Online slots Australia 2020

Online slots are something of a popular pastime within the Aussie world. That we can reassure you. Why do you ask? Well, pokies (another term for slots), have always excited Australian players for years and years, due to the large range of themes that slots bring to the field of gambling. You can literally look ‘down under’ and find that Australian casino sites are the place to be, for getting your hands on some really great online slot titles.

Within this guide, we will introduce you to everything that you need to know, to play the top online slots that this Aussie industry has to offer you.

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Where do I find the best online slots?

Below you will find a list of the best online casinos for real money slot games. Make sure to read thoroughly of all the details that we have included in the reviews, as we will provide you everything you need to know in terms of characteristics of the casino site experience, that these Australian sites provide to new players. Take particular notice of the summaries that highlight the most important details of the casino, such as casino bonus options, payment methods, software providers, and the general mobile casino overview.

How do we actually find the best online casino slots for you to play?

To provide you the best casinos online, we test everything that the casinos provide to casino players joining the site. Meaning, we will put ourselves in your position and deposit, try playing online for real money, and of course trail out the customer support given to players from the slot site. We make sure to give 100% true and transparent reviews, with no sugar coating or exaggerations. We believe this to be the best way, so you can really select the right site for yourself and your online gambling ambitions.

As enthusiastic gamblers ourselves, we have been in your position as a budding new player to the scene, for that reason, we will never recommend or suggest any site, without it being 100% safe for you to play on. Believe us, we are very strict with how we review the selection of online slots, so you will have nothing but the best to pick from.

What type of online slots games are there?

So of course, when it comes to online slots, there are many options that you can actually play. This is why they are super popular within the Aussie gambling community! Being that there are so many options, we do not blame you for asking and wanting to know more. This is what the guide is ultimately aided. To make sure that you have the best understanding of everything slots online related. So make sure to read through each of the categories down below!

Classical slots

Classical slot machines have a typical 3-reel set up and very similar to those old typical slot machines that we all love in Vegas and arcades. When you try classical slots online, you will also find that there are extra features that have been added by the slot developers. Aspects such as bonus rounds and bonus features such as symbols will be added to the gaming mix. They are overall very simplistic, so the theme and storyline is simple too. Do not doubt the fact that these are highly entertaining in their own unique way and due to their traditional value, they will always be something that players will play and never forget!

Video Slots

Video slots are the casino games that allow you to play on 5-reel slots set up. These bad boys are far more exciting when it comes to the themes and bonus games available. You will always find that the fun never stops when you play slots online of this caliber. Many of the casino bonuses that you get from signing up, will also work very well with this type of slot too. Not forgetting to mention that they are mobile slots too! Every video slot game that gets released nowadays is instantly compatible with the latest mobile casino technology. Your gaming will be seamless and even more entertaining. More about this topic further on within the guide though…

3D slots

3D slot games are the kind of slots that have animations that are highly realistic and cutting edge. Many titles that have been released based on movie culture, i.e. Planet of Apes, Superman, etc. are developed on more advanced technological grounds. These are the slot games that people walk away from and think WOW! Playtech and Microgaming and guilty of providing the gambling industry with so many options to play online.

Progressive slots games

The last slot genre to discuss is probably the most popular. Progressive jackpot slots are the kind of games that can payout the huge bucks in an instant. They are essentially like a lottery and you could randomly trigger the huge jackpot as you play. For each and every player that joins the game, a percentage of their wager will be accounted for as a contribution to the jackpot. For that reason, when you see such high jackpots for games like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune, that is due to it being immensely popular within casinos internationally. Many people play it and contribute to the progressive network.

Mobile slots casino online gambling

Mobile casinos are even better than your traditional web browser or desktop casino sites. Why? Because they give you the freedom and flexibility to play whenever and wherever you like. All you need to run a mobile casino is has a great internet connection, a mobile phone that is either an iPhone, Android, or Windows, and you are pretty much good to go. Did we also mention that mobile casinos can have in-house unique gaming apps for you to enjoy too? For these gambling platforms, you will never need to run a web browser for your gaming ever again!

Mobile slots software and graphics are a step forward to something far greater than the online gambling industry has ever seen. Not only is the graphics so mind-blowing, but you can also integrate everything through your mobile device: payment methods, withdrawals, etc. basically a universal system for your gaming lifestyle. Your gaming will never be the same and let us admit it, there is a reason as to why online slots are so popular these days, it fits so well into our everyday life. One minute you could be playing from your train commute to work, the next while you are waiting in a ridiculously long queue. You are the boss and decide how you play.

Play online slots games for free

Playing slot games online does not always have to be for real money! Yes, you can play for free, to really maximise your gaming experience and make the most out of it. Free play slots is a demo free slot game opportunity that allows plays to gauge and strategise, what the game would be like before any risk of their bankroll is associated. It is always best to test trial games before you invest your real money and have anything to lose. Imagine, you may not even like the game, but you end up spending some cash figuring out that you do not like it! Free slots gaming is definitely the smart way to go about it!

