretty lucky if you come across one. Monthly promos are presented to players at online casinos that accept Neosurf depending on the number of deposits made over the period.

All these things considered, before choosing a bonus uou should thoroughly read the terms and conditions attached, as there could be some unexpected limitations to the deal. One point you should definitely check is the list of eligible games you can play with the bonus. Also, be sure of any time limits, maximum withdrawal caps and any wagering requirements you will have to meet.

There sometimes are bonuses offered specifically targetting users who purchase a Neosurf card and use it as an online payment method. As they’re rare, ensure you make the most of the promo.

At an online casino Neosurf bonus offers really add to your online gambling experience, so don’t miss out.

Neosurf Casino FAQs

How does Neosurf work?

Neosurf is a prepaid voucher that can be used to deposit AUD to online casinos. Find a sales point and choose your denomination of card to buy your Neosurf card. On the voucher, there’s a 10 digit code you should type in when making a deposit to the online casino.

Is Neosurf safe?

Neosurf is very safe and secure due to the very nature of how you buy a voucher. You don’t have to submit any personal financial details. to purchase one. With a Neosurf voucher both the retailer you buy the card at and the online casino you make the deposit at don’t get any of your bank details.

Where can I buy a Neosurf card in Australia?

You can buy a Neosurf card in a number of locations across Australia, from convenience stores to gas stations to internet cafes. Vouchers range from AUD10 to AUD200. The best way to find your nearest Neosurf outlet is to visit the official website, pick Australia and the region and click Search. The map will then show you the possible sales points nearest to you.

Can you make withdrawals from an online casino to a Neosurf card?

No. You can’t make withdrawals to a Neosurf voucher. It is a deposit method only.

Which online casinos accept Neosurf?

The Neosurf Australia casinos you should be trying are the ones listed on this page. All those recommended here offer Neosurf as a depoist option.

Are there Neosurf bonus codes?

There are some online casinos that encourage players to deposit through Neosurf with bonus codes. To find fresh bonus codes at online casinos, please read our individual casino reviews. Also, check the promotions pages of your chosen casino.

Which are the best Neosurf casino games?

At casinos that take Neosurf, Australians can play Neosurf pokies, table games (including casino card and dice games), video poker and casual games.

Can I play online pokies that accept Neosurf on mobile?

There are lots of mobile online casino Australia Neosurf sites that are available for players. Online gamblers can play their favourite casino games and pokies on the move.