Best online slots bonus options

So, we are sure that you may be aware of the vast opportunities and options that are available from online slot sites. Bonuses are the incentives that casinos use to entice players into playing. It is after all given to you for free and you usually just need to make a small deposit to receive them. There are many different types that you can look into for your online gambling experience, and well, if you did not know of any, you have us here right now to go into it all with you!

One thing to remember before we go into any of the details with you is, make sure to abide by the wagering requirements that are linked with your bonuses. This is imperative for any online slots bonus you receive. If you wish to withdraw any of the winnings that you make, keeping to the wagering multipliers is a necessity.

To understand how to apply your wagering requirements from your online casino bonus, all you will need to do is multiply the wagering multiplier i.e. 30x, by your bonus cash amount. So if you happened to get a match bonus of $300, you need to apply 30 with 300, to give you the final amount, before you can withdraw. That makes the final requirement before you withdraw at $9000. As you will see through experience and reading up, some casinos wagering requirements are not realistic at all and will probably not be worth your time and energy. By working out what you will need to achieve before taking them out, you will definitely put yourself in a good reasonable position.

Free spins and welcome bonuses

So, the first bonus that we wish to discuss with you guys, is the slot central focus i.e. the most used bonus for online slots lovers! Free spins work in perfect coordination with your slot gaming, as you will have a number of free spins to play with (essentially a free turn), without having to pay a bet per spin that you take. All you will need to do, to receive these in a welcome bonus, is make sure that you place the minimum deposit required for the bonus, into your casino wallet. You should find the free spins instantly credited to your account, once you have completed the registration process.

The great thing about using free spins is that you are not tied down to playing for real money. You can use free spins as another way to trial the casino games without paying a dime. The best thing about this, however, unlike free play demo slot versions, you can actually win some cash from every free spin that you use! Of course, the amount you win will depend on the volatility of the slot, and your luck during gameplay too, but free, is free!

Free spins do also have wagering requirements tied to their games, however, it will be calculated via the cash that you make from the free spins, rather than the spins you use themselves. Always make sure to read through the terms and conditions, to make sure you are fully clued up on the wagering conditions and also any game limitations that you have when using your free spins. Sometimes, you will be limited to playing on selected games rather than any you want with those free spins, so definitely keep that all in mind.

No deposit bonuses for online slots

The no deposit bonuses are another favourite of the gambling community, why? Because you are given cash or free spins without having to make a single deposit at all! These are considered as another form of a welcome bonus, the only difference is that it is not a deposit bonus. Usually, no deposit bonuses at online slots, is a small but cute amount that can be contributed to your online gambling. Think of it as a taster bonus, that can stir you into actually investing in a larger match bonus along the lines of your gameplay.

You can actually get some free spins to play within the online casinos’ options that we have listed, so pay attention to the bonus summaries in there! Of course, some no deposit bonus offers will be better than others, but do not forget to take into account the wagering requirements too! Our filtering tool for the online casino options should help you find what you are looking for, very quickly!

Also if you want hints of the best bonuses around, take notice of the new casino options we have listed. New casinos are known for providing very generous bonuses to new players in the gambling community. You will be able to really heighten your experience if you opt for a gambling website that is new to the scene.

How to play online slots correctly

So, playing online slots has the same principles as your regular casino game. Once choosing the slot machines that you would like to try out for yourself, you would then place a wager accordingly and spin the reels. It is a very straightforward procedure, but of course, if you have never tried it before for yourself, you will have some queries and concerns to address. Read further to understand more!


So in reality, developing a strategy is never really possible, in terms of predicting anything in video slots, due to the random number generator that is included within the games. This feature makes it a necessity that slot games are always fair and never follow any trends and patterns. However, one thing that you can pay attention to specifically, is the slot variance/ volatility and the RTP (payout percentages).

If you play the free slot machine demo version, you can develop an understanding of whether the online slot is a low, medium, or high variance slot. You can do this by doing 100 automated spins in the slot machines and paying attention to how frequently you are getting paid some winnings (of course it will not be real money). If within the 100 spins, you are getting paid quite frequently, you know that this slot is a low variance slot machine. If you are not paid so often or at all, you know the slot is somewhere in between a medium-high variance slot machine. Knowing this is imperative when you decide your bankrolls and the level of aggression that you wish to play with. It will essentially make or break your gaming and if anything, is a very smart move to actually do for yourself.

Paying attention to the payout percentages you are giving in the information of the slot can also help you figure out how the slot brings itself across to the players. Anything from 96% and above is considered from average to high. If you combine the RTP with the variance of the slot, you can quickly come to a conclusion of how the slot will behave. An example would be if the RTP is above 96% and is of low variance, you will know that your payouts will be little and very often- a perfect game choice for new players to the online slots scene!


Each video slot machine will come with a set number of paylines that will contribute to you and your online casino gaming. Paylines usually come in an arrangement of different possibilities. Ranging from 20, 40, 243, and even 117,649-if you are playing a Megaways slot game! When you play you will be able to win a certain number of winning combinations that are in line with the paylines. Essentially the paylines are the degrees of ways that you can win when playing online slots, so you need to bet accordingly.

Bet sizes

The bet sizes can differ depending on the limits that the slot machines have integrated within their game software. Usually, the best slot options will give a large range of options so that players can really have a go at the playing-no matter of their bankroll sizes. Something to remember, however, the bigger the bet size, the more choice, and option you have of winning larger amounts. If you limit yourself to smaller bet sizes, you will only receive a smaller amount for winnings, which may not be too fun for some people. Of course, the more you bet with, the higher the risk of losing great amounts of cash.

Understand the slot games features

When you play on a slot game, there will always be different features that you will need to get comfortable with as you play. The more experience you have, the simpler the actual features of a slot game will feel like to you!

Free play online slots gaming

Of course, the best way to get experience is as we have mentioned previously-free slots and playing those demo free slot machines! There you will never have anything to risk and it will all be a learning process. Nevertheless, we will still give you a low down of what to expect as you go out and venture your new online slot experience!

The slot buttons in slot machines, usually all follow a similar trend in their appearance and features. The design of slots in this current era and technological standards of casino games is pretty simple yet powerful. You will have access to a ‘spin’ button, and ‘automatic spin’ button, and of course the alternative betting limits that you can alternate and change up as you continuously play within the slot machine.

Something worth taking note of when you play is the pre-set of a number of spins that you can set to automatic. This will ensure that you will play with the same betting limits for a set number of spins. Meaning, you can essentially play the slot machine with a total of 100, 1000, and 10,000 automated spins in one gameplay. It will keep automatically running until your cash runs out, or when you initiate it to stop.

The buttons on a slot machine have always changed through the years, but now currently, they are the most simplified and effective they have ever been. Having control over your game is important and apparently slot machines have had to change and modify over 50 times, to get it to the place it currently is now. Something we will tell you however is, the slots game available nowadays-the online slots Australia community loves it!

What are the benefits of playing slots free?

It goes without saying, from what we have mentioned above, playing free online slots will give you the opportunity to practice and improve your slot tactics and game executions. Of course, all casino slots will differ from each other, in terms of slot themes and the general opportunities available within the game genres i.e. bonus features, etc. By playing the free online slots, you will be able to trail about what the games have to offer you, meaning you can really put yourself in a good position in terms of mental preparation. More confidence is always a good thing when you are playing any online casino game, no?

The history and evolution of slot machines

The history of slot machines is always a pondered upon a topic, especially within the Australian gambling community. Slot machines have been around since the early 20th century within Australia-yes! a very long time indeed! When the Liberty Bell was invented by Fey in the 1880s, that was when talks of slot machines came about and were mentioned a great deal. Fey also wanted to create a machine for entertainment, and he slowly began to work on the idea of a slot machine. This idea originated the first representations of your traditional symbols of hearts, spades, and diamonds that you see in classical slots today.

Slot machines always worked with 3-reel slots setup, meaning back in the day, there were never large options when it came to bonus rounds and special features, etc. It was not until the late 1990’s that the first video slot style games machines were created for casinos by Microgaming. However, as you can see, things really did come a very long way within the history of slots and online casino games.

Make sure to check out the payout percentage on online slots

Checking the payout percentage as we mentioned previously, is highly important when you come to select your slots to play. Looking at the RTP should give you an idea if the slot is very high paying. Especially if you link it directly to the variance of the slot games. A slot that has a payout higher than 96% is generally seen as a good option. If you are hitting 98% and above then you should know that this game is a really good option to try out for your gambling career and of course wallet!

Frequently asked questions

Where can I try online slots for free?

If you want to try online slots for free, definitely check out the best online casino options that we have listed there for you. Each casino gives casino players the option to try out the casino slot games without the need for a deposit. Of course, that will mean you cannot earn real money as you play on the slot machine games, but free slots are definitely an experience worth having within online casinos or online slots should we say…

What symbols are there in slot games?

The symbols available in a slot game will obviously depend entirely on the games you play. However, usually, you will find that there is a large selection of wild symbols, scatter symbols, and other generic multiplier symbols that can help you earn way more than the winning combination on its own.

What does an RNG do for online slot machines?

The RNG is a random number generator. This ensures that players will always have a game that operates at random without any unfairness or rigging. Every licensed online casino will have to have an RNG integrated within all the casino games, to ensure the players are apart of a safe and trustworthy gaming environment.

Are slot machine games always fair?

Slot machines are always fair if you are playing on a fully-licensed online casino platform. If you opt for a casino from our online casino’s list, you can be sure that you are playing in a fair gameplay environment, as all the casinos are licensed and regulated for your comfort and benefit.

What are the best games to check out for this season?

The best slot casino games/pokies to check out, are anything from the best casino software suppliers, Microgaming, Playtech, IGT, and NetEnt. Of course, there are many more, but these bad boys especially are known for their frequent multiple releases every month or two. Therefore, you should definitely be kept busy!

What progressive jackpot games are the most common to play on?

The most common progressive jackpot games to check out for yourself include, the obvious popular choices Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune. These two alone hold the highest paying records in the jackpot slots history. The last winner took over €18 million from the game, with a wager as small as 65-cents!